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Super Smash Bros. Review :

SSB Review

by DarkCharizard Sep 08, 2010

My opinion for this game was really great it was a really great fighting game you were able to fight, get power up, and get items to knock your enemies out off of the screen. The thing i really like about this game for me is when you play with other then you have way more fun, and you have a better chance to beat the Crap out of them :).This was a really awesome fighting game when you first get it.

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9Story line
The story line is great when you get the hang of it, and you are abble to get more characters in the game, and how the whole story of them fighting is just a bunch of stuffed little characters, and the when you get near the end it has a really wierd twist at the end you need to battle master hand.
The graphics in this game are....well they are pretty good, but for me now they are not that good, but for me back then they are good, and the graphics on the stages are great!.The other thing that is a good thing is when they fight it has good detail, but when you hit somebody there body part grows
The sound in this game are really great, and the noises they make when you hit somebody, those are pretty good, and when you get a item those have great sounds to, and the songs that play when you battle are great, and they never stop amazing me when they have that guy that says who wins at the end
The gameplay in this game is Awsome, and when you get pretty far in this game then you will stand on the tip of your seat, and when you meet master hand then you are so supprised that you do not want to quit for nothing, and when you finnaly win then you will feel great, and keep playing til you win
9Lasting Appeal
The last thing i want to say is that when you play this game then you will think classics are really fun even as much fun as the newer versions, and when you put your hand on the N64 controller then you will be ready to take on all the enimies that will come your way. Well this is my review on SSB.
(Out of 10)


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