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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Cheats :

This page contains Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time cheats list for Nintendo64 version. Now we have 49 cheats in our list, which includes 12 unlockables, 2 easter eggs, 5 glitches, 30 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Nintendo64 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - All Three Masks~Who To Sell Them To

by DarkCharizard Sep 09, 2010

Okay im going to show you who to sell the masks to, and what you can do with them while you have them okay.

Kafei MaskYou need to sell it to the guard at kakirko village.
Skull MaskYou sell this mask to the skull kid playing sieras song.
Spooky MaskYou sell it to the little kid in the Graveyard.
Bunny HoodYou sell this mask to the running man running around Lon Lon Ranch
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Secret - Empty bottle deflects ganons magic spheres

by theauditor Mar 30, 2012

in the final battle, to beat ganondorf, you need to deflect his magic throing attack back at him. this is usually done with the master sword, however you can also use an empty bottle to deflect the magic as well. it looks as if link is punching the magic sphere back at ganon.

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Glitch - Shielding in Water glitch and more

by Jayson6767 Jun 18, 2010

Shield in water
U must be child link to do this. jump in any body of water. shield while z-targeting. Link will hold out his shield while swimming.

No Zeldas Lullaby
After Link meets Zelda, but before he meets Impa,save and quit.Link will not know Zeldas Lullaby and cannot learn it,
making it impossible to beat the game.

The Cucco Magnet
Take out your sword,aim at a chicken and Z-shield,When the A Button says "Grab",press A abd hold R.Link will put his sword away and instead of holding a chicken,Link will hold his shield.Releasing R deactivates the glitch, but Link will hold the chicken whether close or far.

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Unlockable - Elemental Arrows

by cGub Nov 23, 2009

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Fire ArrowShoot the sun after the Water Temple
Ice ArrowComplete the Gerudo Training Ground
Light ArrowBeat all the temples, then talk to Shiek
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Secret - Scarecrow Song Encore *updated*

by cGub Nov 23, 2009

After watching the ending to the game, leave the game on during the "The End" screen. After a little while, you'll hear whatever Scarecrow Song you composed being played over and over again in various forms.

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Secret - The Bomb Ocarina

by PKBeam Dec 12, 2011

You will need: A Bug and a Bomb, set to the C Buttons.

Effect: Link plays notes on a bomb.


1. Drop your bug/s out of the bottle.

2. Recatch one and do a sidehop.

3. While side hopping press the C-Button for the bug/s, then the C-Button for the bomb.

Congrats, you can press the C-Buttons to play bomb melodies!

Hint: Try this with other items: sword, slingshot etc.

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Easter Egg - Mario Time

by Unregistered Sep 02, 2011

When you first meet Zelda and you are facing her look right. There is a window you can look through. Look through it at the correct angle and you'll see framed pictures of Mario, Luigi, and Bowser.

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Unlockable - Big Goron Sword

by no-life Feb 21, 2011

This weapon is similar to the Giant's Knife made by the smith for 200 Rupees. You then realize that it breaks after several swings. And you see other players on YouTube using it and you wonder, "How is it NOT breaking?" That's the Big Goron Sword. Much more durable than the Giant's Knife. This way, you won't have to waste your money anymore on that thing.

In order to obtain the Big Goron Sword (or Biggoron Sword), you will need:

  • Epona
  • Epona's Song
  • King Zora unfrozen

Do not use; you don't need:

  • Ocarina of Time to warp to other areas (the mushroom, frog, and the droplet will expire instantly)
  • Iron Boots (you will slow your task down)

Now your task begins:

  1. You are to become Adult Link. You will need Epona for this. Head to Kakariko Village and speak with Anju. She will give you the egg. Use the Sun Song to pass time until the cucoo hatches. Then go to the house nearby the staircase that leads to Death Mountain. You will see Talon sleeping on the bed. Use the cucoo and he'll wake up instantly. Now give the cucoo back to Anju and she will give Kojiro, the special cucoo (in blue hue).
  2. Now that you have Kojiro, get on Epona and ride (or alternatively roll) all the way to Kokiri Forest. Once you're there, go to Lost Woods. While you are at the entrance, head left. You will see Skull Kid. If you can scare it off or fight it. You will then see Anju's brother sleeping where the Skull Kid stands. Use Kojiro and he will respond. He will then pass you the Odd Mushroom (in real life, also known to kill people).
  3. This mushroom will not last long; this is why you need Epona for this task. Now leave the woods and hop on Epona and make way to Kakariko Village once more. Head to the Potion Shop and go to the back door. Climb down the ladder or merely just jump off and enter the Potion House. There's an old lady and her cat. Show the mushroom to her and she will give you the Odd Potion. There's no timer this time so you can relax for now...
  4. Again, on Step 2 but this time, the Kokiri Girl appears instead of Anju's brother. Show the Odd Potion to her and she will trade you the Poacher's Saw for the medicine.
  5. Now leave the woods again (and you will not need to visit it again) make your way to Gerudo Valley. If you don't have the Longshot, keep riding your Epona and once you run towards the bridge (which is broken), you will make a great leap and you will be at the other side. Once there you will see the old man standing there outside; in front of the... 

continue →

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Unlockable - Fire arrow

by AshTheKid Jul 16, 2010

Wen the sun comes up at the lake be at the big old tree on the island then as the tomb stone sead shoot an arrow at the sun then at the small island should be the fire arrow. one of the esey arrow types to get BUT the hardist to figuer out!

fire arrowshoot the sun wen it comes up
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Secret - Giant monsters

by cGub Nov 23, 2009

If you continously kill the same type of monster, you will encounter a giant version of the type you've been killing. This works on Stalchildren, Guays, and Leevers.

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Secret - Infinite rupees

by jeremy5521 Jun 25, 2014

as young link, go into hyrule castle town. go to the right where the little door is. if you go in there should be many pots in there. break all the pots to get lots of rupees. once you broke all the pots, exit the room and go back in. the pots should have reappered. thank you and for further questions you can pm me or go on my youtube channel. youtube.com/WolfPackJerem y5521

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Glitch - Frozen Enemies

by Z-Rex Nov 15, 2012

In the water temple, go to the room right before the one where you fight dark Link. Hit one of the enemies with your hook shot when the water level is highest. Then quickly shoot an arrow at the switch to lower the water. The enemy will un freeze but will still remain stuck there unable to move until the water goes up once more.

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Secret - Gannons Past

by Z-Rex Nov 05, 2012

In LoZ: TP, Gannon has the same way of fighting link during the final battle. It is just like the way he fights him in LoZ: OoT in the forest temple.

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Glitch - Instant link falling

by Unregistered Jun 21, 2012

go to the water temple see the triforce to the left of link roll and make sure you jump close and it will do the glitch

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Secret - Hey you! Don't cause trouble! + Free 20 Rupees

by PKBeam Nov 18, 2011

Go to the Hyrule Castle Courtyard where Zelda is. Shoot the left window with a slingshot. Suprisingly the window doesn't break. However a guard will pop out and say: "Hey you! Don't cause trouble!" And throws a bomb at you?! That's a very nice thing to do to a little kid... Wait, how'd he throw the bomb through the window without breaking it?! Also, shooting the right window will net you a red rupee (20 rupees). Wow, they have some really strong windows.

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Unlockable - Longshot vanishes. Forever.

by anjomaudoido Jun 09, 2011

Note: Don't do this glitch unless you do it on an emulator, since this will make the game unbeatable. If you are going to do this glitch on an emulator, make a save state before preforming it, or you will have to start over your entire progress.Go to Water Temple and beat Dark Link, but don't get the Longshot. Save the game. Open the chest and get the longshot. After you get it, reset the game without saving. You will have a Hookshot again, but the chest once Longshot was in will be opened, which will make Longshot unobtainable, thus making the game unbeatable without starting over.

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Unlockable - A Bowser.

by hankypanky Jun 09, 2011

Go to the Lon Lon ranch and stand infront Malon, but don't talk to her. Instead, press the up-C button(you press it for a Navi to let her say something when she needs to tell something) to change the camera to the first person view. Pull the control stick down, and you will look down, and you'll see something. What's that on Malon's yellow scarf? It's a Bowser face.

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Unlockable - Steal The Hat At The Fisihing Pond

by twinkieater Jun 02, 2011

As an adult when you enter the fishing area, get the rod and cast it at the owner. It might take a few times to get it but it will hook the hat off his head. Then you can either give it back or cast it into the water so it falls off.He will charge you 50 rupees for a new one but will never get it so he is bald for the rest of the game.

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Unlockable - Stun Cursed Residents of House of Skulltula

You know how Skulltulas are weak on their undersides? Well, so are the cursed people. Try hitting the front of the skulltula and it'll deflect the attack and start swinging. Use this opportunity to circle around and strike their underside to stun them. Don't stand near them when they recover though or they will knock you down.

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Glitch - Debug/Error Mode

by Bad_girl_18 Feb 01, 2011

NOTE: There is always a possibility your game data can be corrupted, so do this at your own risk!

Start a game in the Temple of Time, then gently and SLOWLY pull up on the left side of the game cartridge. If you do it slow enough, the computer will become lagged, Link will jump all over the screen, and the sound will become very corrupted. If you let this happen for a few seconds, the N64's processor will become lagged and the game will lock up; there's going to be a small yellow bar that will appear in the top-left of the screen. When you get the small yellow bar to appear, there are some commands that you need to input on the controller to get the "debug" code to appear on the screen. This will also show the time and date that your particular game was made. Enter these button combos to make the code appear onscreen:

1: L + R + Z
2: Control Pad Up + C-Down
3: C-Up + Control Pad Down
4: Control Pad Left + C-Left
5: C-Right + Control Pad Right
6: A + B + Start

The debug/error code won't be shown unless you push each button listed. Example: in the first step, you must push the Z button while HOLDING the L and R buttons.

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Easter Egg - Scarecrow Song Encore

by pony7800 Feb 01, 2011

After watching the ending to the game, leave the game on during the "The End" screen. After a little while, you'll hear whatever Scarecrow Song you composed being played over and over again in various forms.

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Unlockable - Fishing pond secrets

by Sev Jan 06, 2011

Normal description:

there are two secrets in the fishing pond.

Dramatic description:

Many years ago, stories spread of a LEGENDARY fish that roamed the vast waters of the fishing pond... The HYLIAN LOACH!

Many traveled from all across Hyrule to capture the great beast. Only one succeeded.

His name was Linebeck. He was a renowned adventurer. And rumors quickly spread that he captured the great Hylian Loach.

His secret? It was a simple lure...

No. He did not send in a great beast to flush it out. He did not use a rare invention during the start of the industrial age. Only a lure. And the minstrels still sing of his greatness. But one day, they sang of a new rumor. Linebeck has hidden the lure!

The legendary sinker lure is somewhere in the fishing pond! The minstrels still sing of it. And people search for it to this day...

Sinker LureThere is a small stream of water on the far side. Walk in the grass
Hylian LoachWait outside the door. just as the wolf howls or the rooster crows
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Secret - Infinite Sword Glitch

by Jayson6767 Jun 21, 2010

This wears off if you attack,swim,or shield.To do this glitch you have to go to any sign.Place a bomb or bombchu( I prefer bombs, since it makes this glitch easy). Use your shield and attack while crouching.Press A in the middle of the
stab. Link should read the sign sign and your sword will have a glow and you are invincible! (You can do this as child or adult link)

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Secret - Get the golden scale as a kid!

by cGub Nov 23, 2009

When you are a child, go to the fishing pond and start fishing like normal. Keep fishing until you get a fish thatís big enough to earn a heart piece. Instead of going to the fishing owner, go into the middle of the pond. Face towards the owner in the water and hold Z + R (lock and shield). Donít let go and swim and run to him. Once you reach him, talk to him without letting go of Z and R. Heíll give you the golden scale instead of a heart piece!This allows you to do many things early on. Such as entering Zoraís Domain without having to play Zeldaís Lullaby. Or getting the heart piece from the Lakeside Laboratory (letting you have both the scale and heart piece.)

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Secret - Sinking Lure

by cGub Nov 23, 2009

If you want to easily catch really big fish in the fishing pond without having to spend countless hours, then make sure you have caught the "lunker" fish as an adult and have obtained the gold scale. Now go to the fishing pond and you will find a new lure in one of three places: 1.) in the feeder creek, 2.) in the grass around the perimeter of the area, or 3.) on the log jutting out of the pond. Once you find this lure, try fishing with it. It is irresistible to fish, so catching a 20 pounder will be no problem. However, if you set any records by using this lure, the fish you have caught will be noted as illegal on the aquarium and at the record board in Link's house.

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