The Legendary Starfy Cheats

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The Legendary Starfy Cheats :

This page contains The Legendary Starfy cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 1 unlockable, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Legendary Starfy on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - The Legendary Starfy after-game Unlockables

by blaziken1234 Jun 22, 2009

These are all unlockables in The Legendary Starfy.

Sound TestComplete the game by beating the 1st Final Boss. This gives you access to every song in the game to listen to your heart's content.
GachaponComplete the game by beating the 1st Final Boss. The Gachapon is a machine that will give you toy models of enemies if you insert 5 pearls. These toys don't do anything but act as a collection. Moe can tell you about each enemy by pressing A over them.
Boss ModeComplete the game by beating the 1st Final Boss. Boss Mode features every boss you've fought in the game (except for the ones at 1-3 and 5-4) in a row. You can regain health by hitting the Pearl Sprite that is found between every fight. In this mode, you can also play as Starly.
World 9Complete the game by beating the 1st Final Boss. In this world there are no extra treasures. You play as Starly for a behind-the-scenes part of the game.
World 10Beat Boss Mode fast enough to earn 100-points. World 10 is full of many Time Trial stages that have themes from all over the game.
Secret Final BossIn World 10-7, there is a door that can't be opened unless you complete each of the Time Trial stages fast enough. Each required time is on the door in 10-7. Get those times in the stages and the door will be unlocked, revealing a more powerful hidden boss than any other boss in the game.
Cutscene No.23Beat Boss Mode as Starly.
Cutscene No.24Earn every treasure in the game and beat the 1st Final Boss.
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Secret - World 10

by Goldgary123 Oct 12, 2009

Beat Boss mode(can be found in case after you beat mashtooth)in less than 8 minuetes
world ten is FULL of time trials theres a boss you can battle if you beat all levels in little bit amount of time.I never fought the boss of world ten but i bet you can if you try

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Secret - How to beat Mashtooth Faster(Second time)

by Goldgary123 Dec 21, 2009

Use Shooting Star When Your Starfy It will Conflict 2 Damage!Now Finish it 2x As Fast!

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Code - Emotions

by marz99 Aug 05, 2009

On the title screen where Moe and Starfy or Bunston are, if u tap on them the change emotions!it's fun!

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Secret - Big bossdown walkthrough (Includes tips on Mashtooths laser!)

by Mariobuddybro Aug 06, 2009

Big bossdown Walkthrough

Big Squiddy
Hot Spring Snapper
King Ping
Terrible trio
Mashtooth First form
Mashtooth Second form
Unlocking World 10

Big bossdown is a Moe's case feature unlocked by beating 8-4.
If you are stuck on an individual boss just go to its chapter.
You may play as starfy or starly, but it doesn't matter.
Because many players find it challenging, this has tips on Mashtooth's laser!
If you want to beat this, I advise You find at least 6 heart gems and have at least seven hearts.
Boss 1: Big Squiddy
This boss is pathetic, but I'll cover it anyways.
Star spin his arms. At most, you can hit the 4 times before he charges an arm at you. Simply star spin it. Then star spin the rock that falls. Next make sure you don't get hit by his arms when they rise. Repeat the process.
You should be able to beat him in about 20 seconds if you are a decent player and don't fool around.
Boss 2: Hot Spring Snapper
Once you get the hang of it, the boss gets easy. (Somtimes its not so easy to get the hang of it!)
Get on the geyser
and land on the hump in his shell. Star spin and knock him to the ground, then land on the bump on his stomach. Repeat.
He has a variety of attacks, but they are all avoidable.
His first attack simply shoots out lava rocks. Dodge them by dashing or going in the air and gliding away.
His second attack sends out fire on the ground. Avoid it by going in the air.
Once you hit him twice, he'll use his thrid attack, which sends out a laser below him. Instead of paniking, simply go in the air and star spin his hump, because that attack leaves him vurnerable.
After hitting hom enough, he'll break the ground an make a waterfall. Siply avoid the rocks and starr spin his stomach.
Boss 3: King Ping
Star Spin his Belly Button, then avoid the snowflakes. Repeat.
After hitting him 6 times, he'll break the ice and fall into the snow. Simply go beneath an icicle while his head is under it, and then get out of the way. When the icicle hits his head, star spin it. Then dodge his attack. Repeat.
Boss 4: Papes
Simply star spin his shield over and over and make him hit the spikes. Its that simple.
On personal note, this fight kind of reminds me of big bully in Super Mario 64 DS.
Boss 5: Ronk
First of all, run and get below the platform Ronk is on. Flood the stage and then Star Spin Ronk from below. Repeat.
The more you hit Ronk, the faster he goes, so it is important that you flood... 

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Secret - Big bossdown walkthrough (Includes tips on Mashtooths laser!) Part 2

by Mariobuddybro Aug 06, 2009

Sorry I only got to Ronk last time, I accidentally clicked submit too early.
Let's continue where we left off.
Boss 6: Snips
Snips is immune to star spin. All you have to do is
A: Reflect the bombs she throws
B: Let the bombs bounce and wait till they hit her while avoiding them.
Its that simple.
Boss 7: Terrible trio
Ronk, Snips, Papes, all at the same time.
The second battle is harder. Papes will charge at you with his sheild. Get behind him and attack. Repeat
Same as papes, just that he charges in a straight line and not with a shield but a damaging fist.
Beat her the same way as last time. You can also make her bombs hit Papes and Ronk.
Boss 8: Mashtooth first form.
Use your shooting star on Mashtooth once so he hits the wall. Next time he charges hit him with shooting star twice.
When the small lightning comes, get in between them so the big lightning doesn't hurt you.
Next shooting star him twice, and he's done for.
Final boss: Mashtooth Final Form
Attack his face and dodge the lightning bolts. Then, when he throws rocks, Reflect them and do damage. Repeat.
When the lasers and rocks combine, focus more on the rocks because they are more important.
Next you'll have to beat a laser. Simply press Y as fast as you can. Then comes the second laser. Use your best speed for about five-twelve seconds, then pause the game. Allow about 90 seconds of recovery, then do it again.. Repeat.
That is a very handy trick because you end up pushing the laser little by little.
To unlock world 10, beat boss mode under 8 minutes.
Thats all!

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Code - Starfy open and close

by Unregistered Sep 16, 2011

If you open and close your DS or DSi on the choose world screen starfy will make noises! It is really fun I did it for 10 minutes it was very entertaining. :)

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Code - Upgrades Unlockables and MORE!

by Holloman1221 Jan 05, 2011
Stage 9!You can unlock this when you beat the game, {Stage 9 is a series of levels played by starly, level 9-7 The treasure vault is replayable for infinite pearls
Stage 10!Unlocked when you Beat BossShowdown under a minute, /Its is advised that you use starfy not starly and that you quickly get pearls between bosses/ {Stage 10 is a series of time trail levels witch lead to a epicly hard boss. /dont worry he doesnt make you rapid click y.../
Epicly Hard Hidden Boss / Hint... Hes a old LobsterTo unlock This Hidden boss you first have to unlock stage ten then you need to beat the levels. On level ten thier is a boss door that has time limits you need to beat on the preivous time trail levels./ Battle Guide: On the hidden boss he has a force field... Sucks huh.... Ok when he charges slowly sorta at you he drops the force feild ... thats when you attack!, after you deal a few hits he will go in the middle with his force field up and fire missiles at you thats when you dodge them!... Ok heres the hard part when hes down to 2 hp bars he will go in the middle and turn super lobster.. Dont worry those yellow beams dont hurt! ... OK stand in the middle of the screen on either side when he charges star spin up or down really quickly,, when he misses you he turns and you have to dodge him again he gets tired and drops quickly hit him twice You Beat him... {ok i made this sound easy but hes really FAST!}
Toys!Beat the game
Boss Showdown!Beat the game
Sea Jams!Beat the game
Cut Scene 24!Beat boss beatdown with starly / ok this is harder than starfy but useing wall jump on Ronk and Madtooth makes it a little easier}!
StarFright UpgradeFound on Level 8-7 / The last secret level!/
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Secret - Happy birthday!

by Frosslass Dec 25, 2009

On you NDS before you enter the legendary starfy enter todays date for your birthday on your NDS. then turn your NDS off and turn it back on. Then enter the legendary starfy. once you have entered it will say happy birthday and their will be a cake with lots of confetty!

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The Legendary Starfy Cheats


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