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Anno 2070 Trainer :

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+14 Trainer for Anno 2070 1.05

by phodosoft Sep 14, 2012

Written for Anno 2070 1.05 Retail with +14 options :

1. Add Gold (wealth) - 4.2 Million (PROMO)

2. Infinite Resources - Gives you Max resources of everything you have.

3. Infinite Energy - Gives you a large ammount of energy.

4. Infinite Buildings - Stops building count

5. Infinite Workers - Gives you 50.000 workers

6. God Mode - Gives you 1000% of life and velocity for boats when getting hit.

7. Infinite Licenses - Gives you 1 million licenses after you de-activate option.

8. Infinite Fleet - Gives you 1 for fleet at any moment, so you can always build boats.

9. Kill with one Shot - This will kill your opponent when you shoot him.

10. Super Team - Gives all your and your allies boats 1000% life and velocity at any given moment.

11. Instant Boat - Once turned on , gives you 0 cooldown to build boats.

12. Boat Editor - Only Turn this on when boat is selected and has at least 1 item.

13. Item Editor - Works for boats and warehouses, does not require at least 1 item.

14. Infinite Storage - Gives Infinite storage to all warehouses.





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