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Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Cheats :

This page contains Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask cheats list for Nintendo64 version. Now we have 12 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 3 glitches, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask on Nintendo64 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Re Battle Bosses

by DarkCharizard Sep 10, 2010

There is a way to re battle all your favorite semi bosses, you are going to need to go to Ikana canyon, and change to a Zora, and swim all the way to the left of the little water way, and dive under water, and then there will be a room, with a Sun above the door, and from there you need to shoot it with your Light Arrows, and when you go in you should see the one eyed lady, and she will tell you, you can re battle all the bosses, and win something, and when she tells you that go in any door, and have fun.

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Code - Fire Arrows

by DarkCharizard Sep 10, 2010

okay if you really want the Fire Arrows then you should go to the snow temple, and when inside you go to the 3rd or 4th floor, and turn to a goron, and jump to the door that looks like a Upside down U, and when you go in there should be a guru looking guy, and you need to be careful he changes places, so you need to find the right one, and shoot him with a arrow, and when you have won then there should be a box, and then when you look in you have got the fire arrows.

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Code - How To Get The Bow

by DarkCharizard Sep 10, 2010

Okay if you want the bow then go to the Forest temple, and when you are inside you should go to the center of the temple, and jump on to the platform that is moving up, and down when you are there then jump towards the Right, and when inside 2 dinosuars will come out, and then you will have to kill them, and when you kill them then you will get the fire arrows.

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Code - How To Get Epona Back

by DarkCharizard Sep 09, 2010

Okay you get epona back, by getting the Gorons bomb, and going to the giant rock blocking the road to the ranch, and from there you need to blow up the path, and then you go there, and talk to everyone, and when you talk to everyone then the youngest girl should say that can you protect our ranch from the aliens, and when you say yes then at 2 AM then you get on epona, and get your arrow ready, and shoot all the aliens trying to come in the ranch, and you need to hole then off until the sun rises, and from there you will be able to keep epona, and just one more thing you cannot let the aliens get in the barn.

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by yoshi114 Jan 23, 2012

FIRST FORM: BEFORE you enter the scene where Majora wakes up, put on your ZORA MASK, then when the battle begins, IMMEDIATLy throw your fin boomarangs at majora using L-targeting,should get hit and fall down, then do a Jump Strike(L+A)[this will go MUCH quicker if you have the GREAT FAIRES SWORD.] repeat that until the boss remains come alive.when they do, switch back to normal link and hit each one with arrows until they die and remember to watch out for majora and thier attacks. then repeat the above first step and majora will begin its Second form.

SECOND FORM:this part is very easy.when it starts runnning around,wait till it stops to dance, shoot a arrow at it, and it should fall and let you attack a few times remember to use the jumpstrike!reapeet the process and you should be at the 3rd form.

FINAL FORM: the difficulty meter is upped a bit here. IMMEDIATLY PUT ON YOUR ZORA MASK. then hold up your SHIELD! and then when you get close enough, use your energy shield with B. Majora should be stunned then switch to NORMAL LINK and hack away at majora. Reapeet the process and you should win within 2 minutes ^_^

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Secret - Chicken Attack!

by Bramblefang Dec 07, 2009

This has really been passed down TLoZ....except to Twilight Princess.

Find a chicken. Keep on slashing it with your sword. A swarm of other chickens will come and attack you. You will lose hears when they come in contact with you. To get away, enter a building or go to another area, path, etc. from where you are.

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Secret - Frog Locations!

by Bramblefang Dec 09, 2009

Do you need help finding the frogs Here are their locations in the game.

Laundry Pool
River Ride
Woodfall Temple in the mini-boss's room
Mountain Village after the Snowhead Temple is finished
Great Bay Temple in the mini-boss's room

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Glitch - Magic Post Office

by Z-Rex Nov 23, 2012

If you go in the post office in clock town, you will see a counter where if you could, slip things through a little slot through the bottom of the glass wall. Z-target and back flip onto the counter and run into the glass with the opening. If you do it right somewhere around the middle, you will phase through it no problem.

MINI EASTER EGG: If you look in the Post Man's closet you can see a small silver bunnyhood picture on his hat and backpack.

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Glitch - Magic Zora

by Z-Rex Dec 08, 2011

After you get the Zora's mask, go to the place in clock town where there is a washing pool. Jump into the water and sink down. Now go over to the ledge that's under water and try to climb it. You can't. You skip half of the animation and "teleport" to the top.

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Glitch - Run is walk glitch

by Majorasmaskminion Nov 29, 2011

What you need: All the transformation masks, circus leaders mask, romani mask

How to: First, go to the milk bar at night. Then, talk to the manager of the indigo-gos. He'll ask for a sound test. complete it, and when when the gorman leader gives you a mask, you run slowly. It only lasts until you leave. So not much use. :/

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Secret - How to get past the Gerudo Pirates

by no-life Mar 07, 2011

This requires Human Link and the Stone Mask.

If you do not have the Stone Mask, the whole process of getting past through the pirates will be hard and you might have to start all over to get back on your task. Don't give up just yet. To obtain the Stone Mask, there's a unseen Soldier in the Canyon surrounded by rocks. You will need to use the Eye of Truth. Give him a Red Potion or Blue Potion to restore his strength. Milk does not count for whatever reason. After he thanks you, he will give you the Stone Mask. Wearing this mask will make you invisible to most enemies. Certain enemies can detect you and hurt you (ie. Minibosses and Bosses). However... the Gerudo Leader will also detect you (while attempting to get the Hook Shot in that room but you will get thrown out instead).

The Stone Mask will help a lot if you don't wish to be caught so easily. For one, the Gerudo Pirates will be walking around with their halberds, and even when you get close to them with the Stone Mask on, you can slash them with your sword. They will see you but will not throw you out. However, the Gerudo Elites are not fooled by the mask you are wearing. You will be fighting against them. Beat them and get the Zora Eggs in the next room.

The rest of the Zora Eggs are hiding someplace else in the ocean if you're wondering.

Good luck on your adventure.

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Secret - A Mario Mask

by DarkCharizard Sep 10, 2010

okay you all know the lady that lost her mask called majoras mask, then you should see all the masks' on her back, and if you look closely then you should be able to see a Mario mask, and if you win the game then go back, and talk to her then she might give it to you.

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