Conker's Bad Fur Day Review

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Conker's Bad Fur Day Review :

Conker's Bad Fur Day(Rated M)

by pikachusonic Nov 22, 2010

One of the best games on N64, in my opinion. A great mix of adventure, shooting and just plain weirdness!

One of the things that amazed me was the marvelous cut-scenes, the voices and the animation is 1st rate, for an N64 game at least! If you have an N64, and have some cash to blow, I'd check this game out! Some parts can get a little strange, such a giant singing pile of crap or talking money, but don't let that steer you away from this game because it is really a great and cool game! If you like adventure games and shooting games and comedy, this game is the game for you! In my opinion, the voices are pretty amazing, I say that because all the male characters except one were voiced by the same guy and the same with the females! Which I believe is pretty neat! So in total, this game is really good!

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9Story line
The main story behind the game is that the main character, Conker the squirel, has to get home(dorky, I know). Along the way, he encounters many problems. To name a few of them, he gets enrolled in the army, has to esape from a zombie infested mansion and not mention rob a bank!
I have to say, this game has some amazing graphics! The animation on the characters are really cool. The stages are just downright beutiful!!! The details on all the stages are truly a work of art.
The sounds, one word, WOW. The soundtrack will keep you humming along the whole time. The sound effects make the game an even better experience. From sizzling fire to gun fire, the sound is #1!!
The basic gameplay is that you play as Conker while trying to complete all the levels(Duh!!). Some levels require you to apply some real skill while others just require you to shoot like a madman! If you want play with a buddy, then jump into multiplayer. From war to playing as dinosaurs, it's #1!
8Lasting Appeal
This game is a game for all time(although the system is obsolete). The gameplay, sound and graphics are amazing even today. So, to wrap things up, I think this game is one you should try!!
(Out of 10)


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