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The Sims 2 Cheats :

This page contains The Sims 2 cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 59 cheats in our list, which includes 7 cheats codes, 6 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 10 glitches, 33 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Sims 2 on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Rat Cave

by NarutoFanGirl136 Oct 23, 2007

instead of forking out $3,500 for the rat cave, tristan legend will give it to you for free when you need it! The rat cave is located in the basement on the right of the freezer.

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Cheats - Sanity Up Mega Fast

by Unregistered Oct 30, 2006

1. go into basement and down the stairs.
2. turn left and down the stairs
3. go into the little blue door ( Freezer )
4. there will be a hanging lump of meat
5. punch it until your sanity goes up dead fast
6. hooray!

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Unlockable - Licence plate locations

by candyninja12 Jul 01, 2008

here are the licence plate locations(well, most of them anyway)
6-city hall office
7-bovine shrine
8-deluxe guest room
9-desert(where lost items can be found)
11-furnace room
1-jungle guest room
2-lion lounge
3-modern guest room
4-sun deck
6-rat cave
7-Jeb's room(in saloon)
8-sax lounge
9-secret warehouse
10-asian emporium
*collect 12 plates for the 'Combat Mode' song. 24 gets yoo 'Razor Burn'*
p.s.if yoo have 2 of the same plates, they don't count. it may say yoo have 24 but some may be repeates;)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
combat mode/razor burn songscollect 12 or 24 licence plates, each at least once.
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Cheats - Chocolate Milk Shake

by Unregistered Jan 04, 2007

This is what you have to do......
1.Go to the Lion Lounge and buy a bar of chocolate
2.Feed the cow the chocolate
3.Tip the cow
4.Milk the cow

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Cheats - Chocolate milk

by Unregistered Dec 11, 2006

Buy a chocolate bar at the lion lounge, then give it as a gift to one of the cows outside. The cow will turn brown. Then milk the cow and you will get chocolate milk in your inventory!

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Secret - Sarchophagus

by fayor Jun 22, 2009

Once you find the mummies pyramaid in the desert, he will ask you to find his sarchophagus. Use the metal detector to find it.
Once you have dug it up, he will ask you to put it in a safe place.
The only safe place is in your room.

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Secret - Flying!

by Unregistered Nov 19, 2007

1. Build the Delux Room
2. Wait or fastfoward eight hours
3. go into the bathroom and go up the stairs
4. Go to the little edge and run off
5. Run around anywhere and you'll have fun!
6. Move the show to a spot and fly into it!

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Hints - Chocolate Cow

by Unregistered Dec 20, 2006

THis is just a bit of fun
1. Get a bar of chocolate from the spotty guy at the Sax Lounge.

2. Go to a cow and choose 'Give Gift' Option and give it the choc...

3. It will go brown!

4. Then choose option 'Tip'.

5. Then choose option 'Milk'

6. Youve got yourself a brown cow and a chocolate milkshake!!!

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Secret - Hidden Chest in the Desert

by fayor Jun 22, 2009

Near the end of this game, Frankie Fusuli will ask you to bury a chest in the desert. Later Penelope will ask you to go back and find it.
The chest is found on one of the sand dunes.
It is not manditory to find the chest though. Even if you don't find it, Penelope will.

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Glitch - Fast After Alien Abduction

by Unregistered Apr 07, 2008

When you are abducted by aliens and laid back in your room, just get your squirter gun from your pocket and use it. Then run to the shower or bed and get your sanity up. This way, you won't be slow and waste time.

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Secret - Explanation of the Skillpoint whereabouts. =D

by Unregistered May 12, 2010

You can find the/how much Skill points you have obtained by activating your Control Panel by entering your Managers Suite, (Incase you dont know, its north of the room, a rectangular Panel that has a green Simoleon Gem on it. There are 10 of each Skill Point, making in total 50 Skill Points to obtain! they appear every day. There can be up to 4 Skillpoints each hour. They first appear at 8:00am then 12:00am then 4:00pm. But keep in mind once you have obtained the Skillpoint in the same area, time and day, you cant get that same one again, unless maybe possibly by reversing the time on your Nintendo Ds, but this usually leads to an Alien Invasion, which is nothing to worry about, you just get like 2-5 loads of aliens including or without Emperor Xizzle (Leader of the Aliens)in 4 areas - Basement, Sun Deck, Atrium and Outside usually.

read these for the Locations most of them are accurate:
12.01 a.m. on Sun Deck: Creativity Skill Point
12.01 a.m. next to Dance Floor in Saloon: Business Skill Point
8.00 a.m. in blue corrugated carton in Secret Warehouse: Body Skill Point
8.00 a.m. in bathroom of Asian Emporium: Charisma Skill Point
8.00 a.m. in central seating area of the Sax Lounge: Creativity Skill Point
4.00 p.m. in corner of Freezer: Body Skill Point
4.00 pm. in corner of Hotel Lobby: Charisma Skill Point

12.01 a.m. in Casino, between Mongoo Monkey and Keelhaulin' Cards: Creativity
Skill Point
12.01 a.m. in centre of Art Gallery: Creativity Skill Point
12.01 a.m. behind Concierge's Desk: Business Skill Point
12.01 a.m. in main room of Vault, eastern wall: Business Skill Point
8.00 a.m. in northwest corner of Government Laboratory: Mechanical Skill Point
8.00 a.m. in southeast corner of Strangetown, next to the outer wall of the
cattle pen: Business Skill Point
4.00 p.m. at shrine dedicated to Auda Sherif in Mamma Hogg's bedroom:
Mechanical Skill Point

12.01 a.m. in blue corrugated carton in Secret Warehouse: Mechanical Skill
12.01 a.m. to the left of the main stairs in the Basement: Body Skill Point
8.00 a.m. in the 2nd Floor Lobby, in the corner with the potted plant between
the Jungle Room and Deluxe Guest Room: Business Skill Point
4.00 p.m. in Gym and Spa: Body Skill Point
4.00 p.m. in northeast corner of Asian Emporium: Business Skill Point
4.00 p.m. on pallet in Furnace Room in Basement: Mechanical Skill Point

12.01 a.m. beside cattle shed in Town... 

continue →

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Secret - Breaking into the Penthouse

by fayor Jun 22, 2009

When Optimus Alfred is staying in the Penthouse, he will lock the door in it whicj hides the blueprints. To get into the penthouse, you must find five mechanical skill points.
Mechanical skill points are often found in the freezer.
After you get the blueprints, you must defeat Optimus Alfred.

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Secret - Finding lost items

by Crazylay May 31, 2010

Ok, since the game is pretty much really repetitive, the items will be in almost the same place every time somebody loses an item. The lost items are usually straight ahead in the back of the desert (kind of by the hills, but its literally straight ahead), in the little court area (by the left side of the hotel and to the right of the store), in the cow lot, or just outside the cow lot.
hope this helped! -Crazylay

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Secret - Reappearing skill points

by Unregistered Jul 20, 2009

If you want lots of skill points, the next time you see one, squirt it with your water gun. pick it up and leave the room. go back in and it will be there again!! squirt it with your water gun every time before you pixk it up, or else it will go away. it really works!!!

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Secret - Different ways to make $$$

by Unregistered Apr 20, 2009

okay, one way to make some more money is to play cards at the casino. Plus, sometimes guests and friends will call you saying something about the casino's prizes being doubled; when that happens, go back to the casino and you will get twice the amount of money from playing cards.
Another way to get money, is to take the metal detector and go to the desert and find many different expensive items such as spaceship parts, copper, silver, and gold bars, and mummified aliens. All of these can be sold @ the store, but the bars can be processed into money in the vault and you can take the mummified aliens and do an autopsy, selling the organs for $$.

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Secret - Ghost

by fayor Apr 14, 2009

When you buy the cute ghost painting at the store, hang it up somewhere in the hotel. When Frankie Fusilli is checked in at the hotel, go to the painting and choose "admire". A Cute Ghost will appear around the hotel until Frankie Fusilli checks out of the hotel. When you try to restrain, calm down, or cheer up someone the ghost will appear beside you and help you.

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Secret - Time Travel

by fayor Apr 14, 2009

To time travel, set the ds clock to a different time. When you go back to the game the concierge will say something lik,"You wicked time traveling freak! The aliens have launched an invasion!" then wherever you go there is aliens. If you need to change the ds clock, for example, day-light savings, then after changing the clock, avoid playing the game for the next 30 mintues.

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Secret - Filthy time traveling cheater

by Unregistered Aug 28, 2007

when u go back in time or go forward in time then go back then start the game , the concierge will call u a wicked little time traveling cheater then a screen comes on with emperor xizzle and his minnions go through the whole thing and don't touch the touch screen cuz if u do u'll walk very slow and u'll have 2 take a whole lot of showers to get back 2 normal... it usually works n if u still walk slow, then just use the vaccuum everywhere u go untill u walk fast again... xoxoxoxoxo meg

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Glitch - Time travel

by Unregistered Jul 30, 2007

if you have built a room and you dont want to wait 8 hours you can:fast forward 8 hours on skip time on tour ds play another game and go back to sims or if your on the bit where you get 5 macanical skill points there will also not be any alians

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Secret - In case you're scared to time travel,

by xxrebizzlexx Apr 08, 2009

Alien invasions only happen if you go back in time :P Also, if you need skill points or whatever, time travel is a really good way to get them. And you go through the game WAYYY faster. Suckish hint, I know. But ohhhhhhhhhhh well.

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Secret - Unlock Mongoo Monkey

by Dusk X Wolf Nov 24, 2011

To unlock Mongoo Monkey for the casino, play The Sims 2 DS while having The Sims 2 GBA in the DS.

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Easter Egg - Magoo Monkey

by RE@PER Nov 24, 2011

Play the game on December 14th. Honest Jackson should call you, saying, Happy Monkey Day! He will then say that Magoo Monkey is available in the Casino.

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Code - Price when you sell this items.

by cheater333 Apr 04, 2011
Nuclear Fuel Rod$40
License Plate$10
Strange Gourds$20
Alien Ship Part$50
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Glitch - Fall through floor

by Homer5543 Mar 23, 2011

Falling through the floor is easy! It may take a while to do them though. Be sure to save your game first!

1) Go to the saloon rooms and go to Jedidiah's room. Jedidiah is the farmer. Once you get there you will see an orange toolbox. Run up to it and run into the side of it. You should be sinking!

2) In the desert, go to the crashed UFO. If you keep running around it, you will slowly be sinking!

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Secret - The ability of Time Travel used for licence plates

by Mezzeekah Jul 29, 2010

Few people are up at 4am, so to get licence plates, set your time to the current hour 1 day ago. Get the licence plate for that hour from a guide. For example, get the licence plate for 3pm. Then set the time for 4:55pm. Get the licence for 4pm and then 5pm when it turns to 5pm. Then change the time to 6:57pm, and so on.

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