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SimCity Creator Review :

SimCity Creator Nintendo DS Version

by loaf Dec 22, 2010

SimCity creator is not the greatest game. The game may be fun for a couple days, maybe a week if lucky. SimCity is just building a city, keeping the sims happy. There are a couple of places where this game couldn't be much better. For instance, the fact that your buildings and sims evolve is quite interesting. In each age there is a wonder for the world. Special wonders may come around sometimes, but even without these, the game still has highlights. Natural disasters come and go, your sims get upset about taxes, and also, you can see how much smarter they become. Overall, SimCity isn't the best game, but it is worth playing.

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7Story line
The story line of this game is nicely done because you choose what to build, and then you watch to see how your sims behave. Evolution is a great feature of this game because when you get industrious, you start polluting the world, as it is in real time. Overall, the story line was done pretty well.
Graphics in this game were not good at all. Every time you looked at a house that was being built, it really just looked blurry. In one mode, when you watch the sims stroll across a street, the graphics weren't that bad, so some points must be given. Overall, the graphics were not very well done.
The sound in this game is truly hard to rate because there rarely is sound. The only time sound really comes into focus is during a natural disaster or when the mayor comes to speak to you. Even then, the sounds were just long beeps and total gibberish. Sound could be improved easily in this game.
The gameplay wasn't truly that bad at all. It was great being able to place police stations and schools to make sims happy. Watching sims progress in life and be able to live longer was a good feature in the game. SimCity Creator has good gameplay because of the options while building a city.
5Lasting Appeal
You don't have to look at the bad things in SimCity Creator. There were some great parts of the game where brightness truly shone. One of these are the sims, and how they reacted to each building you placed and got frustrated when the tax bills were too high. SimCity Creator is not the worst game.
(Out of 10)


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