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AQ Worlds Review :

Is it a good game?

by Bodofdeath Aug 31, 2010

This game is good i recommend it for alot of people who like free -play mmorpgs there is a storyline but its optional you dont always have to do the story you can lvl up and then do story. addicting and fun link to game

http://www.aqworlds. com/ play and upgrade ur account but the aq coins and upgrades are cheap it the one part i dont like

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8Story line
Pretty much ur a guy or girl who needs to save the worlds of lore from Drakath and his 13 lords of chaos... except at the begginging intro u fall down a mountain. As u continue fighting the chaos lords u lvl up and collect new better equip and getting better moves pretty simple idea. not complicated
the graphics are good. i have to admit when i first started playing the game i excpected it to be like the first tetris. like pixels its not like that. that used a pretty good artist because the players have a lot of detail like everything else that is in the game 10/10
not much to say just your basic overrated attack sounds and the music in some areas the special effects sounds are good but not much makes a sound 5/10 for sound
the gameplay is good u dont always use the same move to attack you can use your own combo of attacks and dont its realtime. good i like it lots of people who play it like it too 10/10
9Lasting Appeal
overall i think that the game is popular and lots of people play daily i reccomend it for loads of people it fun and addicting
(Out of 10)


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