Adventure Quest Requests

 [ PC ]

jan 26, 2008Adventure Quest [ PC ]   Submitted

a cheat that can make me guardian, have much tokens and gold,have powerful pets and other items


Code - Jake's trainer frame:

first, have a pc then instakill a monster then when it's loading exp and gold, click frame and type in............

frame:152you will immiedietly finish loading the xp and gold thing and get the amount of expierience that you framed from the last battle, do this as many times as you want!
instakillone shot ko anybody if your weapon's element is the monster's ressistance more than 0%!
guardian:ontemp guardian at guardian tower and travelling only, once you go to and of the guardian only places that are not the guardian tower, it will say that r only a adventurer!!!
atk/def:onyour combat def will be 90000 or more!!!you will attack more!