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Style Boutique Cheats :

This page contains Style Boutique cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 7 cheats codes, 2 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Style Boutique on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

HoW to date Dominic...

by Unregistered Jan 14, 2011

First you need to have level 5 and have spoken to more than 1000 customers.

1. Buy a Alvarado dress and shoes. 2. Win the International Fashion Contest. 3. Go to Mail outs and Leaflets at your Boutique. 4. Go to Mail outs and pick any design to edit. 5. Go to Backgrounds and count to the 5th one across.(This should be a black background with gray stripes around the middle) 6. Go on item and select the dress and shoes you bought earlier. 7. Go to Stamps and press Style Tip and count 8 across.(Black Must-Haves) 9. Go on border and press the 5th one across.(Black and White)10. Then go on text and press Hot Topic and Standout in the crowd which has to be the color white. 11. Send it. 12. Go to the map and select My Apartment. 13. Go on Wardrobe and search for Alvarado and select the dress and shoes you bought earlier. 14. Go to the Hair Salon and select afro. (Should be in medium)15. Select Color Main. 16. The Colors. Main : Press right arrow once and count 5 across it should say Coffee Highlight 1 : Press right arrow 7 times and count 5 across it should be Bright Blonde Highlight 2 : Press the right arrow 2 times then count 5 across it should be the color Sandy Blonde.. 17. Pay for it. 18. Enter the bronze Contest.. This outfit will not win but will lead you to your question.

Here is the list :

Inner - Penbridge - Striped Blouse and Tie

Top - KARAMOMO - Momiji Top

Outer - Pure Cloth - Simple Anorak

Trousers - Daizes - Ladybird Trousers

Skirt - Daizes - Light Tulle Pannier

Glasses - Daizes - Lovely Heart Glasses

Hosiery - AZ-USA - Knee Socks

Shoes - AZ-USA - Superstar Stiletto Boots

After this Dominic will say a few extra things so keep an eye out also answer any questions he asks.

PS : For some people it wont work.

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hoW to get lots of money

by Unregistered Oct 04, 2010

Change the date on your NDS to your birthday, go to your shop and Dominic will come and give you a present containing a Cinderella dress with accessories.

When the nuances team come for you next magazine interview, dress the model in your Cinderella dress.

They will pay for the outfit. You can also use the prizes from the contests and dress the model with them.

Do this every month and you will get lots of money.

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HoW to Host your own contest and judge default players

by GreatVictini May 03, 2013

A.Click Style boutique game in dsi menu

B.There will be a menu that says:



2.DS wireless play

3.Nintendo WI-FI connection

4.Save Data


C.Press option 2(DS wireless play)

D.Then press wireless contest

E.After Dominic Talks to you,he asks you which you would like to do. when he does press "HOST"

F.Then he asks you which concept you would like.

G.choose and press ok

H.then a screen appears saying "recruiting stylists..." when it does, press "close" (note:NOT THE 'X' Button.the botton that SAYS "close")

Then a pop-up appears saying that rococco will provide extra stylists

When it does, press "OK"

THE NAMES OF 3 default stylists will appear. you can then press 'OK"

After this you will be able to judge the 3 outfits and select a winner

Notes: this doesn't work for ENTERING wireless contests,only hosting.

Libby doesn't take a photo for this event


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HoW to Date with Dominic

by Unregistered Jun 12, 2012

First of all you need to win the international fashion contest then you go to your apartment and dress up like Grace(go to Primavera AND MEMORIZE IT but its ok when your hairstyle and make up is not like Grace) and go to his mansion(but when you go there dominic is there not godfrey or eunice)then dominic will say "Grace is that you....Oh its you(your name) i thought its grace....your so BEAUTIFUL... ehmmmm.... would you like to go to dinner and you say yes and dominic will say bye and you go out met dominic the tearoom and will chat for 3-5 mins. and will say "Oh i forgot to bring something to you... wait there" and you wait for him to 20 seconds and you will be surprised he bought you a bouquet of flowers and will say "here this is for you" and he will show you the ring he bought and will say "will you marry me" and you say yes and he will drive you into your home and save the game and set your date to your birthday and go to your shop and dominic will come dressed like a groom and you go to your apartment and dress like bride and go to his mansion and ......TADAAHHH....your married with him..

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HoW to date dominic on style boutique

by chillie Feb 17, 2012

First of all don't listen to all them rumors going round for e.g get 1000 customers. This is what I did and it worked I reset my game even though I had 2000 customers already served. So when I reset my game again every time Dominic came in and asked me a question for e.g one of them was do you want your own boutique instead of saying 'yes' say 'no' and then he says how about we have a chat about it then you go to the park with him and you get flirty and friendly and he says have you changed your mind and you say yes i would love the boutique now then he says excellent we should celebrate how about i take you out for dinner tonight (date) you say yes and that's where he asked you to be his girlfriend and he has already proposed to me on the game and we are getting married in a week. I hoped this helped as I tested it on my friends ds and they have been asked out as well so it is true.

Hope it works for you !!

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hoW to win the July national contest (glamour one)

by CUTETT Jul 11, 2011

When you get this contest you have to just go on it as normal. then you go on to tops and their should be a gold top with lacing at the front with a alter neck click on that. then go on to bottoms and their is a gold shorts click on that. the shoes are gold as well they may be ugly but this is how i wont the contest. you also need some black sun glasses to finish the look off.

hope this woks it worked for me the fist time i got this contest.

i won a crown and leg warmers. :D

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inTernational contest!

by scrivonater Feb 14, 2011

Hiya, are u struggling to win the international contest?! Well i know how to win it!!

the theme is ' Elegant lady', usually it is best to use the same brand of clothes coz then u will get a better score. i used Sonata brand and i won the contest!!! u can also use Alvarado dat works 2!!!

if u don't win then just remember (or write down) what the winner woz wearing then u may win the contest!!!

dat dosn't always work dough, but just keep trying and don't save your game if u've lost the contest coz u can onley do 1 of the same contests once a day!!

hope dis helps!!!!

plz vote 4 the thing coz im new!!!

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Style Boutique Cheats


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