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Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise Cheats :

This page contains Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 17 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 9 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Playground has a use besides fun

by jacknhoho Jan 05, 2009

in it grow any plant higher than yar current lvl now save yar play ground go to ur garden 'n tap seedos, he'll give that seed to u, though u'll not be able to buy it, u'll still have it. (i'd recoomend fruit trees for cash)

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Secret - Birthday Cake

by cGub Sep 26, 2008

When your Birthday has come (From the DS' Internal Clock), you will get a Birthday Cake. The Birthday cake has Romance and Happy Sweets, and you get a Dog Egg or a Cat Egg.

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Code - Money maker and rare romance

by Unregistered Feb 06, 2012

if you have a jeli this is a really good cheat: if you don't another rare is just as good.go into options and click copy file.the one you are copying should be the one you want.go into the copy,then Gretchem Fetchem. choose the post box and put the rare in.send to old file.romance and sell the baby:soon you'll be master romancer.

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Unlockable - Evolving Pinata`s

by Lucariolu Aug 23, 2011

Here are the necessary requirements for evolving your pinatas. I wont add what they evolve into, just what you need.

Sour Shellybean: Eaten an Apple Seed

Sour Sherbat: Has eaten a Jack-O-Lantern

Sour Crowla: Have a Birdbath in the garden. Has eaten/drunk 1 bottle of medicine

Sour Profitamole: Have 2 Mushrooms in the garden. Has eaten a Red Flutterscotch

Sour Macaraccoon: Have 5 Master Romancer Awards. Has eaten a Cluckles

Sour Cocoadile: Have 16% water. Has eaten 1 Sweettooth and 1 Swanana

Sparrowmint: Has eaten a Buttercup Flower

Lickatoad: Has eaten a Nightshade Berry

Newtgat: Has eaten a Chili

Quackberry: Has eaten a Gooseberry

Horstachio: Has eaten a jar of Jam

Taffly: Buy Tiki Torch/Lantern/Mothdrop Stick and direct Taffly to it (same way you make them eat or fight or romance). The Taffly will fly over it and catch fire, don`t follow it because it will land near the torch thing. Water it with your watering can and it will evolve

That`s all the evolutions I'VE made please comment if you have any more or have a problem with them. These are not guaranteed to work but they have for me. Also feel free to comment if you have any questions about the game, but I can only answer queries regarding Lv9 and below. :D . This is very irrelevant but I want to brag soooooo....I CAUGHT A JELI CAUSE IM SO AWESOME!

LackatoadNightshade Berry
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Secret - The TRUTH about Jelis

by Unregistered Oct 27, 2009

I didn't have a rainbow, any trees, I whack pinatas,seedos,sprinkling,sours,and wild pinatas a WHOLE lot. And yet still a jeli came to my garden. All i had to do was give him a whack and he was mine! You don't need any of the requirements above to get a Jeli! My full story is: i waited for him to be still, then i quickly placed fencing around him thinking it was how to "capture it". When nothing happened i got frustrated and whacked him with my shovel and...POOF...he was a resident!

WARNING:this might have been a glitch in my game but I highly doubt it.

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Secret - Jeli's likes and dislikes

by jakobd39 Sep 21, 2009

EVERYONE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD WANTS MY JELIS! So Ill tell you everything about it andd I will also tell you which rumors are FAKE! Ok, lets start with what you should have: You need lots of trees and maybe a rainbow coz thats wat i had when he came. Rumors about he loves gem trees are FAKE, I had no gem tree when he came! rUMORS ABOUT TRAPPING HIM WITH A FENCE IS fake too. Dislikes: Never whack a pinata EVER! Not even sours or wild pinatas! The jeli will be afraid to appear if you smack at least 1 pinata. When making a new garden to get a Jeli, when sours come, tame them immediately and no whacking! He comes from the top left (not the muddy part, but where seedos comes from.) so watch carefully. HE IS SEEN IN ZOOM OUT MODE as a pawprint an when you touch it, it will say Jeli. Wait for it to go to your garden before zooming on him. When he's in, WHACK HIM GOOD! He's yours!

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Unlockable - How to make honey,milk,and wool

by blahblah15 Jul 25, 2012
  • to make milk get a moozipan, buzzlegum,and goobaa from Gretchens store
  • buy a milking house, a bee hive, and a sheering shed from Willy builder
  • feed the moozipan a sunflower
  • feed the buzzlegum a buttercup
  • feed the goobaa a watercress
  • lead the moozipan to the milking house
  • lead the buzzlegum to the bee hive
  • lead the goobaa to the sheering shed
  • you should be left with milk, honey, and wool!
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Code - How to get higher lv. pinatas when your on a lower lv.!

by blahblah15 Jul 24, 2012
  1. you must have at least 2 gardens
  2. one must be a higher lv. (example: garden 1 (lv. 10)garden 2 (lv. 5))
  3. in the higher lv. garden send the higher level pinatas to the lower lv. garden(hint:you cant not get a house until you reach the pinatas lv.)
  4. Enjoy
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Code - How to get a Horstachio

by usernamefred Apr 05, 2012

when i got a horstachio i was a level 6 and had more then 60% of normal grass i hope that helps because that worked with me on the ds version

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Code - Make money really really REALLY fast :D

by Unregistered Jul 25, 2011

1. Copy your game that has the most money into another game slot. Go on to the game you just copied and now you have double the money 'cause you've got the same amount in two different slots :D

2. Get crate from Gretchen Fetchem's.. Pack money in (only lets you do it in 9,999's) send it to your best game. Keep doing this

3. Your best game should have LOADS of money!!! :D

4. Sell all the pinatas and houses n stuff from the copied game and send that money over!

now you should have lottss if you started with quite abit in the first place. ;)

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Unlockable - Alternate Title Screen

by cGub Sep 26, 2008

Obtain a 100% completion in your file to get an alternate title screen featuring the Pinata Central. (Certificates do NOT count towards completion percentage)

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Secret - Cloning

by jakobd39 Sep 21, 2009

Most Players haven't figured this out so Ill tell you how to clone. Go to the options menu and touch the Hortachio Stamp. Select Copy File and duplicate the file that has somthing you want to clone(usally a Jeli). Make sure this file has access to Gretchen Fetchem. Now, go to the duplicate file. Buy a P.O. Create from Gretchen and put stuff inside then send them to the original file. There. unpack them in the original and you got the clones. I use this to earn extra cash;)

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Secret - Easy way to get money for level 6 and over

by Aquapal99 Feb 04, 2010

Ok,get the sword(1100 coins!) in Ivor's and place it in your garden.Then,get sprinkling.Trap her in fence and smack her!
Coins will fall out of her! But if she calls "Ruffians help me!" They won't come into your garden,they're afraid of the sword! So,keep on smacking her for free money and in no time you'll be rich!!

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Secret - Its not only candy in a pinata...

by jakobd39 Sep 18, 2009

I smashed a Whirlm one day and guess what Two baby Whirlm came out! I guess this is how it goes: Find a pinata thats easy to get(Whirlm's a good choice) and keep getting new residents of it. Look at the name and see if it's the 99th(It would say: Whirlm99 unless you nicknamed it. If it is, smash it! If it dosent work, and it gets ill, that means it was too young(even if its not a baby anymore). wait for a few more days(game's time) then try again. If it worked, youll hear a real baby's cry. Sell one and smash the other for easy cash. Now try it on something harder: Tigermisu, Swanana, Galagoogoo, etc.

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Easter Egg - An extra Birthday Gift!

by jakobd39 Sep 21, 2009

At your birthday( the one registered in the DS settings) Viva Pinata Pocket Paradise will give you a cake! You can also get it by adjusting your DS time settings to your birthday, or changing your birthday settings to today!

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Secret - Resident Ruffian

by jakobd39 Sep 21, 2009

To make Ruffians "resident", when they are destroying something, build a fence around them! If you have time, you can dig water around him! Same can be done with wild pinatas, sprinkling and seedos.

WARNING: Having Ruffians will make your residents unhappy and they will be afraid to move.
Trapping Sprinkling will get Ruffians to come and destroy whatever you used to trap her.
Trapping Seedos means you cant get seeds anymore, since he cant leave and you can only get 1 per visit.
Trapping wild pinatas will cause no more of that kind of pinata to appear unless you free or make resident the one you trapped.

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Secret - Secret-Sprinkling!!!!

by Unregistered Jan 18, 2010

If you get to level 4 or something go to costalots store and hire a sprinkling when you get it and it comes into your garden you name it and you get a certificate but when you whack her with your shovel money comes out of her!!! i make alot of coins by doing that. sometimes she screams and it is really annoying. when she gets stuck and the thing that tells you the things that are happening,it will say (whatever you named the sprinkling) is stuck and if it comes up about 3 or 4 times, the thing that tells you what is happening will say 'Ruffians,help me!!!' (sprinkling says it) and ruffians come into your garden :( thats why you try and move the stuff thats making her stuck:D

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