Super Mario 64 DS Review

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Super Mario 64 DS Review :

Best Game

by TheKillerNacho Oct 28, 2010

This Game is really good and its really hard to get it now because it was made in the year 2004. And its hard to get the game because it was officially made for ds and people didn't appreciate what the Japanese people went threw and i hope people understand what happens if people doesn't play it no more then mario will be forgotten forever and people are trying to keep mario alive and people don't really care about the game no more because it sucks but its a nice game to play with and i hope people realize that its a nice game people really hate the game and i don't like that people don't appreciate what they have to go threw so i hope every one loves the game and i hope people will keep on making mario games forever and i hope people will remember the game and laugh and they will say i played mario when i was little and the will be laughing about this on earth and in heaven.

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3Story line
The story is about mario reaching bowser and stoping him. This game is tricky and you have to unlock all the characters to defeat the game and i tried beating the game but i lost a lot with Luigi and its hard because mario has an advatage because Luigi is in marios word an Mario can control the game
The graphics are okay for the game but if it was better then this graphics every one will be buying the game and it will be a top hit in stores and in Japan because Japan makes these games and when you hit the box it makes a ding if mario says puns like 'Its Time For Star Mode'' the games graphics.
The Game sound is stereo so its hard to hear but you can use earphones to hear it but the sound brings back memories and its hard to hear it but the game is terrific and how its made and who made the game people wonder what they used to make and how good is it so the sound is okay with people love
The game play is mostly getting mula and beating the game and killing bowser and his monsters and gombas and its really hard because you have to beat the game and you get rally stressed out if you play it a lot because you have to study and focus the game and you have to remember what you have to do
7Lasting Appeal
I love this game and mario is the best game and its nice how they made the games and i really love it i hope all of the people appreciate what the people had to go threw with and the graphics and all that but most people dont understand the gameplay but i hope they figure out what they have to do.
(Out of 10)


zackarooni123    wrote on oct 29, 2010 3:45 pm

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