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Super Scribblenauts Review :

Super Scribblenauts

by Ace000Gamer Jan 04, 2011

Super Scribblenauts is a intense improvement from the original Scribblenauts. It allows the use of adjectives to guide you through the 120 levels to find the 121 starites. There is (of course) secret levels, achievements (merits), and many, many words to use. All I want is a storyline though. I believe that would make the perfect Scribblenauts game. Generally, people are amazed (so am I) that somebody would take the time to develop a game where you can use anything to help you. You can cheat on many levels though, by using the adjectives that the game provides. Typing arcade also accesses a secret game that is actually pretty hard once you get into it. The stage builder allows you to build your own custom levels and playgrounds (title screens) and keep them for yourself or share them with a friend locally or through wi-fi. This obviously means that you can obtain stages from your friends too. So, Super Scribblenauts is a fun game that both genders of any age can enjoy.

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1Story line
No storyline. I do wish that the next Scribblenauts game will have a couple boss characters, and maybe Doppelganger steals some super starite or something.
The graphics are technically not great, but I have to give credit for making nearly every word of the dictionary into the game
Some of the same sounds are used for different things, but still, nobody would take the time for everything.
The game itself is very fun. Creating endless combinations of words, secret places, and merits bond you to the screen.
10Lasting Appeal
Games don't take me long to beat, maybe just a couple weeks for each one, but with endless words and many levels, this game will keep you going for a while.
(Out of 10)


lonelymemea80    wrote on jan 11, 2011 12:45 pm

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