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Super Mario 64 Review :

Super Marios Review

by DarkCharizard Nov 11, 2010

This game was the first 3D game of Mario to come, out. It was so much fun because you are able to walk around the whole castle figuring things out, and getting new unlock able. You are even able to jump through Pictures, and in each picture is a new level, and in each level you need to find all the stars, or you can do others, and come back to it when you think you get the hang of it. The best thing about this game is that you are able to fly around, go through objects just like a ghost, even better! you are able to turn into Metal, and you are untouchable, wich means you cannot get hurt at all. You may not get Yoshi in the game, but you are able to find him, but not ride him. The thing that makes this game the best is that it is the first 3D Mario game!

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10Story line
The story in this game is really great! Bowser steals Peach, and you need to find her, and get her back, and you are able, to jump through paintings to get to new levels
The way Mario look is Superb! it may not look like it is so good to this day, but for me it is really great, because you are able to see everything!
The noises in this game is really great! when you talk to someone, then they make a noise, wich sounds really cool.
When you jump through a Painting you feel really cool, and you want to finish the whole thing realyl fast, so you can find bowser and destroy him.
10Lasting Appeal
When you have not played this game in like 2 years then you feel great because when you grab the N64s control it brings back, good memories from when you got this game, so whatever yo give this game it is really fun to play especially with the games
(Out of 10)


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