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Paper Mario Review :

The Flat World of Mario

by Bramblefang Sep 29, 2010


Paper Mario is an RPG for the Nintendo 64. This game is available on Wii Ware for 1000 Points. It was one of the last games to created for the system and it opens a whole new world of Mario.


Paper Mario N64 launched the Paper Mario series and was a great success. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario soon followed the release of this game. Paper Mario 3DS is soon to follow. Along with that, the Mario & Luigi series was also released after the creation of this game and was made for the portable systems. The series included Superstar Sega, Partners in Time, and Bowser's Inside Story.

The main plot is..well, get Princess Peach from Bowser. During a party at the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser crashes the party with a special Star Rod which he had stolen from 7 Star Rods. This Rod is very dangerous when it is in the wrong hands and it gives the holder any wish he wants. He used to Rod to make each Star Spirit into a card so they cannot escape. He gave each of these cards to some sort of "guardian" to make sure no one will get it back. He uses this Rod to become indestructable when he crashes the party an faces Mario. This forces you to lose the battle against Bowser and you fall down to earth where you end up in a Goomba Village. From there on, you need to collect the Star Spirits so they can send you back to Peach's, now Bowser's Castle so you can rescue Peach.

This game is inspired by Super Mario RPG but it's very different in many ways. The one main thing is that the environment is made of Paper. It's basically like a pop up book. You need to interact with the environment so you can advance in a stage or obtain a secret item. You may also get partners like you did in Super Mario RPG but there's a few more of them in this game.

The battle system is very different from Super Mario RPG. In the first battle, all you can do is jump on your enemy. Later, you will obtain a Hammer which lets you smash an enemy. Eventually, you meet up with this star kid and he gives you a necklace which lets you do Action Commands. What these do is that they let you do more damage and let you take less damage when attacking or getting attacked. When you jump on an enemy, you can press the A button to do an Action Command. This lets you do more damage than just a regular jump. When you use a hammer, you hold down the joystick left for a few seconds and at the precise moment, you let go to do the hammer action command.

When you are in a battle, you can do a few things. You can Jump, Hammar Hammar, Use An Item, Call a Star spirit to do an attack, or use a tactic. You get badges and power up equipment later on in the game for the Jump and Hammer tactics. You may use an item to heal yourself, hurt the enemy, etc. After you obtain a Star Spirit, you can call them to use some Special Move. Their effects vary. The tactics option lets you Do Nothing, Run Away from the enemy if possible, or switch partners.

There are eight chapters in all in this game. In each chapter excluding the eighth one, your goal is to obtain a Star Spirit. Each area is different then the next one. Each area has enemies that you can battle and many secrets hidden in them. At the end of each of these areas is the boss. Each boss is stronger than the one from the last chapter. Each attack in their own way and have their own strategy to be defeated.


Paper Mario is one of the best games on the Virtual Console. With fun and exciting gameplay, what's not to like?

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
9Story line
It's the regular "Peach gets captured by Bowser and Mario must save her" storyline but it adds characteristics to each character plus each town or area has its own story.
The graphics are not the best or the worst. It is a bit rough along some edges but it doesn't bother you that much.
Some of the music is catchy. A majority of the soundtrack are made like you feel you are in that environment.
The RPG battle system and the platforming areas in this game are really fun and you'll be playing this game a lot.
9Lasting Appeal
This is one of the few VC games that actually let you play the game for hours and you'll still haven't fought the final boss. The eight chapters and the gameplay will make you continue playing and you won't get bored.
(Out of 10)


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