Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review

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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review :

Ocarina of Time Review

by DarkCharizard Nov 30, 2010

The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, was really fun, because you start off in a village, were everyone had a fairy, except you. So then in the far back of the forest, the Great Deku, tree is talking, to a fairy, he intrusts it to go with Link, to save hruyle. Then that is were your journey begins! you later meet up with your friend sierra, then you need to find, a sword, and a shield. Then when you get your sword, and shield, you go to see the great deku tree, after you win the great beast within the deku tree, Then when he tells you a story of how Hruyle was made, and how link is a Hruylian, not a villager like the rest. So then link has a quest, to save hruyle from the Great evil king Gannondorf, then that is when the story get's interesting! then when you meet Princess Zelda, she tells you to go to the great mountains, and meet the Gorons. Then while up there, you are told to defeat the great King Dodongo, so when you go in the Cave, you fight, the Great King Dodongo, and get the Gorons Ruby. Then when you get that, you head, down to the Zoras, where the Lord Juba juba, is sick, and the Zora king is worry sick because his daughter, is missing, so then you explore, and you find a note, that has the words "This is the Princess, i am inside lord Juba Juba, and don't try to save me PS: Don't tell daddy" When you show this to her dad, eh gets, nervous, and askes you to go inside lord juba juba to retrieve her, so you do, but she is to stubborn to go, so you take her to the item that she wants, then when she get's her item, she get's taken away, and then you are left with a huge Octo, to defeat, then after you defeat, it the next stop is to take out the Giant Ameba, then when you defeat it, you are saved, and so is the princess, and then after she gives you the Zoras Ring. Then after all that, you go to the Temple of time, and pull out the sword of time, and become an adult.

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10Story line
The story is really Great, while you are defeating, the temple bosses, you are able to explore the whole land of Hryule.
The way link looks, and all the other characters are look okay, but the thing that i don't like is that when you pull out your sword you need to swing, to pull it out.
The way Link yells, and how every person, has a different noise when you talk to them is great, but i just wish that when you talk to a person they have a voice.
When you play this game the best thing everyone likes to do is Win the temples, and get everything unlocked, and to save princess Zelda.
10Lasting Appeal
There is a lot of funny things to do when you are playing this game that makes me laugh, like when you go fishing, you can take the man's hat off, this games has a lot of suprises.
(Out of 10)


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