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Battleon Cheats :

This page contains Battleon cheats list for PC version. Now we have 35 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 2 easter eggs, 1 glitch, 27 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Battleon on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Hints - Not much

by wyattv Oct 18, 2006

Warlic's teleports
Magma leaf,memason kelp and slattwob dust=pirate thing
Slattwob dust,mermazon kelp and Magma leaf=TRIPLE CHALLENGE

sorry for any inconvinience about the number of hints i wrote.

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Cheats - Get a Dragonblade(Guardians Only)

by Unregistered Dec 28, 2006

To get a Dragonblade, first press travel map then press epic quest.Then press Dragonstone then press any:Attack at night! or Attack now!It sometimes dosen't appear but if you are a guardian and you have high luck like I have 60, you will get the Dragonblade!

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Cheats - How to own carnax battles

by Unregistered Nov 13, 2006

to kill carnax easy,u need to be a guardian and a lvl 9 necromancer.
you should have the ability undead mutant.
when ur about to battle carnax there would be a treasure chest next to the carnax battle screen,open it and u will get a temporary carnax blade this does chaos damage to carnax.
next battle carnax and use undead mutant on him it would most likely do 60-150 damage and because of undead mutant u will do 6 hits.
it would be realy easy to beat him,plus u get easy xp and cash,how about that >:P


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Secret - Adventurer Dragonblade

by Unregistered Jan 16, 2012

Go to Granemor then talk to the guy then go to Soraya and go to the pearapplo shop under weapons there is a dragonblade for adventurers that only costs 726 gold, I believe...

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Code - Warlics shop combinations.

by Unregistered Jul 28, 2011

Go to mage shop then ask warlic to explore now here is the combinations!

1. Mermazon kelp+Magma leaf+slattwob dust = teleporting potion to triple challenge or awesome pirate ship.

2.mermazon kelp+frogzard tear+Bad juice=hair turns green not permanently

3 frogzardtear+moglin essence+bad juice =turn your whole head and hair black.

4 mermazon kelp+frogzard tear+moglin essence=backwards name

5.mermazon kelp+frogzard tear+magma leaf=health potion

6 bad juice+moglin essence+mermazon kelp=mana potion

7 Sottwob dust+Bad juice +magma Leaf= pet rock

when your head is black or hair is green cant remember which one and you equip lycan armor your head is in the lycans body. Plus if you go to the pet shop with the pet rock and you go to valencia you click on the travel pass and she takes the rock. no need to thank me because i used some of the other peoples info not on warlics shop combos though other things so i made this to show my gratitude!

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Secret - How to get nightbane form

by Unregistered Nov 01, 2007

first you go to darkvai forist and go to nightbanes fortress do it intil it ses reatrete and then press on it talk to E for a while then just click on the plce were you thnik he is i do do ya want me to tel you?! well it is is the 2nd row up on the right then you should fight nightbane thnks for lisnin

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Secret - Who to get 10 health pots in 2 mins or less

by Unregistered Oct 23, 2007

First click on twilly and it will say hello click it and then click the
"FROG ZARD HUNTER" then visit him and go on quest three
there will be a girlshell talk and a bird will take her youll fight a giant bug
kill it and this dude will come and complane about the bug hell fight you and defeat him
you will get 10 health pots

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Secret - 10 Potions

by Unregistered Oct 17, 2007

Talk to Twilly, and ask him about the Frogzard Hunter. Click Frogzard Hunter lvl 3 and then at the start you'll fight a mosquito. Later, defeat the Swamp Trog and he will give u 10 potions. Then, just flee when you're fighting the InfernoZard to cancel the mission to get 10 free potions.

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Secret - Wicked awsome strength and looks (gaurdian only!)

by destroyer29 Oct 05, 2007

first train to a lvl 5 mage and wizard (talk to warlic!) then go to isibidians lair (front map!) buy the best armor at the necromaster shop then train to lvl 10 you have awsome powers lvl 1 undead giant does hundred damage and more for 30mp undead mutant does 6 attacks that do about 60+ damage for 125mp! then wait ten turns go fight carnax when you die click become lich you turn almighty with 3 attacks that are amazing like drain undead assult and terror! and when you put on the isibidian armor you get a skeleton guy who holds you weapons and stuff!!! :extra!(if you want to look wicked awsome go to warlics shop click explore shop then click on the 3 bottle potions and put then in the big bowl then your face turns black so you look wicked awsome!

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Secret - Beginners

by ragepker Sep 19, 2007

when asked to choose a friend to adventure with choose robina!

if a monster has 200% wind then she will hit 60s sometimes!!

if its just got 100% or lower ull hit 30s with her

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Secret - Xp for guys

by ragepker Sep 19, 2007

Go to nightbanes fortress and kill mosnters-make sure you click on take darklaw

i earned 3000 froom this and leveled from 10-25 in alf hour!

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Secret - How to get a good fire wepon

by Unregistered Sep 12, 2007

u need to be at least lvl15 and should have 600 gold.go to yugar's inn and buy the bad axe.the damge is between 4-15 and has 5% bonus and has a cool attack which does 10-20 damage and attacks twice!good for noobs below lvl 30

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Secret - Beating safiria

by Zeruel_130 Aug 15, 2008

get GA,frozen flag pole,golden holy armor,shadow cloak and red dragonslayer armor also us the pets nerfkitten,cordemi and Deadeyed cupid first use nerfkitten let it nerf safiria 4 times then that's were you will call cordemi let it nerf the magic and resistance of safiria then call deadeyed cupid It can paralyze safiria then when your hp is low use heal mortal wounds then If you don't have enough mp use LOF then use Red dragonslayer armor make sure that it's charged then use CFTFD then use frozen flag pole I forgot to mention if you have a nerf weapon you can also equip it then use holy light to safiria until her hp is below 200 then use asgardian plate if you have then equip poise if you also have then her hp will go below 50 then If deadeyed cupid paralyze her attack again then she will be defeated

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Easter Egg - Easy help

by Unregistered Mar 31, 2008

what you do is go to keld naer and pick a side and then a weapon and a partner go into battle and when you have enough skill points run from the battle and there you have it some help until you log out


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Secret - Teleportation (the first "teleportation" i sent was wrong

by lol362 Dec 20, 2007

i'm sory about the first "teleportation" i sent.

go to warlic, click on explore shop. mix Mermazon Kelp, Megmar Leaf and
Dustslobe rock. it will teleport u to a pirate ship!!

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Secret - The Pit has moved!

by Unregistered Nov 15, 2007

To get two the pit, click on twilly and about 2 inches left of him, click and the pit will appear.

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Secret - How to get a pet pizza

by deprez1 Jul 26, 2007

First you have to buy the arcane sythe then buy you have to buy dragonscale armr (lvl. 36+)then go to frogzard hunter and do quest #3 2 times,then sll the armor and the wepon at aria's shop,then buy the stuff again,then sell it at Warlic's shop then explore Warlic's shop and mix the frogzard tear,moglin essence and bad juice then sell the armor at aria's shop again,and then buy the darkthorn and the aqua plate and sell them at warlics shop then go buy the stone armor and sell it at warlic's shop again then talk o aria and she will give you the pizza and it hits 22-87.

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Hints - Darklaw.

by Unregistered May 25, 2007

Go to darkovia and click nightbanes fortress and fight for tracking Nightbane.Requires lvl-70 more.And cancel iof u are weak.Simple.

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Hints - Houses

by Unregistered Apr 19, 2007

buy any house from battleon and wait a few weeks and you can sell it and you can get more ztokens I dont know if it will work for you but it worked for me

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Secret - Mega Easy Money

by Unregistered Dec 24, 2007

go to Zorbaks lair do save the muhrbles u face like lv 30 orcs bring any wep (reccomended lv 40+) ty

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Secret - Ownage

by ragepker Sep 19, 2007

For guys that are pretty new to the game(20-40) try this!
Wepans-staff of asstderix(availible from doc saw bones event when you kill him)
Darklaw-from drakovia forest at nightbanes fortress
star wand-shop at hompe town
duallight sword-werewolf gear at werewolf lair
These wepons are essential if u wish to own monsters
(also day break a spell is useful against dark mosnters)

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Hints - Easy money (must be level 1 dragons layer)

by sexyboy1000 Aug 17, 2006

You want easy money? Then take my advice. First go to dragon spine. Then click on the uneasy peace between dracomancers and dragonslayers. Keep on killing dragons till you get a dragon blade. After that just kill till the 2 boxes come up. Press the bottom box. Just use dragon strike and u make nice green.

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Unlockable - Have galanoth fight by your side and free double hit bow or double hit auger

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2009

you must go south of batlleon to kaeld naer and fight with the humans and orcs once submitted choose galanoth to fight with you once submitted get avistrias bow or auger of brontus

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Hints - Nightbane armur

by shotgunner May 25, 2007

goto nightbane fortress and keep fighting the enemy and after you found a letter read it and memorize it(or just write it on apiece of paper)then fight the enemy again.after that you will be asked where to go the go to where the letters are written.after then you will fight nightbane(fake one)after you defeat him you will go to a shop and taraaa you will be sold an nightbane armour.(i'm not sure what is the level to buy the armor caus it's been a long time i've played battleon.)

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Secret - How to get 25 potions

by susukemia Mar 24, 2008

firts go to twilly an go to frog zard hunter then qeast 3 after the swamp trog give you ten poitions go to aria shops then buy a spell then go to twilly again then click hered any rumors then hunt seed spitter then use the spell to attack it then somtimes he will give you some poitions attack it antell you get 25 potions.

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