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Super Scribblenauts Cheats :

This page contains Super Scribblenauts cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 22 cheats in our list, which includes 10 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 2 glitches, 7 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Scribblenauts on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Interesting and Useful Word List

by proman175 Mar 24, 2011

Here are some useful words to use in Super Scribblenauts:



  • INVINCIBILITY CLOAK - Put this on and you'll take no damage
  • INVISIBILITY CLOAK - Harmful creatures won't be able to see you with this item equipped
  • POCKET KNIFE - (Weapon) Infinitely useful!
  • LUNAR LANDER / LUNAR ROVER - Cancel out gravity in style -- the Lander is more compact
  • BLACK HOLE - This seems to wipe out everything in Super Scribblenauts -- beware!
  • SHRINK RAY - Shrink any enemy creature to a more manageable size
  • FREEZE RAY - Freeze enemies in a cube of ice (temporarily)
  • CHI - A friendly, floating Chinese dragon you can ride
  • REINDEER - It can fly!
  • PEGASUS - It can fly too!
  • WINGS - Equip these for more flying!
  • TIME MACHINE - By typing "Time Machine" you can go though 5 eras: Dinosaurs, Egypt, Knights, Old West and Present/Future time.
  • ARCADE (MACHINE) - Tap the machine to play a minigame where you must tap rockets to stop them from falling
  • EXPLODING BARREL - Explodes on contact with anything, including the ground
  • MAXWELL'S NOTEBOOK - When you want a random object, but are too lazy to think of one
  • SCRIBBLENAUTICAL - Wear Maxwell's hat
  • DEADLY - Attacking with a Deadly item will destroy anything in one hit
  • HYPNOTIZING - Creatures will follow Hypnotizing items and make nearby enemies non-hostile
  • SUPERSONIC - Huge speed boost. Useful for mounts, vehicles, and wings
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Secret - Maxwells Notebook

by smexidanny Apr 04, 2011

Type in Maxwells Notebook and then when your done pick it up and press use and a random thing will fall from the sky do it loads of times its hilerious. I did it and I got a blue flying cow.

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Secret - Silly and Fun Terms

by Wert Morre Mar 24, 2011

Here are some silly terms you can use.



  • LOITUMA GIRL - A girl
  • RICK ROLL - A guy
  • POST TWO ONE SEVEN - Nuke that destroys EVERYTHING when you activate it
  • NINJA CAT - A cat from YouTube
  • GAF - A round ball that you can ride
  • FERTILE WOMAN - When she touches you, she becomes pregnant
  • TIT - A little Chicken
  • KILLER - He tries to kill you
  • UR MOM - A zombie
  • SPAGHETTI CAT - A cat eating spaghetti
  • OM NOM NOM NOM - A robot mouth that you can use as a platform or something
  • DO NOT WANT - I have no idea what it is
  • PIANO CAT - A cat playing the piano
  • LOLWUT - Big head mode
  • SHRINK RAY - Title says all
  • POPO - Police officer
  • ZANBATO - You get an incredible sword
  • GORGON/GORGON HEAD - if killed, you get her head and can petrify people
  • HYDRA - 3-headed dragon
  • CERBERUS - 3-headed hound
  • FREEZE RAY - freezes people
  • GROWTH RAY - makes someone one size bigger every hit
  • SHRINK RAY - makes someone one size smaller every hit
  • CHIMERA - a lion/snake/hawk/ram animal
  • VAMPIRIC - becomes a vampire
  • GHOSTLY - is now like a ghost
  • PIRATIC - Gets a pirate hat and sword
  • ZOMBIE - becomes undead
  • MUTANT - becomes a mutant
  • ALIEN - becomes a martian
  • DECAPITATED - persons head disappears
  • ARMLESS/LEGLESS - those body parts disappear
  • HOLY/UNHOLY - becomes an angel or demon
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Code - How to get some one or an animal to follow you

by animalcrossingpep Mar 29, 2011

its really simple write in loyal before each word e.g i typed in "loyal leopard" and it followd me every where :) hope this helped :) ;)

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Unlockable - Merits

by cGub Oct 18, 2010

Merits are special achievements that you can earn by performing specific actions while playing the game.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
AstronomerDecorate the sky with every planet in the solar system.
Avatar ManiacPurchase all avatars.
Behind The ScenesCreate three 5th Cell developers.
Brand New PencilUse 10 unique adjectives.
Break TimeUse the arcade machine.
Broken PencilUse 300 unique adjectives.
Clever CreationAttach any three objects together.
Coloring BookCreate 10 objects with altered colors.
Colossal ContraptionAttach any ten objects together.
Connect The DotsComplete any constellation.
Cracked PencilUse 200 unique adjectives.
Creative ConcoctionAttach any six objects together.
Cthulhu FhtagnCreate a mythos monster.
Daily HoroscopeDecorate the sky with the 12 zodiac symbols.
Dedicated CollectorPurchase 25 avatars.
Easter EggCreate five hidden historical figures.
English EagleCreate 10 unique objects.
Fantasy FulfillmentCreate 5 fantasy objects or use 5 fantasy adjectives.
Fatality!Destroy the world.
Forbidden FruitUse Maxwell's notebook.
Full ReplayComplete all advanced mode levels.
GinormousCreate the largest possible object.
Grammar GeneralCreate 200 unique objects.
History LessonUse the time machine.
Home GrownComplete a custom level.
HypnotizedHypnotize another character.
It's Alive!Grant life to an inanimate object.
Kiss MeTransform a creature into a frog.
Language LionCreate 100 unique objects.
Letter LieutenantCreate 25 unique objects.
Lion TamerRide a creature that's normally hostile.
Looking AheadCreate 5 science fiction objects or use 5 science fiction adjectives.
Master MorpherApply five adjectives to an object.
Maxwell In DisguisePlay as a different avatar.
Mega MutatorApply eight adjectives to an object.
MicronizedCreate the smallest possible object.
Money VaultHold 10,000 ollars in your bank.
Nice WalletHold 5,000 ollars in your bank.
Over BudgetCompletely fill the budget meter.
Piggy BankHold 1,000 ollars in your bank.
Rad RecombinerApply three adjectives to an object.
Really Big LizardsCreate 5 dinosaurs.
ReplayComplete a level in advanced mode.
Russian DollPut an object inside an object inside an object.
Sharpened PencilUse 25 unique adjectives.
Skin Of Your TeethCatch a Starite while Maxwell is being defeated.
Starite ApprenticeCatch 10 Starites.
Starite KingCatch 121 Starites.
Starite MasterCatch 60 Starites.
Suit UpFully equip Maxwell.
Syllable SavantCreate 50 unique objects.
TeleportedUse the teleporter.
Texture ArtistCreate 5 objects made out of altered materials.
The Fourth... 

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Code - Secret Adjective

by pokeman66639 Oct 25, 2010

The adjective is SCRIBBLENAUTABLE. It makes any object have a Rooster Helmet and it unlocks The Fourth Wall merit.

I also made my own way of getting the 121th Starite, but cGub took the cheat from gamefaqs and made it his own. I made mine first, but his got picked. I don't like him anymore.

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Secret - Easy Pass Through Small Passages

by Moristhecat May 03, 2011

I don't know what this was, it just came to me. When you reach a small space, like in the teleportation facility, the smashing shut door you can't get past, just insert "Flying Skateboard". The theory behind it is that the game will focus on the skateboard rather than the actual player, and it's not just some theory; it's proven. I personally guarantee it! It make take a few pushes at most, though.

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Code - Weapons, Creatures And Adjectives

by jonnyODD Aug 25, 2011
CeceliaLady with octopus legs. SPOOKY
Edison YanT-Rex with a red bandana on his eyes.
EBL/OBLA gun that shoots EXPLOSIVE BARRELS!!!!
Mega Sixty FourA white 'MEGA 64' text that confuses any living thing near it and vanishes.
Rocco BotteA person with a black jacket and glasses that will attack any vegetable! Quick way to get rid of some broccoli!
InnovationSmall DS card with maxwell's image on it.
Medusa HeadCan be held and shoots projectiles that petrifies the target (Turns into statue)
Aquatic Rideable Flying ______Add those adjectives to anything to make it the ultimate all-terrain vehicle. It enables you to ride it and it can dive in the water and fly in the air.
Nonliving ______Add it to the previous adjectives and it won't be able to move by itself, only when you are riding it.
Horror MaskTerrifying blue mask that is wearable and others fear from it.
Scary ______Adds the "horror mask" to the summoned item.
Cheesy ______The summoned item will be made of cheese. add "explosive" - the perfect mouse trap.
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Unlockable - 121 Starite

by madman0617 Mar 24, 2011

In the game you can get up to 120 Starites, but the merits say that you can get 121. To get 121, use a time machine. Go to #5. If you see the normal #5 area then try again. Eventually you will come to the first level of the first game. Use wings to get the starite out of the tree.

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Secret - Time Machine Secrets

by Bramblefang Dec 08, 2010

First, create a "Time Machine" in any level you want. Then, continuously go from time period to time period until you go to an area that wasn't a part of the time period you selected. Here are the following two occurrences.

1. You ended up finding the room with the 121st Starite, as mentioned in another cheat. You'll see another Maxwell there and that the Starite is on the tree. Maxwell acts as a normal person so you can kill him, give him a gun to make him look badass, etc. Just knock down the Starite from the tree and claim it as yours.

2. You ended up in a room with another Time Machine! you get stuck in a cut scene as you see yourself (Maxwell from Scribblenauts 1) enter the other Time Machine. Then, the Time Machine disappears. There will be nothing else in the area so you're better off just exiting the stage.

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by Spyrorox Jul 10, 2012

i Did in fact get some stuff from other cheats so if it bothers you please comment !

Cerberus- Your typical three headed dog

Behemoth- A fury monster(Beast also works)

Leviathin ( I haven't tested this and am 90% sure i miss spelled it!)

Invisibility Cloak- Turns you invisible!!!!!

Invinceibility Cloak (Pretty sure miss spelled that 1 2)

Centaur- Half horse half man, also makes a great mount!

Lol wut- I think it is a Giant head.....

Ur mom- Zombie

Ceiling Cat- Famous from "Funny cats"

Post two seven one- Don't remeber wut it does but IT WAS COOL!

keyboard cat- From the Famous YouTube video

Rickroll- A dancing guy that gets to crazy and explodes

Speghetti cat- Name says all

Chi- A friendly( BUT VERY SLOW) Chinese dragon

Ed( T- Rex with bandana!)

Cecelia - woman with tenteclas, Kinda gross...

Medusa - Turns enemies into stone!!! And once you deafeat her, you can use her head to petrifie people!!

gaf- flying ball, boring but flying

Zanbato- Cool sword

Hydra- Three headed dragon!!!!

Arcade machine- Be sure to comment ur high score!!!!

teleporter- Teleports you

Time machine- one word, AWESOME

Maxwells note book- Use it and random stuff falls out of the sky

* Armless/headless/legless

I know alot is inaccurate so plz post suggestions and new words to make it even better!!!!

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Glitch - Going through rock

by Cale-Cale-Cales-WORLD!!!!!! Nov 01, 2011

If you have a solid wall (not item) next to you that you normally can't go through, put a tornado right next to it and enter the tornado and if it shoots you toward the wall you should go through it.

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Code - Super scribblenauts secret words

by hamsternio Oct 17, 2011

these are a few secret words on super scribblenauts.

Lol wutA massive Maxwell head
Ur momA zombie
Keyboard catAs in the name it is a cat playing a keyboard (piano)
Long catA white cat in a white cloud.
TacgnolLike a longcat but black instead of white
Ceiling catIt looks like a squashed cat and hovers on strings like the sun
Rick rollA ordinary man who dances then disappears after 10 seconds
Post two one sevenA scene of Maxwell on a T-Rex beating up a zombie but it is actually a atom bomb
Ninja sharkA ninja shark
Spaghetti catA cat eating spaghetti.
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Secret - Forth Wall Merit Secret Adjective Adjective

by justinpatrick1011 Jun 27, 2011

Wanted to unlock forth wall adjective?
Its scribblenautical,

Try put scribblenautical maxwell, well its look like you, you can put also without the secret adjective, use rooster helmet!

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Glitch - ULTIMATE SIZE Glitch!

by xtreme_gamr_4ever Apr 08, 2011

Take a crate. (Or box, bag, or anything that can hold something inside it.) Put something inside it. (Cat, Baseball, Cookie, etc.) Make sure it fits. Make a shrink ray and growth ray. Use the growth ray on the container until it's "colossal". Then use the shrink ray and make it "molecular". Open the container.

Also, an added on effect is that if you click the magnifying glass, it says "Molecular _______".

And if you make a "colossal _______" (remember, it grew with the container, so it technically is "colossal"), then the "colossal _____" you just made is about 1/4 the size of the "molecular ________".

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Code - Action Replay, EU

by erow Jan 18, 2011

NOTE: The following codes work only when used with an
Action Replay device. These codes WILL NOT WORK without this
device. Game ID: BH2X-5313C1BA
Max Money
022189d8 000f423f
Low Budget
121a3904 00000000
Infinite Repeated Words
2221b538 00000000
All Merits Unlocked: Press SELECT
94000130 fffb0000
22219193 0000000f
d5000000 000000ff
c0000000 00000006
d8000000 0221918c
d2000000 00000000
Infinite Health
622d54d4 00000000
b22d54d4 00000000
b0000014 00000000
00000060 00000064
d2000000 00000000
AI Doesn't Attack (Select+L ON, Select+R OFF)
94000130 000001fb
02061c50 e3a00000
d0000000 00000000
94000130 000002fb
02061c50 03a00000
d0000000 00000000
Jump Codes (Dpad Up)
Big Jumps on Up (D-pad Controls)
5206dc84 e3a05c1c
0206dc84 e1855a02
d0000000 00000000
94000130 ffbf0000
0206dc84 e3a05c1c
d0000000 00000000
Massive Jumps on Up (D-pad Controls)
5206dc84 e3a05c28
0206dc84 e1855a02
d0000000 00000000
94000130 ffbf0000
0206dc84 e3a05c28
d0000000 00000000
94000130 ffbf0000
622d54d4 00000000
b22d54d4 00000000
b0000014 00000000
b000000c 00000000
0000002c fffff000
d2000000 00000000
Jump Codes (X)
Big Jumps on X (D-pad Controls)
5206dc84 e3a05c1d
0206dc84 e1855a02
d0000000 00000000
94000136 fffe0000
0206dc84 e3a05c1d
d0000000 00000000
Massive Jumps on X (D-pad Controls)
5206dc84 e3a05c29
0206dc84 e1855a02
d0000000 00000000
94000136 fffe0000
0206dc84 e3a05c29
d0000000 00000000
94000136 fffe0000
622d54d4 00000000
b22d54d4 00000000
b0000014 00000000
b000000c 00000000
0000002c fffff000
d2000000 00000000
Maxwell Run Codes
Quicker Maxwell
622d54d4 00000000
b22d54d4 00000000
b0000014 00000000
200004c5 0000002e
d2000000 00000000
Much Quicker Maxwell
622d54d4 00000000
b22d54d4 00000000
b0000014 00000000
200004c5 0000003e
d2000000 00000000

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Code - Total Invisibility!

by Unregistered Dec 18, 2012

You will need:
An "rc car"
An "invisibility cloak"
A clothing item that uses the chest slot (like a "shirt" or "suit")
Step 1:equip the "invisibility cloak".
Step 2:control the "rc car".
Step 3:While still controlling the car, drag the "shirt" Onto Maxwell.
Step 4:control Maxwell. he should be invisible with a shirt. remove
the shirt.
Good luck!

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Code - I will teach you how to get "fourth wall" merit

by Unregistered Nov 23, 2012

All you have to do to get the fourth wall merit is create an object with the adjective "scribblenautical" and you get the merit.

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Code - The greatest vehicle ever

by Unregistered Sep 17, 2012

type supersonic flying short invincible dolphin

the "short" part is important

its the fastest vehicle i can get and you can get through narrow places with it and you can even get through some walls

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Code - Amazing things!

by BDC1239 Oct 17, 2011
Cursed GhostHe disappers and makes things move.
Force FieldIt pushes things away from you.
Black HoleDestroys stuff for a limited time.
Grow GunMakes things bigger.
Shrink RayMakes things smaller.
Dragon WingsLets you fly in style.
Giant WormYour everyday giant pet.
Chinese DragonA cool headbutting dragon.
Maxwells NotebookIf used random things fall out of the sky.
HydraA dragon with 5 heads.
RobosaurA robotic T-Rex
NukeIf you set it off it destroys everything
Arcade MachineLets you play an old arcade game
MinotaurHalf Man-Half Bull
CentaurHalf Man-Half Horse
KrakenA giant squid
Spring Heeled JackIt looks like a blue faced vampire
Death WormLooks like a skeleton worm
CthulhuA giant green flying octopus
NuckelaveeIt looks like a horse and a man inside out.
GolemA clay monster
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Secret - Secret- Harry Potter

by kittykat2204 Aug 22, 2011

Do u like Harry Potter? If so, here are some things you should type in-

BLACK WIZARD HAT- bit obvious if you ask me.

INVISIBILITY CLOAK- if u wear it it makes u invisible.

CERBERUS- three headed dog (in philosophers stone [1st harry potter book/film] its named Fluffy).

DARK WOODEN MAGICAL BATON (MUSIC)- gives u a wand which shoots out magic ( if u tap de screen twice [also turns things things into doves, bouquets or turns things invisible like castles])

BLACK DRAGON- makes a Hungarian Horntail (see 4th book/film).

BLACK CLOAK- makes Hogwarts robes.

PIXIE- obvious again (dead funny bit with them in the first book [SPOILER: Lockart sets loose a cage full of them. its pandemonium]).

UNICORN- the baby ones are dead cute in harry potter (cant remember which book its in, please tell me).

CENTAUR- there are alot nicer in superscribblenauts than in the books.

WIZARD- looks a lot like Dumbldore.

WITCH- looks like a hag (refer to Fantastic beasts and where to find them[real book u know]).

Ok, so there u are! i think there's more to find, and remember, CONSTANT VILIGANCE!!!! ;D

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Unlockable - Giant fire breathing dragon!!!!!!!!!

by BDC1239 Oct 17, 2011

Step one,Make a nice dragon. Next,Make a Massive potion. Third,While holding the potion touch the dragon and touch use. It will become huge.

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