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nov 08, 2007Adventure Quest [ PC ]   Submitted

how to battle wit zero hp


Secret - Attack of the killer ship:

ok this isnt the pirate day challange its another 1 but fighting :P ok go to the rip in the sky go yto the first room on right ... wen ur in der clik on the leeaves ( plants ) above her until u find a cloud coming out talk to it and go with it ( jump on ) he will take you to a pirate ship !! :D !! u will talk to the captin for abit then u will fight a cbal and chain ( crain ) it has approximitly like 300+ health but does low damage !! lol ! its lvl 20 u get 200gold and 200xp for beating it ( remember easy to kill ) be a high level ( 20+ ) to kill it :D and use any type of weapon accept an earth weapon his stats are 150 to all but 50 to earth so it will be easier to kill ! once u have killed that u will fight another monster with all the same stats and stuff but this 1 looks like poop with spikes in it lol and once u have defeated that the captin wil ltalk to you agian then ur cloud will return u can leave or stay and look around and u might get into another fight .... P.S - after first fight ur health will go back up but after the second it wont...