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Super Mario Bros. DS Cheats :

This page contains Super Mario Bros. DS cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 17 cheats in our list, which includes 3 unlockables, 4 easter eggs, 2 glitches, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Mario Bros. DS on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - To play with luigi instead of mario

by Unregistered Aug 07, 2007

to play with luigi

Unlockable:How to unlock:
to play with luigihold L and R together in the file select
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Secret - Moving credits and weird sounds

by pokemonmasterjustin Apr 01, 2008

When you are at the credits use your stylist ( if you don't have one use your finger ) and touch ANY part of the bottom screen then eventally you will see the credits move!!!

To make the sounds touch ANY letter on the bottom screen it should make a sound effect from the game!!! ( NOTE: If you touch the same letter twice it will make the same sound effect!!! )

So have fun with the credits!!!

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Unlockable - Unlocking worlds 4 and 7

by Sonicfan1 Nov 03, 2009

This is an unlockable that tells you how to unlock worlds 4 and 7! So have fun once you get to play worlds 4 and 7!!!!

World 4Beat the boss in the castle of the 2nd world being mini Mario.
World 7Beat the boss in the castle of the 5th world being mini Mario.
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Easter Egg - Secret in W6-6!!!

by pokemonmasterjustin Feb 12, 2008

While being mini mario in W6-6 go to the 3rd cannon right before the flag with the cross-bones, go in the cannon then you'll go above the sky point, YOU CAN'T SEE YOURSELF!!! And another thing... THERE ARE HIDDEN COINS TOO!!! You should get 17 coins from the sky and then, you'll land right at the top of the flag ( 1-up ).

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Secret - Defet bowser EASY in all world 1-castle, world 8-( first ) castle, and

by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 28, 2008

Its SOOOOOO SIMPLE!!! Just get a super big mushroom and when you come to one of the following castles at the top, USE IT!!!, then jump on them, it will kill bowser!!!

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Unlockable - All the worlds

by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 18, 2008

This is how to get to all the worlds

Unlockable:How to unlock:
World 2Beat world 1
World 3Beat world 2
World 4Defet the boss in world 2 while being super small
World 5Beat world 3 or 4
World 6Beat world 5
World 7Defet the boss in world 5 while being super small
World 8Beat world 6 or 7
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Secret - Easy Beat Baby Bowser.

by Unregistered Nov 01, 2007

When baby bowser is throwing shells at you in the 6th and 8th worlds, Get fire power. When he is about to throw it, and it is in his hand over his head, shoot a fire ball at the shell. The shell will then catch on fire and Baby Bowser will die.

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Easter Egg - Secret in W1-1!!!

by pokemonmasterjustin Feb 13, 2008

WARNING: Do not get the super big mushroom, or it might mess it up!!!

When you get to the checkpoint you'll see 3 boxes seperated to each other, get on top the middle one, then jump! There will be a hidden box with the VERY RARE STAR!!! Try to get it and then, that's the secret of W1-1...

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Secret - Easy 1up

by Unregistered Dec 05, 2011

In world 1-1 just after the mega mushroom jump onto the two blocks before the space. Above the second one is an invisible block with a vine. Climb the vine and hit the block you see. It has a 1-up.

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Glitch - Trapped Koopa

by Glitchez May 10, 2010

In the Wireless multiplayer (mario vs luigi) do the grassy level and where there are two stairs and a pitfall this is where the glitch will take place. first get a big mushroom and wreck everything and the koopa to the left of the left stairs will walk further on seeing as the stairs are gone. so when the koopa is right in the middle of where the left stairs would be get a star coin quick and everything will be back in place. so the koopa will now be stuck in the stairs.

If this isnt enough of an explanation tell me please.

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Easter Egg - Luigi

by ColonelAero Mar 29, 2010

You know in the beginning when Bowser Jr. "queennaps" the princess from Mario Sometimes, Luigi will randomly appear and run after Mario.

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Secret - To get to World 8 from World 5

by alyssa88 Apr 20, 2009

To get to World 8 from World 5, do the following. First, head to the house directly after the first castle on World 5. Once there, go up six flights of stairs. Next to the seventh flight of stairs, there will be three bricks. Jump on top of them and jump straight up to hit an invisible block. Then, get on top of that block, jump straight up again, and hit another block. This one will unleash a vine that you can climb up. Once atop the vine, there will be a door. Go through the door and get on the nearby colorful platform. The platform will bring you to another door. Go through that door and find the red flag with a skull on it (as opposed to a black flag). Jump on the flag so it comes down, thereby completing the stage. Then, go to the cannon it shows and you will be brought to world.

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Secret - Luigi

by alyssa88 Apr 20, 2009

Beat the game and save it. Then, select the saved game and hold down both the L and R BUTTONS, then enter A. The green sporting super mario bro is unlocked.

I can confirm that you do not need to clear the game to play as Luigi. Just hold L + R and press A on the file you want to play, and you will be Luigi, regardless if you finish the game or not.

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Easter Egg - Another secret in W1-1!!!

by pokemonmasterjustin Feb 26, 2008

WARNING: Do not use the super big mushroom or it might mess it up, and you need to be super mini mario!!!

When you get to the red turtle standing on the 3 boxes, STOP THERE!!! Then go to the 3 at the top, jump at the middle on, it's a secret vine there climb up it, you'll be on clouds. Now, while being super mini mario just keep running on the bottom cloud ( DON'T JUMP ON ANY OTHER CLOUDS!!! ) and when you fall from a cloud you just go back where you were, you should go under the other cloud at the bottom, at instead of falling... YOU DIE!!!

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Secret - Challange mode

by pokemonmasterjustin Feb 19, 2008

While your on pause press LRLRXXYY then it will show you a note saying " Welcome to the secret challange mode " then it should show an arrow at the top corrnor of the screen.
The challange mode is used on Worlds, but if the arrow is gray then it can't be used in a course like W5-4. if the arrow is red then you can use it. The challange mode only changes one thing: if you chose a course you can use the challange mode on, YOU CAN'T GO BACK WHERE YOU WALKED!!! If you get stuck or traped and can't get out, press return to map. If youturn off the game and you turn it back on, the arrow will be gone.

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Secret - Special Backgrounds

by alyssa88 Apr 20, 2009

First you beat the game. Then load the saved file for that game. Go into the blue Toad house now located in World 1. In here you can purchase five different backgrounds for your lower screen. They all cost Star Coins. To get the fift background, you have to get all of the star coins in the through-out all the levels.

Toady claims to get the fifth background you must collect all star coins. This is wrong. You only need to clear a path to every mushroom hut. Finish the game and a path to a blue mushroom hut will appear in World 1. It contains the starting touchscreen theme and three additional background patterns that can be purchased for 20 star coins each. A fifth theme can be bought once you've cleared paths to the mushroom huts in every world.

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by pokemonmasterjustin Mar 06, 2008

when your fighting bowser jr ( original only ) jump on him but don't fall on the ground!!! Stay in the air and land on bowser jr. you will hit him AGAIN!!! It makes it easier to beat bowser jr.!!!

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