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World of Zoo Review :

A Fun Virtual Animal Game

by sdan12 Sep 30, 2011

This is a virtual game that is supposed to let you experience what it is like own a real zoo. You can get all kinds of different habitats. You can own a bunch of different animals to. From penguins to bears to a bunch of hoofed animals, there are all different things for you to do. There is also Ds download play! One player and two player as well. On one player, you can visit your friends zoo and play with their animals. On two player, you can trade animals with friends and visit there zoo to see and play with their animals. There is endless thing to do in this game! Play with animals and build your zoo. Earning points to play,buy,and customize your animals too!

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7Story line
The basic storyline is that your opening a new zoo. All you do is adopt or create your own animals! You get badges for earning animals trust, owning a certain amout, and just playing and taking care of them.
The graphics are okay. But the animals aren't detailed too much. And sometimes it's hard to tell what some of the things in the background are.
The sounds are okay. You hear a lot of animal sounds and theyr'e really irratating. But this game does revolve around animals, so you should expect to hear sounds like that.
Ths gameplay is okay. It's kinda hard to pet the animals, sometimes anyway. And you have to point this arrow to go in diffrent direcetions on the zoo screen.
7Lasting Appeal
This is an okay game. It doesn't neccasarily let you experience own a zoo like other games would. But it does become very addictive to finish getting all the badges.
(Out of 10)


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