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Super Princess Peach Cheats :

This page contains Super Princess Peach cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 12 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 unlockable, 3 easter eggs, 7 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Princess Peach on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How to beat final Bowser

by Lugia27 Nov 19, 2007

This takes perfect timing, so be pacient. When he drops the bomb-ombs, pick one up, and wait till it's flashing. Then, throw it at Bowser's eyes. They HAVE to blow up on Bowser's eyes. When he goes to sleep, easily pop the bubble using rage.

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Secret - Editing: The Star Guy

by Lugia27 Nov 26, 2007

You do NOT gain an ability after defeating him. And he is found in Gleam Glaciar, Hoo's Woods, and Fury Volcano

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Easter Egg - The ice dragon

by Unregistered Jun 12, 2012

in gleam glacier on the boss when you see the boss run and use MAD vibe and jump on will have to do this a few times.But the mad vibe thing will not work if the boss is running,jumping,or using ice beam.after he loses three lives he will turn into a flying girl.then the flames from mad vibe should hit will have to do this a few times also.P.S.I had no idea what an easter egg was when I wrote this.

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Secret - 4 secrets

by Unregistered Sep 12, 2011

1. Ladder Slide

While going down ladders, press B or Y.

Useful getting down ladders quickly.

2. Walk while using a Vibe

Press B or Y while using a Vibe to walk slowly.

3. Item toss

While holding something, hold up and press B or Y to toss it up.

Whoops, I forgot the last one !!!

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Code - Infinite coins

by Unregistered Jul 21, 2011

at stage 5-1 walk forward a little then use ur yellow vibe 2 fly up untill u see a green tube u cannot go into and some koopas.

stomp on one and use the shell to knock out the rest. coins, vibe crystals, and hearts will come out.

if u then go right there is another tube and some koopas. repeat, then go left and repeat until enough coins.

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Secret - Unlock dash attack kassa move

by cupman Dec 09, 2009

Beat the game'll be able to attack while peach is b or d to use while moving. p.s. i give credit to my cousin who told me this cheat

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Secret - Vibe Enemies

by Lugia27 Nov 28, 2007

Enemies that have vibes (Joyful, Angry, Calm, Sad) give u more vibe when u absorb them

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Easter Egg - Did you know?

by Lugia27 Nov 26, 2007

Before bosses like King Boo and Bowser, you know you have to shoo away all those pesky boo's? Well, insted of TAPPING them all, slide the stylus on their faces! They's flee ALOT faster!

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Easter Egg - Star's lucky power!

by Lugia27 Nov 26, 2007

You know at the end of every stage there's the clear stage slot (The thing that has the flowers around it) If you hit the star RIGHT when it's above you, sometimes, you'll get a Peach! It gives you 777 coins! This takes good timing, and REALLY skilled hand-eye coordination.

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Secret - To beat the huge plat

by Unregistered Sep 03, 2007

when its mouth is open use the sad vibe and make the huge plant swallow the tears.
its weak spot is his belly button pound on it for him to loose lives

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Secret - Dragon Boss

by PokeGal Jul 31, 2008

2 beat up the dragon, just jump up and down while useing ur angry mood on the dragons bubble.(do'nt worry, he will headbutt the ice, and it will make mood crytles) When she turns 2 a fairy , u have to dodge the magic, creak icles,and jump near her 2 times,then she will diaspear

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Unlockable - New stages

by mario1 May 19, 2008

To unlock new stages at Super Princess Peach,all you need to do is deafeat Bowser.If you can see now there are new stages in Area 1(Ladida Plains).To unlock new stages on the next area,all you have to do is to deafeat the boss on Area 1.If succeded you'll see new levels at Area 2(Hoo's Wood)
Note:The boss is stronger now

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Super Princess Peach Cheats


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