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Transformers: Autobots Cheats :

This page contains Transformers: Autobots cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 16 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 6 glitches, 3 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Transformers: Autobots on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Health Regeneration

by _Gaara_ Nov 13, 2008

Health Regeneration

Get your custom Transformer to lvl. 20 and you will unlock health regen. This means your health will slowly regenerate over time and looking for those health pickups will be no more of a problem.

Full Credit to Gamespot

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Glitch - The under the bilding glitch

by rayco Apr 11, 2013

go to cosino plase on choose location and go to the talest tower then at the botom be a car person and go to one of the line things and press x then b over and over and walk into the bulding and walo

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Unlockable - Different Transformation

by surya May 27, 2011

This only works if you are a Attack Copter, a Stealth Chopper or a Recon Chopper.When in robot mode, hold out your weapon. while its out, transform. The transformation should look and sound like Optimus Prime's transformation.Note: I don't know if it will work on your game. It does on mine.

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Unlockable - Get to the Second part of Trainquility Early!

by jed_villie May 27, 2011

When you finish your Systems check at the Casino Strip, You'll have a wimpy beater vehicle or one of the other ugly ones. Now, In order to do this without cheating, you'll need to train your Character up to a level by driving around and killing enemies(usually have mis-colored vehicles)once you obtain the level where you can climb surfaces, Head on over to the middle of the casino strip, climb up to the tallest building and look for a pool on nearby buildings, Next to the pool is a "News Helicopter". Scan it and Put it on your Character Using the Menu, Once there, Complete your missions until You are assigned to work in Tranquility, fly towards the bridge, Usually this early in the game, You won't be able to pass on the bridge, Luckily though, you can fly over the water and around the barricades using your News helicopter! Once to the other side vehicles like the "raider" and other new ones you wouldnt find in suburban tranquility become availalble to scan... Yay? Yay!

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Unlockable - Under world glitch

by Ben1234 May 27, 2011

Too get to the under ground your car should be the flame car(the car works for me) and start in casino place and in the plaza area. Now turn around and climb up the building. Now walk to the right on the roof(DO NOT JUMP OF THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BUILDING). At the edge of the building turn around and turn into a car and drive off the LEFT side of the roof. You should be by a lake and go to the wall on the rihgt not the bridges and drive. Soon you should see the op of the car fliker of the water( this means its working). Soon you should fall into a black pit under the city to get out walk around till you hit wall and climb.

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Code - New helicopter

by nejcrek May 27, 2011

Get a wanted level of 4 and then scan the copter that flies higher than a police copter

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Code - Secret vehicle

by shadow11 May 27, 2011

Attack Copter: Go to Hoover Dam level, go to the place that is inside the mountain, scan all three jets and the two helicopters then you scan the two computers (pretty much scan everything in the room) and the attack copter is unlocked!(When you transform it looks like Blackout)

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Secret - How to beat mission 5!

by Unregistered Jun 23, 2010

You go to the first internet tower bubblebee sent u to. then it will say scan fail then go to the next one scan it and then it will happen again then u scan the last tower and then you complete the miision!

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Glitch - Hoover dam blows up

by Unregistered Dec 21, 2009

To blow up hoover dam you need to shoot it 5 times with missiles the dam will fall and the water will come out and flood below where hoover dam was and if the water hits you no life will come out

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Code - Action Replay, US

by cGub Oct 08, 2008

NOTE: The following codes work only when used with an
Action Replay device. These codes WILL NOT WORK without this

Game ID: AFZE-9B27BE7E (v1_1)

Fast Max Level Up & Abilities Unlocked Quickly
121731a8 0000d160


Max Destruction Value
021731c4 3b9ac9ff

Max Vehicles Scanned
021731b0 3b9ac9ff

Max Vehicles Destroyed
021731b8 3b9ac9ff

Max Robots Destroyed
021731bc 3b9ac9ff

Max Objects Destroyed
021731c0 3b9ac9ff

No Deaths
021731b4 00000000


All Standard Vehicles
0217332c 00000000
12173330 00000000

All Locations Unlocked
22173280 0000001b

All Cheats Unlocked
12172e88 000007f0

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Glitch - Stealth Chopper,Attack Copter etc. Glitch

by Unregistered May 19, 2008

there are 2 styles of transforming to a helicopter using those Vehicles
How to do it:
1st Style: Press Transform Button
2nd Style: Shoot and press the transform button (you will see the transforming is different)

The Glitch only Works! if you have unlocked Optimus Prime (or Finish the game)
It doesn't work on other Helicopter Vehicles like the Chopper,Police Chopper,News Chopper etc.

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Secret - Where to find peace van

by oliedude Aug 11, 2009

Start at nw hoover dam follow the track untill you get to a desert place then cross it you should go past own the drone (orange mission) that way keep following untill you get to a sign that says hoover dam turn around too a mountain go up there and walla peace van is up there to scan (it works for decipticons and autobots I tried. Hope it works I'm a new user August around the 10TH I came in.So my user is oliedude

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Secret - How to beat first jazz mission

by peterjr1 Jul 16, 2009

You just have to keep going as fast as you can and dont stop then the guns will stop hitting you.

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Glitch - Go into walls and go under ground

by Unregistered Jul 03, 2009

How to go into walls:
simple, move into a gap large enough to fit u and move into the tight space.

how to go underground:
one way is to turn into a helicopter move to a corner hold forward and b and you'll be
pushed under.

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Glitch - Levtation

by KingoftheHeartless Jan 07, 2009

Go to "tranquility" and go to bridge that is like the golden gate brige and go to the top of it and transform to a helicopter go to the side with water and untransform and u should be able to hover in the air

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Glitch - Make your transformer rollover

by Unregistered Jul 03, 2009

Unlock the helicopter
1.use helicopter
2.go high up in the air
3.move forward
4.while holding forward press the transform button twice in a row very quicly and you roll over!

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