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Super Mario 64 DS Cheats :

This page contains Super Mario 64 DS cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 105 cheats in our list, which includes 11 cheats codes, 8 unlockables, 9 easter eggs, 19 glitches, 58 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Mario 64 DS on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Have Toad wear ur cap

by dgmm7797 Sep 15, 2008

While Mario, Luigi, or Wario, lose a cap in any of the stages that you can lose a cap... and leave the level... While you have no cap, go to any other level, get any star and when you return to the castle, go back to the main hall and toad is there wearing your cap!!! He will say that he found it outside the castle front. This is also good in case you lost your cap somewhere but you don't know where you left it. Check it out, it's pretty neat.

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Easter Egg - Missing characters in ending scene

by shadow95 Sep 15, 2008

It is possible to have certain characters gone in the final ending sequence of the game. In order to eliminate characters from the final ending sequence, you must complete a simple task. You must not unlock them in the game. If you do not unlock a character in the game, he will be missing from the final ending sequence. The entire sequence will go by and you will never see the character. Also, on the cake at the end, the locked character will be missing and the other characters will be in different positions.

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Secret - Get 99 lifes easy

by shadow95 Sep 15, 2008

First go into Whomps Fortress as Mario and choose 2nd-7th star. Then, go to the teleport near between the wired fence and wall, but don't use it. While there break open the box with the Red Mushroom in it. Get the Red Mushroom you should become large, then use the teleport. After you re-teleport, jump over the small fence and jump on the ledge with the castle on it, and pull yourself up. Go to your left, and touch the thinner side of the board, it should fall and you still should be large. Now just keep on walking/touching it and your life should go up FAST.

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Secret - Get all glowing rabbits with yoshi

by shadow95 Sep 15, 2008

As soon as you start seeing glowing rabbits (they randomly appear in place of the character's other rabbits) go change to Yoshi. Yoshi always has three rabbits right at the end of the bridge of the castle. Go outside and check and see if any of them are shining. If not, walk back in and walk back out and check again. Eventually, one (or more) of them will be glowing. You can keep doing this until you get all eight rabbits.

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Secret - 3 nongetalbe 1ups and ? box

by Unregistered Jul 21, 2008

if you have a action replay DS you get a cheat called moon jump use moon jump over the castle and the ledge will have 3 1ups and a ?box cheat by alex.l

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Cheats - Destroy all signs

by Unregistered Feb 23, 2007

I found this cheat when I was trying to read a sign. Use wario to go behind a sign and press B know he will pick the sign up if you press B again he will throw the sign. The easyest way to destroy both little and big signs is run into them with a mushroom! The other way is to get yoshi a power flower and put the signs on fire!!!

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Code - Bouncy Chain chomp

by Unregistered Nov 01, 2010

This is a funny cheat! First go to bob-bomb battle field. then go to the chain chomp. Pick up the bob-bomb nearest to it. Quickly run to the chain chomp and make him chomp and paralyze. Throw the bob-bomb at him while he's still paralyzed. He jump ALLL the way back to his post. You also get a coin for this.

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Secret - Hazey maze

by WaddleDee777 Oct 19, 2009

When in Hazey Maze, go to the cavern where the "sea monster" is. Groundpound on it's back. Walk on it's head. Wait until he goes by the double metal doors. Jump and land on the grate. Go in the doors and jump in the pool. There will be 2 stars there. One of them you need the Wario cap. You must turn metal and collect the red coins in the current. The other is as Mario. Go to the box at the back and keep pressing B until you get the star.

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Secret - Different Ways To Slide

by jencheats1024 Apr 13, 2009

There are different ways you can slide down a slide. Practice in Princess Peach's secret slide so you can master them.

Ordinary Slide: All you do is walk up to the slide and you automatically slide down.

Back Slide: First run up to the slide. Be careful not to go down the slide. Well,as you're running,press R and once you're at the end of the slide, press A. You may notice you are sliding on your back and you are much faster. Note that it might take a few tries to master this.

Attack Slide: You can't do this with Yoshi. Well,first run to the slide. As you're running near the edge,press A and you will slide on you're stomach with your head first.

Backward Slide: I guess all you have to do is hit a wall or something and make yourself turn. This is really hard to master.

Backward Slide on Back: When you're sliding on your back,hit a wall so you can try to turn around and end up backwards. It is like the backward slide.

These are the only ones I found. If you find more slides,tell me!

Good luck!

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Easter Egg - Drown Tall, Tall Mountain

by zeldafiend Jan 05, 2009

well, get to the high place where you can fall and land on the red coin mushrooms and jump so you land on one or the path. now quickly go to the teleport mushroom and itll be blue and your character will be swimming!

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Secret - Easy 1ups! (It takes some time...)

by DracoYoshi Oct 07, 2008

When you have unlocked the white room and got the star inside it, if you get inside you'll hear those laughs, and when your character gets out, the game will think that you finished/got out of a level so you can get those secret 1ups inside and outside of the castle (three in total). Have fun getting those 1ups! (If you want to ask me where are the 1ups put a comment and I'll answer it).

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Secret - Walk normally underwater in jolly roger lagoon (easy)

by crazycart64 Sep 22, 2008

ok first u have to be any person but wario. go to the underwater cave and get wario hat. then get a flower and while you're metal, try to run up the deck of the sunken ship. when the power goes off, you should be sliding down and WALKING UNDERWATER!!! lose wario hat, doesnt wear off!!! :-):-):-)

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Easter Egg - How To Got Wario

by dgmm7797 Aug 19, 2008

play as luigi and go to second floor from the castle and enter the door of course 10 (snowman's land) and next appears 2 power flower and change anywhere and pass to the mirror in your ahead and go to the magic board of Wario and enter it that world and go... see to boss and defeat to got Wario's key for got.

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Secret - Secret Star where boos are. :)

by Unregistered Apr 21, 2008

Go to the place where there are boos. Ground Pound the red blocks. You may find a square hole under the block. Go in there and you will find a secret place. The star is by the boxing bo bomb

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Secret - Get The 6th star on Cool Cool Montain With any Character

by Unregistered Oct 08, 2007

Mario: Wall Jump Across and triple wall jump on the next platform

Luigi: Go to the place where the snowman is. Now, go to the place where the elavator next
to the Mother peinguin is. It should bring you to a red coin. Keep going foward. You should get to a Dead End! Backflip of the cliff and hover over to the under platforms. Now
to get up the platforms backflip instead of wall jumping!

Wario: The Same thing ecsept to hover, jump on the Flower Enimie at the beginning and hover th the end of the obstacles.

Yoshi: Same with Luigi and hover by grabing the Flower Enimie where Luigi Backflips. Now, back flip through the obstacles which maybe hard! You can also do it Wario,s way which is More esay.

Waluigi: The Way to use it is obvious. Hit the Flower.

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Unlockable - You can get into a blank room by using luigi.

by Unregistered Apr 13, 2009

Get into the miror room in the 2nd floor. Get a power flower sitting on those thingies.
go into the mirror and it will look like you are exiting but you go into a blank room. there is a secret star in it.

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Secret - Very fun way to play with signs

by monkey_man214 Jun 03, 2008

A very fun way of destroying signs:

1.When yoshi get a power flower,burn the sign.
2.Press B then R at the top of the sign with any character.2x for Mario,Luigi and Yoshi,
1x for Wario.
3.Press A at the back of the sign then press A again to throw.Only Wario can do this.
4.Press A at the back of the sign then press B then R to destroy.Only Wario can do this.

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Glitch - Swiming in the sand

by 6y4lyfe34 May 29, 2009

Go to ssandland course with yoshi to the pool area try to get klepto to follow you then jump in to the water back faced to the sand when klepto hits you youll flip if you do this right you can swim on the sand

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Secret - Dire Dire Docks to the Peach's Castle

by dgmm7797 Nov 03, 2008

u falling at entring swim down and go to hole passage continue to swim you be in other place and go on a dark hole and entry it. Later you back in the castle! ''dgmm7797''

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Glitch - Finish the game with 50 stars

by shadow95 Sep 15, 2008

Ordinarily, you're supposed to have 80 stars to finish the game, but with this glitch, you can finish it with 50. Go into the room on the third floor which contains the levels "Tick Tock Clock" and "Rainbow Ride". Once you enter this room (which requires 50 stars to enter), run to your right, and climb onto the second step. Angle your character so that they're about halfway between the corner and the edge (and have them facing the corner). When they're in this position, charge up a run, start running, slide kick, and hold right on the D-pad. If all goes well, you'll slide into the corner, and get shot into the sky. From here, you can navigate your way to the top of the endless stairs while they are still endless, and enter "Bowser in the Sky", and hence finish the game, with only 50 stars. This glitch can also be used to access "Bowser in the Sky" as characters other than Mario.

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Secret - Playing with signs

by Unregistered May 27, 2008

Play with signs by using all characters:

Yoshi:1.Get a power flower then burn the sign.
2.Jump to the top of the sign then ground pound 2x.Buttons:B+R to ground pound

Mario and Luigi:Jump to the top of the sign then ground pound 2x.Buttons:B+R to ground

Wario:1.Carry the sign by pressing the A Button at the back of the sign then press again
to throw.
2.Carry the sign then ground pound.
3.Ground pound 1x(Wario is stronger than the others)

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Code - Bridge climbing

by Unregistered Nov 01, 2010

This is a use less cheat but what the heck. Go to bob-bomb battle field. Go to the first bridge (the one right in front of you when you start the level). Go under the bridge and jump. Don't forget to hold the B button. You will start doing the same thing you do when hanging from some fence ceiling.

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Glitch - Warp in bombomb battlefield

by marioplayer493 Aug 11, 2009

To do this cheat you have to go up the mountain and while you go up the mountain you will see a hole on the wall and go in it and you will be teleported to another one this helps to go up the mountain easer

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Unlockable - Drain the Water!!

by Unregistered Jun 05, 2008

1.Go into the basmement.
2.Go down right hall.
3.Stand in front of Fire Bowser picture.
4.Turn right and go to the 2nd door.The one without the star.
5.Go thru and swim down the water hole.
6.Go to the two pillars and in turn, jump on them.
7.Last you jump and hit R three times on each.Both should move down and release water from moat.

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Secret - Wario Can Throw Signs!

by jencheats1024 Apr 13, 2009

If you're Wario,go behind a small sign and press A. Now you can see that Wario is holding the sign in his hands. Aim at an enemy or a wall,and throw it pressing A. The sign will now explode into small planks! This only works with Wario.

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