Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010 Reverse of Arcadia Cheats

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010 Reverse of Arcadia Cheats :

This page contains Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010 Reverse of Arcadia cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 16 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 9 unlockables, 2 glitches, 2 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010 Reverse of Arcadia on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Unlocking card packs

by .:roxxman:. Mar 04, 2011

Fulfill the following conditions to unlock different card packs in the game.

Absolute PowerforceWin 3 Structure Duels in a row
Acceleration 1st GearUnlocked by progressing through story mode
Acceleration 2nd GearUnlocked by progressing through story mode
All at RandomUnlock all other Packs, and have a completion rate of 95% or higher
Ancient ProphecyDefeat the Enforcers Shadow in the enforcers HQ (go back and talk to Kalin afterwards)
Crimson CrysisUnlocked by progressing through story mode
Crossroads of ChaosUnlocked by progressing through story mode
Cyberdark Impact200 single duels
Cybernetic RevolutionUnlocked by progressing through story mode
Elemental Energy100 single duels
Enemy of JusticeBeat the following 3 times each: Itsuki, Arashiyama, Clock, Hiroyuki, Kuroe, Kameno, Ida, Kiyoto, Annie, Mimi, Chihiro, Natsumi, Hayakawa, Gordon, Yus
Extra PackBeat the following 3 times each: Tetsuzo, Trudge, MC, Bolt, Blister, Dexter, Leo
Extra Pack 2Clear all 10 Duel Puzzles (5 at Arcadia Movement, 5 at Bootleg Bar)
Flaming EternityUnlocked by progressing through story mode
Force of the BreakerBeat 3 times: Kawasaki, Liquid, Okita, Jean, Aase, Motoi, Fukuoka, Honda, Ticera, Robinson, Coppola, Figaro, Corse, Angie, Morrison, Helio
Genex's Onslaught!!Beat the following 3 times each: Sayer, Lazar, Hunter, Randsborg, VP Heitmann, Facility Chief
Gladiator's AssaultBeat the following 3 times each: Seria, Giado, Kurihara, Shirase, Tashiro, Smith, Bass
Light of DestructionUnlocked by progressing through story mode
Phantom DarknessUnlocked by progressing through story mode
Power of the DuelistUnlocked by progressing through story mode
Pulse of Trishula!!Beat the following 3 times each: Torunka, Regulus, Zeman
Raging BattleDefeat the Dark Signers Shadow in the abandoned area (go back and talk to Crow afterwards)
Revival of the Fableds!!Beat the following 3 times each: Globe, Lagoon Noula, Narumi, Salida Noula, Grammy, Alina Noula, Oscar, Kalisse Noula
Rise of Destiny50 single duels
Ruler of Chaos!!Beat the following 3 times each: Yusei, Crow, Jack, Kalin (both Standard and Turbo duels)
Shadow of InfinityUnlocked by progressing through story mode
Soul of the duelistUnlocked by progressing through story mode
Stardust OverdriveDefeat the Signers Shadow in the stadium (go back and talk to MC afterwards)
Strike of NeosUnlocked by progressing through story mode
Tactical EvolutionUnlocked by progressing through story mode
The Duelist GenesisBeat the following 3 times each: Eiki, Zape,... 

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Secret - How to beat lazar

by 101torterra101 Mar 08, 2010

Ok, lazar really drived me crazy insane basically, so i'm telling you his deck type. lazaar uses nightmare wheel and selects one of your monster every one of your standby phases you take 500 damage and the selected monster can't attack or change battle posistion. he uses uses dark room of nightmare where it gives you 300 additional damage every time you take damage from a card effect. and he uses stealth bird ATK 700 DEF 1700 when it is flip summoned notice summoned not flipped face up you take 1,000 damage and if he has dark room of nightmare 1,300 then he summons cais the shadow monarch and removes a dark monster to inflict 1,000 damage to you. and then, if you have high lvl monsters on your field he tributes them and summons lava golem on your side, it does 1,000 damage to every standby phrase and if he has dark room of nightmare 1,300. so thats the deck lazar uses. he doesn't attack really just additional damage, for some of you it might be hard to believe but he beat him 5 times before i beat him. so rate and comment please. BTW i beat the whole game.

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Glitch - Glitch: how to have forbidden or limited cards in your deck

by hengyilin May 11, 2012

After you are finished selecting your card, look at the bottom right corner of your game. You should see a little arrow(blue). Click on it (do NOT use the B button) and it should let you out even if you have no cards in your deck or lots of forbidden cards.

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Code - Win the game

by jczuba Jan 20, 2012

win the game without doing anything just

be82a902win the game
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Unlockable - Emblems

by war258 Mar 04, 2011

These are archievements that appear on yourduelist profile. Above them are crows showing Wi Fi rank points,and the medal showing points earned from the below emblem. There are 500 points total.

Average duel disk (10 points)Beat all story mode duelists once.
Bronze medal (10 points)Wi Fi duel 50 times.
Card blinder (15 points)Archieve 70% collection complete.
Championshipcup (10 points)Beat all single and tag tournaments once.
clear mark (10 points)Finish story mode.
Duel machine (10 points)Win 20 consecutive duels.
Gold card case (50 points)Archieve 100% collection completition just the 3543 cards you can get in game).
Gold medal (30 points)Wi Fi duel 300 times.
Prestigious medal (100 points)Maintain 500, Wi Fi ranking points.
Silver medal (15 points)Wi Fi duel 150 times.
Simple medal (30 points)Maintain 200, Wi Fi ranking points.
Star Chips 100 (10 points)Play 100 duels.
Star Chips 300 (15 points)Play 300 duels.
Thousand dragon (25 points)Play 300 hours.
Thrifty goblin (25 points)Get 70% of all bonuses.
Time wizard (10 points)Play 100 hours.
Typical duel disk (10 points)Beat all world Championship duelist once.
Upstart goblin (100 points)Get 100% of all bonuses (including unlisted Wi Fi and wireless duel bonuses from multiplayer duels).
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Unlockable - Unlockable Duel Runners

by scobbie Mar 04, 2011
Blackbird (crow's d-wheel)Unlock every other frame
Chariot Framebeat the headless ghost in a duel (speak to trudge after completing story mode)
Giganto L (Kalins duel runner)Buy for 40 star chips from Chihiro after beating the main story
Wheel of Fortune D-Wheel FrameClear all Duel Runner Race battles courses with S Rank
Yusei D-Wheel FrameClear all Duel Runner Race Time courses with S Rank
AkizaDefeat her in a normal duel 3x
AngieDefeat Team Light & Darkness 3x
AnnieDefeat Team Two cute 3x
BlisterDefeat team A duel of men 3x
Bolt TannerDefeat team A duel of men 3x
CorseDefeat team New old lesson 3x
Crow (ascending legends)Unlock during the story
Crow (storming blackwinds)Defeat Team Shooting Birds 3x
FigaroDefeat team New old lesson 3x
HashinoshimaDefeat Team Outlaws 3x
IgusaDefeat Team Outlaws 3x
itsukiDefeat Team Two cute 3x
JackDefeat him in a normal duel 3x
LeoDefeat Team Celebrity Twins 3x
LiquidDefeat Team Similar pairs 3x
LunaDefeat Team Celebrity Twins 3x
MitchieDefeat Team Known Troublemakers 3x
MorrisonDefeat Team Light & Darkness 3x
OkitaDefeat Team Similar pairs 3x
TorinoDefeat Team Known Troublemakers 3x
YuseiDefeat Team Shooting Birds 3x
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Unlockable - View mode

by cutie-lil Mar 04, 2011
Duel View / Tag duel view80% card completion.
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Glitch - Viser Des Effect Loophole

by jackal24 Feb 14, 2011

Viser Des has an effect that allows you to select a monster on your opponents side of the field and that monster will be destroyed on your 3rd standby phase after the effect activating, Viser Des then cannot be destroyed in battle until the effect is resolved.

Follow these steps to find the loophole.

Step 1: Summon Viser Des in Attack mode (activates effect quicker) and apply the effect to the desired monster.

Step 2: Destroy that monster before your 3rd standby phase after summoning Viser Des.

Step 3: enjoy the loophole.

You will notice that Viser des now cannot be destroyed by battle since his effect cannot be resolved because the monster you chase as the effect target is in the graveyard. even if your opponent revives the monster, the effect will still not resolve.

This can work in all other games containing Viser Des

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Unlockable - New Game

by matalix1234 Mar 04, 2011

After beating the 5d's story mode you will unlock the "New Game ". This will allow you to replay the 5d's story with all the cards you have already unlocked and will not affect your world championship progress.

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Secret - How to beat the duel puzzles in training center

by 101torterra101 Mar 09, 2010

Duel Puzzle - Compact Duel 1:
- Summon Acrobat Monkey
- Attack with both monsters directly

Duel Puzzle - Compact Duel 2:
- Activate Malice Dispersion by discarding Cyber Dragon
- Special Summon Cyber Eltanin
- Attack directly with Cyber Eltanin

Duel Puzzle - Compact Duel 3:
- Special summon Quickdraw Synchro by discarding Plaguespreader Zombie
- Normal summon Stardust Xiaolong
- Synchro for Turbo Warrior
- Activate Plaguespreader Zombie (in the graveyard)'s effect by adding Majestic Dragon to the top of your deck.
- Synchro for Stardust Dragon.
- Activate the effect of Stardust Xiaolong.
- Activate your face down One For One by discarding Mad Archfiend. Special Summon Majestic Dragon from your deck.
- Synchro for Majestic Star Dragon
- Activate Majestic Star Dragon's effect, copying Dark Armed Dragon's effect.
- Activate the negated Monster's effect. Remove from play Mad Archfiend to destroy your opponent's Dark Armed Dragon
- Attack directly with Majestic Star Dragon

Duel Puzzle - Compact Duel 4:
- Flip Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter. Target himself. Mill your top 3 cards (Wulf, Jenis, Aurkus)
- Special summon Wulf
- Tribute Wulf to normal summon Tethys, Goddess of Light.
- Activate Solemn Wishes
- Activate Jar of Greed.
- Activate the effect of Tethys, Goddess of Light when prompted to do so.
- Special Summon Judgment Dragon
- Pay 1000 life points to activate Judgment Dragon's effect.
- Attack directly with Judgment Dragon

Duel Puzzle - Compact Duel 5:
- Sacrifice Reptilianne Gorgon to special summon Reptilianne Medusa
- Use Reptilianne Medusa's effect. Discard Oshaleon, Molting Escape, and Gogiga Gagagigo to reduce the attack of any 3
Marshmallon to zero
- Flip Reptilianne Scylla into attack mode
- Synchro summon for Reptillian Hydra
- Activate Reptilianne Spawn. Remove from play any random Reptilianne (it doesn't matter which) to special summon 2
- Activate Offerings to the Snake Deity. Tribute one Reptilianne token to destroy 2 Swords of Revealing Light
- Activate Double Summon. Tribute your Reptilianne token to summon Giga Gagagigo.
- Activate Order to Charge. Tribute Giga Gagagigo to destroy the final Marshmallon.
- Activate Axe of Despair on either monster you have on the field (it doesn't matter which)
- Attack directly with Reptilianne Hydra and Reptilianne Medusa

enjoy! please rate and comment

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Unlockable - Unlockable CPU Opponents

by cGub Feb 26, 2010

Fulfill the following conditions to unlock CPU opponents for World Championship Mode. Teams not listed are either unlocked from the start, or unlocked by progressing through Story Mode.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Ancient Gear Gadjiltron DragonSummon [Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon]
Archlord KristyaBeat "Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest" 3 times
Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of HonorSummon [Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant]
Blue-Eyes White DragonBeat "Darklord Desire" 3 times
Chaos SorcererBeat "Solar Flare Dragon" 3 times
Crusader of EndymionActivate [Mega Ton Magical Cannon]
Cyber EltaninBeat "B.E.S. Big Core MK-2" 3 times
Dark SimorghBeat "Great Shogun Shien" 3 times
Darkness NeospherePlay for 100 hours
Destiny End DragoonBeat "Underground Arachnid" 3 times
Dragunity Knight - GadeargBeat "Ancient Fairy Dragon" 3 times
Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha RascaWin with by using the effect of [Final Countdown]
Elemental Hero Absolute ZeroBeat "Fabled Leviathan" 3 times
Elemental Hero NeosBeat "Ancient Sacred Wyvern" 3 times
Explosive MagicianBeat "Ally of Justice Decisive Armor" 3 times
Fabled RaginBeat "Evil Hero Dark Gaia" 3 times
Fossil Dyna PachycephaloHave 666 or more Summons
Garlandolf, King of DestructionPlay for 50 hours
GigaplantSummon [Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant]
Gladiator Beast GyzarusSummon [Gladiator Beast Heraklinos]
Gravekeeper's VisionaryBeat "Jurrac Meteor" 3 times
Green GadgetBeat "Power Tool Dragon" 3 times
Harpie QueenWin by using the effect of [Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes]
Hundred Eyes DragonBeat "Ojama Yellow" 3 times
Judgment DragonSummon [Judgment Dragon]
Locomotion R-GenexSummon [Flying Fortress SKY FIRE]
Lonefire BlossomBeat "Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" 3 times
Majestic Red DragonSummon [Majestic Red Dragon]
Naturia BeastBeat "Reptilianne Vaskii" 3 times
Raiza the Storm MonarchBeat "Lava Golem" 3 times
Stardust Dragon/Assault ModeUnlock 50% or more Duel Bonuses
Supersonic Skull FlameBeat "Mist Valley Apex Avian" 3 times
Swap FrogBeat "The Dark Creator" 3 times
The Immortal BushiBeat "Naturia Landoise" 3 times
Worm ZeroHighest damage is 10000 or more
XX-Saber HyunleiWin 10 duels in a row

Code - Unlockable Clothes and Duel Disk

by cGub Feb 23, 2010

Black Bird DiskBeat Crow 10 times in Turbo Duels
Yusei JacketBeat Yusei 10 times in Turbo Duels
Yusei's Hybrid DiskBeat Yusei 10 times
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Unlockable - Unlockable CPU Tag Teams

by cGub Feb 26, 2010

Fulfill the following conditions to unlock CPU Teams for Tag Duel in World Championship Mode. Teams not listed are either unlocked from the start, or unlocked automatically as you progress through Story Mode.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Child of ChaosBeat Team "Water & Fire" 3 times
Cyber RegenerationBeat Team "Angels & The Fallen" 3 times
Dragon & DragonSummon [Five-Headed Dragon]
Dual DuelBeat Team "Removal Guys" 3 times
Duel RitualComplete 300 Single Duels
E & D ImpactBeat Team "Darkness + Fiends" 3 times
Earthbound CrystalSummon [Rainbow Dragon]
Fish-the-WorldHave 200 Spells and Traps activated
Gadget EmperorComplete 150 Tag Duels
Grinder SummoningBeat Team "Explosive Tag" 3 times
Legend's AnniversaryBeat Team "Love Reptiles?" 3 times
Lo and BeholdBeat Team "Protect & Burn" 3 times
Mausoleum's LegendBeat Team "Order in Chaos" 3 times
Simochi StudyBeat Team "Cyber Dragunity" 3 times
Storm of DarknessBeat Team "Fusion & Synchro" 3 times
To the GraveyardComplete 75 Turbo Duels
Trago GenexSummon [VWXYZ - Dragon Catapult Cannon]
Zombie PathWin by attacking with [Skull Servant]
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Unlockable - Secret duel mode

by JAMIE Mar 04, 2011
recipe duel mode90% card completion.
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Unlockable - Banlist

by cGub Mar 02, 2010

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Up to 1 forbidden in deckGet 90% of all the cards
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by 101torterra101 Mar 11, 2010

Need to have ar action replay v1.6 or something like that i have used it and it works RATE AND COMMENT. enjoy!

020CBCFC 0098967Fmax dp 9999999999
94000130 FFFB0000 120CBD50 0000FFFF D2000000 00000000all clothes
94000130 FFFB0000 120CBD54 00007FFF D2000000 00000000all duel disks
94000130 FFFB0000 220CDF37 00000048 D2000000 00000000all hair styles
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