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Animal Jam Cheats :

This page contains Animal Jam cheats list for PC version. Now we have 89 cheats in our list, which includes 56 cheats codes, 2 passwords, 1 easter egg, 22 glitches, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Jam on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - ~~ The Horse Race Glich ~~

by i_waz_here Jul 03, 2012


1. Go to Jamma.

2. When you go on The Horse Race click to jump BEFORE the race starts really fast even before you see the other horses.

3. You should get a head start and it looks like u go from one place to another

~~~ Enjoy :) ~~~


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Glitch - Butter slick

by Unregistered Jun 26, 2012

first go to the juice hut (i think it works every where) go to the left corner and click right corner but you have to put sleep at the same time ;) i hope it works =) and my user name is :paulineerin but somtimes i have all 100 buds so yeah well bye!!!!!!

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Code - Epic wonders GLITCH!

by Unregistered Jun 25, 2012

1.go to epic wonders.

2.stand by green orb. door.

4. Do game cancel REALLY FAST!

5.Thats All Folks!

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Code - Claw Cheat ~ Tested and true

by Unregistered Jun 15, 2012

Okay, you other people say "Go right twice and repeat" and other stuff for the claw cheats? Tried 'em. Didn't work. But I have a new way to get more plushies.

1. Go to the Claw Machine.

2. Move the claw to the middle of the frame.

3. Click Drop regularly. You shouldn't get anything.

4. Redo 3. But now you should get a plushie.

5. Close and repeat the entire process.

That simple. You will get plenty of plushies in no time!

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by coolgal4ever Apr 30, 2012

HEY, need help with the journey book? comment below. The Rare shop? search the username earthrocks, check out her den, comment below about what you want. if you comment below, she can arrange a time and date with you.

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Glitch - The new Method for all Glitches and then epic wonder one!

by Unregistered Mar 27, 2012

You click somewhere specific, then click some ones name. You then put the game tab out then click a game, then exit. Here's a little cheat: Put out the game tab BEFORE clicking the area. Then you can click it. Here the epic wonder glitch: Click someone name then the game tab, then click near the ball thing and click the game. Then exit! For more glitches, please send goldenshock, a friend request. I will teach you all the glitches i know for just a small price.... You also can join the glitch club I own. We can discuss things about the glitches sometime else. Thanks for listening, and I hope you can find sometime to join the club!

- Eternal something something... ( sorry forgot my last and middle name.

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Glitch - Glitch

by Alex5505 Jan 17, 2012

When you are in the sky click on the very edge of any part of the bridge and it will take you staight to under the bridge

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Glitch - Water animal on land glitch

by Unregistered May 06, 2013

go to deep blue on animal jam, then click on the party icon without exiting the party icon go to the kani cove portal and exactly when you touch it click a party. (it takes many tries!!!!!!!!) then you should be the sea animal at the party!!!! :)

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Glitch - The weirdest glitch

by Unregistered Apr 08, 2013

If you do not have free chat listen up: The weirdest glitch is for you!! This is the weirdest glitch:

Randomly type a 0. Not a capital o, a zero. Then, a completely random line of letters and numbers should pop up! Or type a nine. Other letters and numbers and completely random things like this + = ' , . > ? @ will show up. I don't know what happened!! Sorry if this glitch does not work 4 you. ( It worked 4 me!!)

- treekoala123

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Glitch - Glitch in apponel

by Unregistered Jun 12, 2012

1.go to apponel

2.go to the right side of the tree the the tree and go up up

4.thats it

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Code - Omg jamma towns ship glich!!!

by Unregistered Jun 26, 2012

ok heres a glich dudes! you go to jamma townsship and you click somewhones name and then u go to the game tab then you click where the appodale bridge is and you click a game and......BOOM! you cancel it fast and then you can sit on the pillow room :D :D :D :D :D :D

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Code - I know some

by Key99 Jan 27, 2011

There are playwild, playfree, potion, newyearjam, danceparty

potion1000 gems
newyearjam1000 gems
danceparty1000 gems
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Code - How to avoid being scammed

by Unregistered May 24, 2013

'Sup jammers. I am going to warn you about the types of scams you may encounter on animal jam.

Sure, some of these answers you may already know, but it is allways good to have a reminder:

- Flash trading- it is easy to fall for, so never accept a trade if you don't know who it came from or what it is.

-"send me and you get..."-this is as slim of a chance as of pigs flying-don't fall for this one.

Like if you want more tips!

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Glitch - Best glitch in the woooorld!

by Unregistered Jan 25, 2012

ok, now first you go to crystal sands. you go to the very top of the slides where you enter mt shiveer. then you click the sky by the waterslide, and youll dissapear. your screen will pan to where your going, and you appear out of the side. now, if you want to fly in the air, when your in the air (good place) click change animal, and vwala! your stuck thar!

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Code - Get More Presents Than 1 A Day!!

by Unregistered Dec 19, 2011

You know everyday since December 1st AJ has been giving out presents instead of having to spin the wheel? Well , if you get a present with money (it's unknown at first) click the present multiple times if the arrows aren't spinning on your screen. I got a present that had 200 gems in it and I clicked it 6 times and got 1,200 gems!! You should try it........ It's very rare for it to happen though. If the arrows aren't spinning on your screen , then click the present even if you don't know if it's money or not... You'll get more times the gift if not money. Thanks for reading my glitch. If you found this useful , buddy me on AJ! I'm xandrakitty.

Click presents more times than once.You'll get more of that present!
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Code - Animal jam codes

by dinoaaron Jul 04, 2012

SUP JAMMERS!!!!!! i am a fan of animal jam and today i will show you as many cheats as i know!!! to find find my den my username is dinoaaron !!!!!enjoy!!!!!!!!

explore100 gems
NGKIDSROX1000 gems
gorilla1000 gems
celebrate1000 gems
treasures1000 gems
deepsea500 gems
roar1000 gems
Jamaaliday500 gems
BFF4EVER100 gems
PESKYPHANTOMSSpuare Imprisioned Phantom Cage
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Glitch - I never knew that web had animal jam!

by Unregistered May 25, 2012 another tab

2.wait a moment

3.cancel it

4.see you play on a web border

warning:only works on slow and glitchy computers

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by Unregistered Jan 06, 2012

Hiya Jammers! This is the weirdest glitch ever! First, go to Coral Canyons. Then go to the small part of the bridge near the waterfall. Then, click the plant and click the right button and your animal goes back and forth without clicking anywhere! Comment if it doesn't work! Happy jamming!

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Code - Animal jam code

by Unregistered Nov 28, 2011

i know some codes for animal jam i am diary1 on aj

treat500 gems
feast500 gems
spooky1000 gems
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Code - How to get a Bow and Arrow

by Colossith Jul 16, 2012

It is quite simple. All you have to do is simply go to Epic Wonders, where is in Coral Canyons, hidden by the waterfall, and buy a golden bow and arrow!! They are quite expensive, but allot of people are after them~

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Code - Gmae

by Unregistered Jul 11, 2012

it work

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Code - Temple of trivia in animaljam

by Unregistered Sep 23, 2011

when you go to the temple of trivia if you enter and exit and enter again you will find its the same question

enter and exit and enter againyour gems increase
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Code - Wolfbirthday's cheats and codes

by Unregistered Jan 25, 2012

here is some codes i dont know what cheats are!

ajbirthdaya birthday cake
kingofthejunglea lion
hata freedom hat
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Code - Codes

by Alex5505 Jan 17, 2012

I now some codes but if they do not work it means that they have been used already so do not blame me for it.

safe500 gems
bears1,000 gems
2012partyfree 1 month member ship
playhard600,000 gems
animalpartyfree 1 year member ship
lionfree lion animal for non and members
rainbowrainbow glove
red glovered glove
pethotelfree 5 year member ship
animaljam19,000 gems
yearspartyhost a party of your own and shows on the list of parties
funtimeone free member den
volcanoevolcanoe member den for non members too
tenthousend10,000 gems
callme10 free gift in the mail for non members
filegameyou get to create your own game
bluefoot3 free extra animals for non members
popstaryou get 5 free things that a member gets
colomn2 free dens
300300 things will fit in your den
win times 4win 4x gems on pest control for 1 week only
freefree 5 year member ship
lostyou have to loose 5 games agenst someone then you get on the 5th time 500,000,000 gems
motescreate your own type of hair style
coatsa free clover blanket
cona free com glove that disapears when you trade a person what you want for the glove
trickyou get a trick or treat dish
fillyou get to fill your den with 10 member things for free
memberyou get a free 20 year member ship
animalsyou get 10 animals anyone even member ones
feetyou get 3 pairs of shoes
lowcoatsyou get a clover blanket for 5 gems
lopeyou get a den with a lope in it like a skate ramp
shipyou get a ship den under water for member only but for free
pantsyou get non existing npair of pants on animal jam
bananasfree member ship
cowsyou get a non existing animal on animal jam
luncha free restraunt den for members only
funanimalpartyanimals will be atomaticaly brought to your den for a party
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Code - Pillow room

by Unregistered Feb 27, 2012
go to pillow room and jump on a pillow 6 times6 month membership
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