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Super Mario 64 DS Cheats :

This page contains Super Mario 64 DS cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 86 cheats in our list, which includes 9 easter eggs, 19 glitches, 58 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Mario 64 DS on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

BoMb omb's revenge

by Google-plus Mar 31, 2009

To beat this level you must get to the top of the mountain (head to the power star on your map) and head to the bomb omb It would be best if you choose a player like Mario Run around to his back and throw him on the ground but don't throw him off the mountain Do this three times and your done

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BrEak Dance

by cactus250 Nov 16, 2007

be anybody then press r+a at the same time and BAM! your a dance star

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by Unregistered Nov 27, 2008

1. Go and get Luigi. (If you do no have Luigi, you can find himby doing the same thing just going into the Wario painting!

2. Up the Tower stepts and into the mirror room.

3.Get a flower.

4.Walk thruogh the mirror.

5. Open the door.

6. You be in a white room so get that star BABY!

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HoW to get luigi

by Unregistered Jan 26, 2009

Go in the house as mario. Head straight, then left. Go in the blank door, NOT the 3 star one. Next, chase the boo into another door. This is the garden, but don't be fooled. Head left, and look at big boo. Then try to sneak up on him and punch him. Once you've done that, jump in the cage. Welcome to big boo's haunt! Now, to get Luigi in this mansion:
Head straight and go into the mansion. Run foward and triple jump onto the second floor. From there, head to the farthest right door. Grab the power flower, and float up to the secret door. Ground pound there, and go through the door. Head right, and go in the Luigi painting! Head to the right door. Then take the left. Take the right one again, and then take the elevator thingys to the farthest left one. So take three of those things, and run foward all the way to the painting of boo. then take the lifts, and head in the chimney hole. Run up to the mirror, and watch as Big boo comes. Now sneak up on him using his shadow and the mirror. Punch a lot of times, and the luigi key is yours.

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ChIef Chilly

by Bramblefang Dec 10, 2009

You need to be able to access the Star Door at the top of the stars in the main room. Go through there. *As Luigi* Enter the doorway at top and you'll find yourself in a room with a huge mirror. Grab the Power Flower and run through the mirror. You then get to the otherside and jump into the picture of Wario's face.

You need to go through a path with Bully's, platforms, and a few other things. At the end, there is a hole. Jump into it and you fight with the boss, Chief Chilly.

Chief Chilly is the boss you need to defeat to get Wario's Key.

To defeat this boss, you need to push him off of the battle area 3 times. What you need to do is to get him to go closer to the edge. When he is near, punch him or dive into him to push him off of the battle area into the bluish sea.

He'll bounce up and down and then get back onto the battle area. He'll destroy some of the outer part of the area, meaning there is less space to walk on.

Now, you'll have to do the same thing again, and he'll bounce back on the battle area, breaking the outer part again.

Not only is there little room to move, you'll have to try even harder to defeat Chief Chilly.

Repeat the same process, but as he is about to fall off the battle area, he'll stand on the edge, wobbling and trying to stay on. Punch him quickly and he'll fall off.

You will then get the key to open Wario's Door and unlock him.

Okay, I hoped this helped.

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TiCk Tock Stop The Clock

by Bramblefang Nov 19, 2009

If you want to stop the gears and platforms to stop moving in the Tick Tock Clock levels, jump into the clock when the minute hand is on the 12. If you jump in when the minute hand is on the 3, the speed will be slow. 6 would be medium speed and 9 would be fast speeed for the platforms and gears.

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SeCret Slide

by Bramblefang Sep 14, 2009

In the room with 4 doors that have these symbols on them: M, L, W, and -, there is a portrait of Peach on the left and right. Jump into the one on the right to fins this hidden slide. Finish the level and a star awaits you at the bottom.

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by Google-plus Apr 20, 2009

Make Yoshi as your character then head outside the castle. There will be some bunnies running so try to swallow them. Spit them out then they'll give you a key to unlock some games for peaches game room.

Note: These keys are for Yoshi's game only.

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ThE power of water

by Unregistered Apr 28, 2008

If you're injured,you can heal WITHOUT taking coins.
Just jump into the water,then stay afloat.The life bar will heal as if you're underwater for too long.

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HoW to Get Wario

by Daisyprincess Nov 10, 2009

Go up to the middle room on the 2nd floor (you need Luigi) and go to the mirror room.Get a Power Flower and punch the mirror. Go to the Wario painting. Beat the big dude and you'll get Wario's key. I hope this cheat helps!

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HoW to get Luigi (I think it's kinda hard to get him, so I am gonna help)

by GirliMe Aug 07, 2009

U know the courtyard Go there (u need 20 stars or so though). Ground pound (kill) the big Boo and enter the bird cage. Go into the mansion, through the main entrance, and get onto the balcony thing above the first hallway. Go into the room furthest to the right and get onto the stage. Using Mario, get up, onto the platform above u, and go through the door. Get into the Luigi painting. Go through the door to the right, then left, and so on until u get to a room with a massive collapsing bridge. Go across it, and then use the green lifts to get up into a hole, go in. Look in the mirror (zoom in) and defeat King Boo, to unlock Luigi.

P.S. Ground pound him and it has more effect.

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SeCret Slide At Tall,Tall,Mountain

by jencheats1024 Apr 13, 2009

Go where you see a small,puffy cloud with a face. It is not Lakitu. When you're near it,you will see a wall with coins floating around it. Jump into it and you're in a secret slide!

Good luck!

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by Unregistered Jan 26, 2009

Once you have read my guide for luigi, try to get wario. Enter the castle as Luigi. Head straight, and go upstairs. Head in the room with the mirrors and Snowman's land. Hit the power flower, and go in the mirror. Jump in the Wario painting. Slide down, and rde the wind to the ice platform. Kill the bullies if you wish. Jump through the next platforms, onto the next peie of ice, and ride on the thing. Now jump off it into the lower platforms. Ride the wind again. Head straight , and ride the ice platforms, jumping from one to another. At the next ice place, run onto the ice lifts and just get up there. Jump in the hole, and fight chief chilly for the wario key. He is like a giant bully, so punch him off the ice three times. You got: ALL THE CHARACTERS!!!

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DiFferent speeds in Tick Tock Clock

by dgmm7797 Sep 22, 2008

Jump in the clock on 3 and it will be slow. Jump in the clock on 6 and it will be medium speed. Jump in on 9, and it will be fast.

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ThE White Room

by Bramblefang Sep 15, 2009

Use Luigi. Go to the floor where Tall Tall Mountain and the Water Bug Picture is.

EXTRA STAR!: Now, look for all the Toads on the floor without looking in doors. Talk to him. If you don't get a star look for another Toad. One of them will give you a free star after you talk to him! Lucky you!

Anyway...look for the room where you got Wario. There will be Power Flowers there. Get one and walk through the mirror. Go and open the door on the other side of the mirror. You should enter and see a White Room and find a star.

I hope this helps! :)

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1 Way Teleport in Tiny-Huge Island

by dgmm7797 Sep 19, 2008

Go to the area with the Pirrahna Plants and hit the switch. Run across the bricks and onto the island. Now get the coin and wait in that spot. You will be teleported to the pipe near the Pirrahna Plants again.

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MaRio, Luigi, Wario, and ? Switch

by BloxyGuy524 Sep 23, 2011

Ok, to get Mario you must have 8 stars. Go to the Princesses play room and then walk into 8 star room. jump in the Mario panting. First, fight your way to the giant vine. Climb up and then jump into the tree with a hole. Then fight the Goomboss to get Mario's key. For Luigi, You must have Mario. Go to the garden and defeat the Big Boo. jump in the cage and go in the mansion. You have to beat a giant boo first, and then go to some room on the second floor. Go to the stage and get the power flower in the ? box. Float to the top and go in the door. Jump in the Luigi Painting. The rest I cant describe, you'll have to find it. For Wario, you need Luigi and have beaten Bowser two times. Go to the top of the castle and go in the door with the hallway by it. Get the power flower and walk through the mirror. jump in the Wario painting. I didn't get him yet, so just fight your way until you get to the big Bully. Beat him three times and then you'll get Wario's key. For the ? switch, you need to go to the light and look at it. if it says, 'A voice from above is saying, "hey, Mario" ' Your obviously doing something wrong. You have to be Mario, and then press x and look up. You'll find that the other cheats are telling the truth, YOUR just doing it wrong. I'll look for more secrets and everything. Send me a PM if you want anything.

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WhIte door

by rchables Apr 05, 2010

Hey all you guy that keep saying that the white door is for un locking characters i've got something to tell you guys:YOU'R WRONG. the white door is used to get a power star. to get the power star you must first collect or capture all the white rabbits the after you catch the last white rabbit he say's"let go of me here you can have this key now leave me alone" then go to the white door,use the key and and walla you get a power star butt if you try to go back in your going to hear some boo's laughing and then your gonna come back out so that means that the white door can only be used once to get a power star so there. happy

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SeCret Course

by Daisyprincess Nov 10, 2009

Ok. Go to the mirror room,look in the mirror (this is on the left) you'll see a snowman painting. Go to that same space you saw it( you don't need Luigi)and jump in. It's a Winter Wonderland.

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by jencheats1024 Apr 13, 2009

Find these rabbits and get those mini games!

Yoshi's bunnies
-outside of the castle right at the end of the bridge
-outside of the castle left of the bridge
-outside of the castle right of the bridge
-outside the castle in the patch of flowers to the right
-outside the castle at the bottom of the drained moat
-outside of the castle around the maze of hedges
-in the hall to lethal lava land

Mario's rabbits
-outside of the castle left of the bridge
-bottom of the drained moat
-room of Jolly Roger bay
-hall to lethal lava land
-hall to lethal lava land (there's 2)
-top of the stairs on the 2'nd floor
-large mirror room on 2nd floor

Luigi's rabbits
-outside the castle near the maze of hedges
-entrance to bob-omb battle field
-courtyard of castle. Jump on the brown ledge then double jump again
-where you drain water from the moat
-out of the doorway on 2nd floor
-room with the Mario painting
-Outside of castle with cannon. You need 150 stars and shoot to the top of the castle holding the final bunny)

Wario rabbits
-outside the castle to the far right
-room to whomp's fortress
-in the basement near toad
-in the courtyard with boos
-Second floor of castle in the entrance to tiny-huge island
-third floor of castle near tick-tock clock
-third floor of the castle in the opposite alcove of rainbow ride

Good Luck!

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It's Heaven!

by jencheats1024 Apr 13, 2009

If you want to fly,be Mario. So,when light is shining on the circle in the main room of the castle, go to first person view and look up at the light. You will be transported to heaven!(I call it heaven okay)It's actually high up in the sky so don't tell me I'm wrong. So,as I said,if you want to fly,be Mario. If you do this as a person without a red cap(which means if you're not Mario),you will be flipping all the way down to the lake.

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ThE Difference Between Rainbow Ride and Heaven

by jencheats1024 Apr 13, 2009

If you want to go to heaven(the cloud place above the castle),go to the square hole with the light shining out of it. If you want to go to Rainbow Ride,go to the hole without the light shining.

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SeCret Room of Big Eye

by dgmm7797 Sep 30, 2008

u'll need Luigi or any character (exept Yoshi) but find the Luigi's cap to got the invisibility power in the last door (->) of up of Big Boo's Mansion and make a triple jump or make a wall jump (Mario) enter the door and u go a Boo board and u continues with the invisibilty power go but hurry up why the end of the effect and fight with the Big Eye.

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EaSy health replenish

by dgmm7797 Sep 22, 2008

If you are low on health, just find a body of water and jump in. Stay at the surface and your health meter will refill.

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ExTra Coins with Yoshi Trick

by dgmm7797 Sep 22, 2008

This trick allows you to make new coins appear using Yoshi. You can use the extra coins to get to one hundred coins faster, or to increase your coin record on a particular level. This trick is fairly simple to do. Start off by choosing Yoshi and entering any level. Go up to an enemy, and swallow it. When you swallow the enemy, press R to turn it into an egg. Then, find another enemy, preferably one that is near several other enemies. Aim so that your egg will not directly hit the enemy, but will ricochet off of the enemy. Shoot the egg. The egg will hit the enemy and then bounce of. Since the game thinks that the egg exploded, it will place the enemy coins at the place where the egg hit the enemy. It will also give you the coins for the enemy if you defeated it. Since the egg was not destroyed, however, it will continue to go and hit another enemy. When it hits the other enemy you will receive coins for defeating the enemy, and you will receive the enemy coins from the egg again! If the egg bounces off several enemies before it breaks, you will receive coins multiple times for the enemy that was in the egg. The more times the egg bounces off enemies, the more coins you get. This is especially useful when you swallow enemies that give you blue coins, since you can get many blue coins by using this trick. This trick is difficult to pull off on regular enemies, but it is worth it. This trick is easiest to use if you shoot the egg at a Bob-omb since they are small and usually do not break the egg.

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