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jun 09, 2008Adventure Quest [ PC ]   Submitted

Who knows how to get the asgaurdian plat?and tell me how to get it.

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Secret - Asguardian PLate.:

Well, the Asguardian Plate is considered an Epic Uber and really just an upgrade of the Nemisis Plate. Unless your over level 110 then I wouldnt buy it as it only unlocks it's full potential at level 120. You should be safe with Valhaullen as it's on par with the other ubers and is less gld to buy.

And if your really stuck for gold, you could use one of the numerous trainers posted here. Use ID# 621 for the best gold. (except nightbane lv 500 but your too easily caught).

If you want to playe legit then you should farm. Use Vince's maze, Fairwind Spring, Wars or if you have DragonBlade K'eld Naer.

Hope i helped.