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 [ NDS ]

oct 06, 2012Style Savvy [ NDS ]   Submitted

please tell me how to get dominic to date u please only REAL CHEATS PLEASE HOW TO GET UR GAME BACK IF IT GOT DELETED HELP I WAS AT MY 900TH VISITER


Code - Style savvy/style boutique game cheat-date dominic:

first you must win an international contest, if your not at that stage in the game then you cannot complete this cheat. Then dominic will take you back home to ur appartment, there you can save. then go to primavera or wherever grace is and copy her outfit back at ur appartment.your hair and make up does not have to be the same as graces though! now go to dominics mansion and speak to him. he should ask you out for dinner. you say yes and then save in ur apart and go back to the now unlocked cafe place. hel give u flowers and eventually, if u say the right answers (yes, yes, dont your making me blush!, yes) then hel ask u to marry him, then save at ur apart and change into the closest to bridal wear u can get, save and go back to his mansion, bell noises will happen as soon as u see him, he shud be in a groom suit. then ur wedding happens and u get back to the game as a wife! this should work but it depents what nintendo u have. sorry for any typing mistakes and late replys. it works on my pink nintendo ds lite and i have seen reviews on youtube on different nintendos. if the cheat works then please say something here on cheatsguru, thank u and also sorry if this does not work for you, please let me know and il try to help! x