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Aliens vs. Predator Cheats :

This page contains Aliens vs. Predator cheats list for PC version. Now we have 3 cheats in our list, which includes 2 unlockables, 1 glitch. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Aliens vs. Predator on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - Head Glitch

by Custard Jan 17, 2011

When playing you might have noticed, with the combat androids, you can destroy their head completely and they will still keep functioning. Now that's not too strange, considering they are just robots, but I found a weird side effect!
If you are playing as the Alien species, or Predators, you can do finishing moves. That is when you press the interact key and get a guaranteed kill. Several of the finishing moves on humanoids with both these species involves decapitating the head.
Now, if you decapitate an android via general combat AND THEN pull off a finishing move, it can have an interesting result. First it will preform the animation as if the head is still there(slicing, whacking, stabbing, ect at the place where the head should be), then, the androids head will reappear! The android should then be dead, but appear totally undamaged.

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Unlockable - Skin Unlock

by cGub Feb 23, 2010

These are the ranks you need to achieve to unlock each skin. (Note that not all are exactly correct)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Alien - NetheadAchieve Rank 34
Alien - PraetorianAchieve Rank 19
Alien - RidgedAchieve Rank 10
Alien - Warrior DomeAchieve Rank 04
Marine - ConnorAchieve Rank 05
Marine - GibsonAchieve Rank 02
Marine - JohnsonAchieve Rank 22
Marine - MossAchieve Rank 13
Marine - RookieAchieve Rank 28
Predator - ClawAchieve Rank 03
Predator - HunterAchieve Rank 16
Predator - SpartanAchieve Rank 31
Predator - StalkerAchieve Rank 07
Predator - WolfAchieve Rank 25
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Unlockable - Steam Achievements

by cGub Feb 19, 2010

Complete each requirement to receive the achievements

Unlockable:How to unlock:
...That's A PromiseGet Tequila to surgery
Ain't Got Time to BleedHeal or regenerate 30 blocks of health in Survivor
Alien vs PredatorCreate a new species
Breaking and EnteringFind a way into the Research Lab
Breaking QuarantineEscape from the Research Lab
Club hopperSurvive The 'Party' at The Club
Come to MamaLiberate the Matriarch
Elite SniperKill 10 enemies with head shots from the scoped rifle
Exit StrategyEscape from C-Block
Extinction AgendaDestroy the Abomination
Eyes of The DemonRetrieve the ancient mask
Fallen ComradeFind the Youngbloods in the Jungle
Fortune and GloryFind all 45 Predator trophy belts
Game Over, Man!Complete all three Campaigns
Get to The Chopper!Recover Weyland's datapad
Grim ReaperHarvest all available civilians in the Alien Campaign
Grunt HuntWipe out all of the Marines in the Colony
GunslingerKill 30 enemies with the pistol
Harsh LanguageDiscover all 67 Audio Diaries
I Admire its PurityComplete Alien Campaign on Hard difficulty setting
I Like to Keep This HandyKill 2 enemies with one shot with the shotgun
I LOVE the Corps!Complete Marine Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting
I Will Never Leave You...Locate Tequila
It Ain't No ManComplete Predator Campaign on Hard difficulty setting
It Uses The JungleFind a way through Gateway
Let's Rock!Kill 5 enemies with one burst from the smartgun
Magnificent, Isn't It?Complete Alien Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting
Matter of HonorDiscover the Elite Predator's fate
Not Bad for A HumanGet all the Aliens vs Predator achievements
One Big BugDefeat the Praetorian
One Ugly MotherComplete Predator Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting
Persecution ComplexAchieve Persecutor status more than once in any Ranked Match
Quite A SpecimenDestroy all 50 Royal Jelly Containers
Real Nasty HabitGet 18060 XP in Ranked Matches
ReclaimerRetrieve the second artifact
RegicideDefeat the Matriarch
Scatter ShotAs a team, kill 20 enemies in under 60 seconds in a Survivor match.
Serial KillerWin 10 Ranked Matches in any Deathmatch mode
Spin DoctorKill two enemies with one throw of the Battle Disc
Stay FrostyComplete Marine Campaign on Hard difficulty setting
Stick AroundKill 20 enemies with the Combi Stick
The Six PackPlay with six friends in a Ranked Match
The UninfectedFinish a Ranked Infestation match as the only remaining prey
Under PressureSolve the riddle of the Ruins
Very Tough HombreKill 10 enemies in a row without dying in a Ranked Match
Welcome to The... 

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Cheats - Cheat Codes

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Start the game with the "avp.exe -debug -l[ampcxtr]" command line, where a is the alien, m is the marine, p is the predator, c is the civilian, x is the xenoborg, t is the praetorian alien, and r is the predator-alien. Note: All letters are case-sensitive.

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Cheats - Cheat mode

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Start the game with the avp.exe -debug -l
command line parameter, where a is the alien, m
is the marine, p is the predator, c is the civilian,
x is the xenoborg, t is the praetorian alien, and
r is the predator-alien. Note: All letters are case-sensitive.
Strategy: In-game cheats

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Cheats - Various Cheats

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Patch the game with the Alien Vs. Predator Save Game patch before using these

Start your game with the -debug command line parameter. To do this edit your properties to read avp.exe -debug

Enter the cheat console by pressing ~ + [F12] then enter these codes when using the character listed


Create CPU controlled Alien Any alienbot
All weapons and ammo Any giveallweapons
God mode Any god
Create light aura; repeat for brighter aura Any light
Create an CPU controlled Marine Any marinebot
Player invisible to all opponents Any observer
Create CPU controlled Predator1 Any predobot
Create CPU controlled Predator-Alien1 Any predalienbot
Create CPU controlled Praetorian Alien1 Any praetorianbot
Create CPU controlled Xenoborg1 Any xenoborg
Display level coordinates Any showcoords
Display frame rate Any showfps
Display number of rendered polygons Any showpolycount
Replenish energy supply Predator gimme_charge
God mode Marine freakoftheunivers
God mode Predator skullcollector
God mode Alien theonedeadlycreautureevercreated
Become Final Xenomorph Alien winneroftheonegreatbattleoftheuniverse
List in-game help Any listvar
List cheat commands Any listcmd
Change motion tracker volume Marine motiontrackervolume
Change motion tracker speed Marine motiontrackerspeed
Toggle crouch and crawl Alien crouchmode
Change game speed Any timescale
Toggle wire frame mode Any wireframemode
Toggle doppler shift on Alien sounds Any dopplershift
Adjust amount of red in sky Any sky_red
Adjust amount of green in sky Any sky_green
Adjust amount of blue in sky Any sky_blue
Adjust amount of tilt when sidestepping Any leanscale

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Aliens vs. Predator Cheats


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