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Style Savvy Cheats :

This page contains Style Savvy cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 7 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Style Savvy on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Dressing Room

by marie808 Apr 26, 2010

After you select an item or outfit the client will show you how she looks before her opinion. When you put ok while zooming on her feet and doesnt like it, the curtain closes. But when you zoom on her face and she doesnt like she will give her opinion directly.

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Code - A way to win a competition every time you enter .

by Unregistered Jul 18, 2011

you have to pick out the MOST expensive outfits, cloths, shoes, jewlery, sunglasses, EVERYTHING ! even if it doesnt match .

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Secret - Didi and falicity $$$$$

by Unregistered Sep 17, 2012

You guys probably know Didi the person who works at the salon some people already know this but she comes to your store if you have REALLY expensive items in your store she is the best person to sell them to but first some hints on didi's shopping

1.) Didi only will spend $8,400 no more

2.)She ALWAYS come only on Tuesday if she doesn't come switch your store to one that has AZ-USA and a brand at the bottom if it already is and she doesn't show up go into your shop menu and then to the store then she should be there

3.) never put pants under a skirt or a dress and never use leg warmers and don't put a outer wear item on during summer

4.) she does have a stamp card so choose cheap items when she gets her discount so you can keep the expensive items for when she pays full price


ok now for felicity she seems to show up randomly after a fashion contest most of the time she doesn't but when she shows up select accept first she will ask you to pick two items first one then the other then she will have you dress up a model the items you choose go into a magazine so choose items you have a lot of just in case the day after she shows up grace should show up and tell you about the magazine now for model shopping tips

1.) there is no limit to the price

2.) they never get stamp cards so they don't get a discount unless you put up a discount for the day

3.) you can put anything on the outfit you can put a skirt over pants as well

4.) she will always like what you choose


that's all there is oh and HAVE FUN WITH ALL THE MONEY i have 99,999 from this

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Code - Fairy Princess gift.

by kittenbaby1971 Jan 17, 2011

If you want lots of these to sell, just set the date in your DS to your B-Day, and Dominic will throw you a party @ which he gives you the Fairy Princess stuff as a gift. You also get 5 of each item for your store Set the DS date up one year, and you get 5 more! BIG BUCKS to be had here selling the ensembles! Wear it in your store, and dress a mannequin in it, too. You'll rake in the money!

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Code - Style savvy/style boutique game cheat-date dominic

by Unregistered Apr 08, 2013

first you must win an international contest, if your not at that stage in the game then you cannot complete this cheat. Then dominic will take you back home to ur appartment, there you can save. then go to primavera or wherever grace is and copy her outfit back at ur appartment.your hair and make up does not have to be the same as graces though! now go to dominics mansion and speak to him. he should ask you out for dinner. you say yes and then save in ur apart and go back to the now unlocked cafe place. hel give u flowers and eventually, if u say the right answers (yes, yes, dont your making me blush!, yes) then hel ask u to marry him, then save at ur apart and change into the closest to bridal wear u can get, save and go back to his mansion, bell noises will happen as soon as u see him, he shud be in a groom suit. then ur wedding happens and u get back to the game as a wife! this should work but it depents what nintendo u have. sorry for any typing mistakes and late replys. it works on my pink nintendo ds lite and i have seen reviews on youtube on different nintendos. if the cheat works then please say something here on cheatsguru, thank u and also sorry if this does not work for you, please let me know and il try to help! x

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Secret - Felicity

by california_gurl457 Nov 29, 2011

Hey guys!!! this isn't really much of a SECRET, im sure most of u know already... But, if not, i'l tell uuuuu!!!!!

OK, so.... You know that girl felicity ( blond girl who refers tou your player as ' sweet tea ' )? well she always carries a note pad and pen. If you look closley, you'll see that her pen is really a stylus for nintendo DS. Like i said, this isn't A SECRET and it isn't HELPFULL in any way possible... /).( haha but yea this page needs CHEATS!!! Okay byee byee!!!! message me;)

~Cute is What We aim For~

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Secret - Obviously.

by -MonkeyButt- Aug 24, 2010

Well, there not really a "secret" but when you get your boutique on style savvy you unlock dominics mansion, and the buyers center. Later on, you unlock the contest hall when Rococco comes to your store for the first time. then you unlock the hair salon and cosmetic store when Olivia, and Didi arrive in your store. And No unfourtuatly, you do not date dominic, but after you get your thousanth costumer he takes you out to a "fancy" dinner. he also gives you the fairy princess set.
Thanks and Peace. xD

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Style Savvy Cheats


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