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The Sims 2 Review :

The Sims 2 DS

by nutmeg3000 Apr 22, 2011

The Sims 2 is a fun game without being really hard, that's the main point I want to enforce.

Even though it isn't what I'd call a proper Sims game, nor would I say it was anywhere near it, but it is the most portable fun I have had in ages.

There are several glitches that are quite easily avoided, including sinking into the floor in certain places, but, like I said, they aren't too much of a problem.

The big problem is a very annoying glitch and when I say very annoying, I mean very. I am not sure of the cause of it but I have experienced it once, it is when you go into your pockets and the whole game freezes. That is when you know that you have to start the whole game again, which is a rwal inconvenience.

I recommend it to children who like a little bit of challenge and something to occupy them.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
8Story line
The story to this game is actually quite exiting. You get to run a hotel after your car breaks down in a weird place called Strangetown. It isn't just any hotel though, it has unusual guests with hefty requests that will keep you detemined to finish it.
The graphics aren't the best graphics I've ever seen, but you have to give this game credit, it is only made for a tiny porable console.
The sound is absolutely fine with nothing wrong with it. The music is nice too! My personal favourite is the credits music!
Overall I think this game has good controls and would be difficult playing with anything slightly different.
5Lasting Appeal
I think you will be happy and content with this game for a while but once you have finished it, you just go round making money with no structure to what you do.
(Out of 10)


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