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Animal Jam Review :

A tribute to a awesome game

by katiebug1221 May 29, 2012
I would have to say aj (animal jam) would be on a scale of one to ten a 6.4. It's a good game but does have a few flaws. Now the information they give isnt that good but its not the worst. Many people ask were do you get a glove or were do you get a bow, all i can say is trading. Some people would agree with me when I say it's best played for eight through thirteen year olds. Animal Jam, I guess I would say it's a fun game, if your looking for a virtual world. Im interested to hear what you guys think. Write me if theres some thing new you want to get out or something you really want to know.

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4Story line
Not much but a virtual world.Accually its just a virtual world I think it's worth trying, then again everybody differnt so it's eather a hit or a miss for you and me.
Poor poor graphics if you want good graphics play modern warfare 3 it has awesome graphics. If they bumped up the graphics and the sounds aj's rating for me would be a 9.
Ok music but not someting that interestig. It has no words but a ok tune , each land has a different sound but I think it's cool how you can buy sounds for your den.
Fun depends what you like.I like it cause it fits my description of a good game if you want a game like this but better go to http:// Secret Builders .com its like this but has more options and the membership only gives you money and if you dont have a member ship you still get the same stuff.
8Lasting Appeal
A good game very recomended especcally if you like something full of games and friends.Now if your not that social don't play it. Its a have fun with your friends play something like river race with your friends kinda bame.
(Out of 10)


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