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Adventure Quest 2 Cheats :

This page contains Adventure Quest 2 cheats list for PC version. Now we have 31 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 4 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 3 glitches, 22 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Adventure Quest 2 on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Get easy XP gold and ztokens for lvl 50 and up

by joeyjoey123 May 02, 2008

first goto darkovia and then be a vampire and then youll fight werewolves and they give lotsa xp and gold and ztokens and you even get the free pet called vampire bat so i hope this helps and p.s rate this please kkkkkkkkkk :)

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Secret - King B.U.R.P guest

by joeyjoey123 May 13, 2008

Go to the haunted house in Granemor and sometimes there is king B.U.R.P and if you defeat him he will be your guest

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Secret - How to get the dragonblade easier

by joeyjoey123 May 13, 2008

first go to dragonspine and the uneasy peace of dracomancers and dragonslayers and fight until you find the dragonblade

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Secret - Rider

by mech May 09, 2008

first go to Travel map then go to Devourer then go to The Beginning of the Endthen after the cutscene click the dracolich head and you will get the armor.Hope this helps.

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Secret - Go To Cross lands Without Guardian Ship:

by joeyjoey123 May 08, 2008

go to warlic's shop and press explore shop click and drag the dust, bad juice, and magma leaf to make a pet rock. Then go to valencia and click on visit grumbugly . the click on the rare item hunter and ask about travel pass and then she will give you one to the cross lands!

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Secret - Zorback's trap

by joeyjoey123 Apr 28, 2008

first go to the inn and then clik a bag leftside of robina and then it will explode and then youve been tricked by zorback's trap!!!!!!!

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Secret - Steamjack armor (guardian only)

by joeyjoey123 May 27, 2008

when you bought a new house go to the new house and remember this only works if ur house isnt been build yet so dont cut the trees yet and after u get to ur house click on a treasure chest and there u have it now u have a steamjack armor

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Secret - How to become Nightbane

by joeyjoey123 May 09, 2008

1) click on travel map
2) go 2 dakorvia forest
3) go 2 nightbanes fortress
4) enter fortress get darklaw if u dont got it
5) u will NOT need VampireSlayer E
6) battle untill it says retreat there are 2 many now
7) skip the talk and go 2 abby. something
8) kill nightbane and get the armor

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Secret - Rare carnax blade (guardian only)

by joeyjoey123 May 13, 2008

first goto the rip of the sky and then goto falerin the loremaster and then clik on the scroll that is next to the smoking scroll and then u will battle carnax and then clik on the treasure chest and voila u got the RARE CARNAX BLADE BWAHAHAHAHAH lol :D

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Unlockable - Uber Sets and the epic set :

by joeyjoey123 May 08, 2008

these are uber sets and the epic set ..........

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Golden setclick on rainbow in alnaphar
Reign setgo to alnaphar and search for the shadow set
Shadow setgo to alnaphar and search for the reign set
Asguardian setgo to thunder mountain
Protector setdo the protector quest and then after u finished it youll goto the protector shop
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Secret - 6000 gold in 20 minutes

by mech May 09, 2008

Go to lolosia and go into gibets pub. then click on the flower and take it. leave the tub and go right and talk to sailor boon. Do the quest. I recommend u be 55 and up before u do this quest. the treasure chest at the end gives u 4000 gold and the monsters u fite give u lots of gold and exp too. u can do this quest repeatedly.

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Secret - How to get a Temporary Dracolich Rider

by dragonzavior May 08, 2008

first go to Travel map then go to Devourer then go to The Beginning of the Endthen after the cutscene click the dracolich head and you will get the armor.Hope this helps.

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Unlockable - Easy attic quest

by joeyjoey123 May 08, 2008

this is a unlockable cheat .......this unlockable will help you find all the things that bishop finch needs.........

Unlockable:How to unlock:
fraction of franken carrotgo to the farm agree to let seahawk do whatever he wants click on franken carrot's head and then u got fraction of franken carrot then click cancel
snail tailgo into the third room of the inn get and clik on a potion and then drink it and youll get shrunk and youll battle a snayl clik on the tip of the shell and then cancel
seed spitter leaftalk to twilly click on heard any rumors then battle the seed spitter click on the seed spitter's leaf and then cancel
new quest from bishop finchafter bishop tells u that he only needs those first things u got to make a salad....youll get on the harder quest and get more gold
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Glitch - Mixtures in warlics shop

by thenewpokemonmaster May 23, 2008

Go to warlics shop then click "explore shop" drag the slattwob dust, mermazon kelp and the magma leaf to make a teleportatian portal to the triple challenge.

To explode your head and make it black drag the moglin essence, frogzard tear and the bad juice.

Drag the mermazon kelp,frogzard tear and the moglin essence and now your name is spelled backwards.

To refill your health potions add the mermazon kelp, the frogzard tear and the magma leaf and whalha.

To make a pet rock(temporery guest) add the slattwob dust, bad juice and the magma leaf. And thats all I know.

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Unlockable - Unlockable Items

by joeyjoey123 Apr 28, 2008

there are few unlockable items you can get from enemies if you manage to beat the unlockables are below k (note that this items are only temporary which means when u log out u lose these items)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
legendary sword (available for all players)u have to beat the legendary warrior this enemy is found when u clik the battle button then if u encounter this enemy beat him then clik his shiny sword
plungerizer (available for all players)go to the rip of the sky and then go to vince then clik the ladder and then vince will tell u if u want the plungerizer or not and this is a good water weapon for lvl 30-40 characters
tusk spear (available to all players)first go to battle and if u encounter the chrask monster then beat it and then clik on one of his tusks then u got the tusk spear
frogzard sword (available to all players)first goto the frogzard quest 2 then battle every monster u encounter and until u encounter the motherzard enemy then beat it and then u will get the frogzard sword and then complete the quest and theres a special in this weapon that can transform u to frogzilla
zhilo's axe (available for guardians only)this weapon is from zhilo the axemaster and only guardians can obtain it first be lvl 10 at fighter class and only guardians can continue the class 6-10 and then when u get to 10 on fighter class u fight 4 or 5 enemies and note that these enemies are very strong and then when u encounter zhilo u must beat him and then after that he will give his axe to you
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Secret - Free entrance to Granemor and CrossRoads with Lolosia!! (FOR NON-GUARDIANS)

by Greatness Jul 07, 2008

Make a petrock then go to Valencia then click Visit Grumbugly (Visit Valencia privately) And you must know how to make petrock okay!!! Then once you visited privately click Grumbugly and click TravelPass!!! And walla!! You get travelpass to Granemor!!!! And whats so special with Granemor??? Because you can access Lolosia from here!!! And whats so special with Lolosia??? The special thing with Lolosia is when you keep doing quests from the old pirate!!!
You might get yourself a large treasure chest that contains a ""BLADE OF AWE""!!!!!!!!!!

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Easter Egg - The pit

by dragonzavior May 12, 2008

go to battleon then click twilly then click on the left side near on twilly then jump down then you are not on the pit.

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Unlockable - 10 potions

by power_dragon Apr 28, 2008

here you can get 10 easy potions which will not disappear when you log out.
btw i'm only doing this because there are no other cheats here!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
10 potionsdo the the 3rd zard quest at twilly
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Secret - Maze- easy money (guardian only)

by theman321 Nov 10, 2008

1.go to the rip in the sky.
2.go to boiler room(room on the left theres 2 of em so try both) the boiler room click the robot(it has a glowing red ston in it.)
4.vince will show ??? then click him when he gets close
5.once u click him click what is that machine then i will help.
6.then he takes u to another shrink me! after talking to him.
7.after talking to him again he'll give you a hamster ball.
8.then u'll start a maze u have to get to a pink thing(dont hit the walls or the rats.)
9.after your done vince will give you a it and you get 1000 gold and 100 exp if you are level 70 or higher u'll get 1600 gold and 100 exp.

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Secret - Changing eye of falerin

by joeyjoey123 May 06, 2008

first goto the rip of the sky and then goto falerin and look at his eye.......its changing colors............ and the color is changing green to blue.................rate this please :P

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Secret - How to get xp and gold fast (guardians only)

by joeyjoey123 Apr 29, 2008

first goto the guardian tower and then goto the teleporting area and then clik battle carnax and then u will battle carnax and u must battle about 4 or 5 carnax i think and when u beat 1 of them ull get 1000+ xp and 500+ gold!!!!! if u battle 5 carnax ull get 5000 xp and 2500 gold !!!!! and if u only battle 4 carnax ull get 4000 xp and 2000 gold!!!! thats all folks!!!!!lol

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Secret - Non Guardian Travel

by Ninja21399 May 24, 2010

If you want to get to Lolosia. Travel to Granemor go to boog's tavern and click on the rolled out scroll that says MAP it then should come up with four buttons go to Batleon, go to Lolosia, back and exit.

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Secret - Secret-travel pass

by jaredmaster Jun 02, 2008

if you want to have a travel pass all you need to do is make a petrock then go to valencia then click grumbugly (valencias private) the click travel pass there it is you have a travel pass

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Secret - How to look cool

by Blammos6 Jul 19, 2012

You must be level 20 for this:

First, go to pit (click on twilly then click left to him). Fight until you die (have low defence and deal less damage to die faster), the skeletons will talk, and ask you if you want to go back, you can choose: "Yes!" (yes) or "Challenge the Boss" (no, choosing this will make you go to and meet the boos. Choose "Challenge the Boss" then you will meet a half-undead guy called Hacker (lol). He will run, reequip your items and try to survive the wave of enemies, then when you meet Hacker again, you will fight him. When he's defeated, before clicking OK click on his weapon and you will get it (temporary, disappears when you log out). Then click OK. After some talking a shop will come up. Buy the Pit Protector armor (it's here you need to be level 20(non-temporary)). Now you have a cool weapon and a cool armor until you log out (you will just loose your weapon). If you want to, die outside of the pit, click on death's hourglass and do his quest. After finding all hourglasses and killed the boss you will get a skull head XD. I want to show you how i look but i don't know how to add a .PNG image. Plz comment about how to do that.

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Code - The monster kill

by Unregistered Nov 07, 2011

iwill become the most powerful hero in adventure quest drexler54 is my favorite name

drexler the monsterthe hero will become level 40.
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