The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Cheats

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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Cheats :

This page contains The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 21 cheats in our list, which includes 5 easter eggs, 1 glitch, 15 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

A Method For Quick Rupees

by Bramblefang Feb 01, 2010

First, go to the Ocean Realm. Drive across the Train Tracks that are placed above the Ocean~Water. If you haven't noticed already, Jellyfish will appear sometimes while crossing over there. They came back from Phantom Hourglass.

If you haven't played Phantom Hourglass, this method is similar to the one in that game.

As soon as you see the Jellyfish, stop the train. Make sure you have the Jellyfish in sight, and no Pirate Ships are going to attack you. Use the cannon to hit the Jellyfish repeatedly. Each time you hit the Jellyfish, you get a Rupee. Make sure that the Jellyfish won't go into the water, because it will disappear if it does. Eventually, the Jellyfish will split into two.

Now, you can get Rupees 2x faster. The same thing continues on, you hit the Jellyfish with your Cannonballs and they will eventually split into two again.

However, the Jellyfish tend to separate and go into different directions quickly when splitting apart. It makes it harder to hit both of them quickly enough so they won't sink into the ocean.

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HoW to solve the three blades in the Ocean Temple:

by Scourage Dec 21, 2009

There are 4 specific areas with those headed fish.
Upper left, lower left, upper right and lower right.
You have to check all 4 where one of those area contains 3 fishs in a row with a blade in mouth.
After finding them, pull out all three to progress the dungeon.

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by EVILANGEL Jul 08, 2010

Here is how to get a bomb bag.First you need to have a snake whip.Second you have to go to whittleton.Third you have to find a guy standing there.Fourth you need to finish the race in time.Then you get the bomb bag for the best time.

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SwItch Link's Clothes

by aurionsama Apr 26, 2010

Ok, so before you can do this, you need to collect 15 stamps for the stamp book, and then return to Aboda village and speak to Niko. He will remark on how well you've done, then will allow you to switch between your green getup and the engineer's clothes.

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ThE Four Temples

by DarkCharizard Jun 04, 2010

Okay this is were each temple is the frass temple is in the forest and the second one is in the arctic and the third one is in the middle of the ocean and the fianl temple is in the mountains but to get in the temple you need to destroy all the flying bird things holding the keys and then you can get in the temple

HOPE THIS HELPS -DarkCharizard

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SpIrit Tower boss: Byrne

by Thorntalon Jan 05, 2010

The battle starts with Byrne jumping along pillars and occasionally shooting weak beams towards Link. Just dodge these and eventually Byrne will attempt to hit Link with his massive gauntlet arm. Just dodge out of the way and the gauntlet arm will get stuck in the ground. Use the phantom and run over to the gauntlet. Zelda will pull on the gauntlet cause Byrne to fall to the ground, so run on over and get a few sword slashes in before he awakes. Repeat this process until Byrne stays on the ground level.

Just run up to Byrne and slash at him repeatedly. Hell block your first two attacks but the third one will usually hit. After Byrne is a bit shaken up, he will now perform large purple charged attack towards Link. When he is charging up, go hide behind the phantom. When Byrne charges in, the phantom will grab him and hold him steady. Run on over and deliver some sword slashes while he is stuck.

Afterwards Byrne will get a bit quicker with his attacks and does a better job of blocking Links sword attacks. Just keep at it and keep slashing away. Byrne will eventually be defeated without much of a sweat.

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HiDden Treasure chest at Bridge Worker's place

by razor10000 Jan 06, 2010

First, ride your train to bridge workers home (if any of you don't know the location, its at the snow realm near the Tower of Spirits).
Second, search around for the four rocks. If you found them, break them all.
Third, stand in the middle where the rocks are and then play the song of discovery.
Fourth, a treasure chest will appear with a big green rupee (well that's what i found).

Your Done!

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RaIse the Desert

by fukaifd Feb 09, 2011

After completing the Sand Temple, go back to the Sand Sanctuary with the sand wand and raise the sand in the Sanctuary. There are 3 Big Green Rupees hidden in the sand.

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FoRce Gem 1

by aurionsama May 07, 2012

Force Gem #1
-When It Can Be Obtained: Before Ocean Temple.
-How To Acquire: This is one of the two required Force Gems that Link must get. After traveling to the Ocean Sanctuary, you will find that Carben, the resident Lokomo, is not here. Ride back to Papuchia Village and learn the Song of Birds from the stone statue. Play the song to speak with Carben. Afterwards, successfully take Carben back to the Ocean Sanctuary. You'll encounter a pirate ship filled with Miniblins and a Big Blin that try to attack Carben. When you defeat them, he'll give you a Force Gem.
-Spirit Tracks: South of Trading Post in the Forest Realm.
-New Secrets: Rabbit #4 in Forest Realm and access Warp Gate B, which connects to the east end of the Snow Realm.

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FoRce Gem 2

by aurionsama May 07, 2012

Force Gem #2
-When It Can Be Obtained: After Ocean Temple.
-How To Acquire: Speaking to one of the women in Papuchia Village, you'll find that she is looking for a husband that has a beard, a large nose, and a burly, rugged appearance. Bring the chief of Whittleton Village to Papuchia Village. After visiting the woman, she is so happy that she'll reward Link with a Force Gem!
-Spirit Tracks: East of Whittleton Village in the Forest Realm.
-New Secrets: Rabbits #5 and #6 in Forest Realm.

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GoRon Pep Talk Reward

by kjkkjk Feb 09, 2011

After taking the small Goron to Castle Town (see our guide for more on this Force Gem) you eventually be able to strike up a conversation with him that goes something like this: He tells you he is discouraged by city life and spent all of the money his grandfather had given him. Choose to tell him to "Cheer up." The Goron child will perk up and then the game will give you 2 more choices. Pick the top one. The young Goron will thank you for the pep talk, and give you Goron Amber.

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RuPee Farming

by corsolatrainer Feb 09, 2011

You need the following to start this process: the whip and whirlwind, at least 50 rupees (more is better) and access to the Trading Post.

Go to Whittleton and use the Whirlwind to pull up all the grass. Pick up any rupees or treasure. Chances are you have already found at least two pieces of treasure and at least 15 rupees.

Go one screen to the right and pull up all the leaves there. Once you have done that, do a whip race (50 Rupees) and complete quickly and safely to earn treasure.

Pull up all the leaves again and there will be more treasure. Go down the bottom and do the same. Once you have had enough, go to Linebeck III at the trading post and cash it all in

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IgNore Rail signs when carrying passengers

by Unregistered Jan 31, 2011

If you drive backwards, the passengers won't care if you ignore signs, but you can get hit and their happiness won't recover. Be careful.

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SwOrdsman Scroll

by aurionsama Apr 26, 2010

Ok, so first you need to find all of the stamp stations and use them to stamp that beautiful book that you receive from Niko at the beginning of the game. Once you have accomplished this, head back to Aboda village and speak to Niko twice. The second time, he will give you a swordsman scroll, which enables you to do the 'Great Spin' attack, which also appears in The Phantom Houglass, and the Wind Waker.

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by EVILANGEL Jul 08, 2010

Okay here is an extra heart in the game.You know were the snow sanctuary is If you do there is a store there,and the cashire is selling a heart piece for 2000 rupees,and you can get it by destroying all the wolves for money.

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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Cheats


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