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Bin Weevils Cheats :

This page contains Bin Weevils cheats list for PC version. Now we have 19 cheats in our list, which includes 11 cheats codes, 5 glitches, 3 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Bin Weevils on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Binweevils mystery items

by mustafamoussa Nov 08, 2011
mulchmag11201000 mulch
6851000 mulch
fortune219a machine which tells you tips
631000 mulch
SWSP4KJL47AF1000 mulch
72096115137160a nest item
hall13Gets a pumpkin item for your nest
Mystery3Gets a cool item
Toilet2849Get a toilet with a monster in!
C6247OUTWITgets a nest item
WWW100THANKYOUGets a super rare 100th Weevil Weekly poster
secret8Gets a cardboard sofa
BAFTA543Gets an exclusive BAFTA Binweevils Item
BAFTA879Gets an exclusive BAFTA Binweevils Item
toxic711Gets a cool fish item
gogirl711Gets a wallpaper
buntyGets an item or some mulch
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Code - Cheat

by Unregistered Jul 09, 2012

cheat codes really work. ONLY WORK FOR BINWEEVILS.

treat6nest item
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Secret - How to have unlimited time in spot the difference

by afatsummustafa Nov 28, 2011

You first go to spot the difference then when you start quickly at the top right corner click the question mark then click start now you have unlimited time for all the levels so you dont need to rush.

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Code - Fly In your house

by Unregistered Oct 31, 2011

First Sit On A chair and then take it off then you will be flying simple

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Code - Great Wallpaper for Girls

by Unregistered Sep 02, 2011
  1. go to labs lab
  2. go to mystery machine
  3. enter gogirl711
  4. go to nest and its there
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Code - How to do awsome move in shopping mall

by Unregistered Aug 04, 2011

(WARNING U HAVE TO BE HIGH ENOUGH LEVEL) u first go in the shopping mall, go upstairs, clik on the trampoline den quickly clik on the action button, clik on anything dat makes u spin, and u go mad in the air

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Glitch - Get always time on spot the diffence

by Unregistered Aug 19, 2010

On evy level clik on the ? at the top of the page press start. then get LOADS of wrong diffrences.and wait.then youl have a always this on evy lv

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Code - Ice Cream Glitch

by Unregistered Sep 27, 2012

Bin Weevils Eat Ice Cream Anywhere!

1. Go To Figgs Cafe

2. Click On The Red Button At The Ice Cream Maker

3. Click On The Ice Cream (Please Don't Tick The Box)

4. Go On The Map

4. Go To The Place You Want To Eat The Ice Cream

5. Tick The Box

Now You Will Be Eating Ice Cream Anywhere!

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Glitch - Floating in the air!

by Unregistered May 21, 2012

This is a simple way to float in the air and you do not have to be a high level!

1. Click on your action moves and click on the one 3rd row up last one along.

2. When you are performing this move click on number 2 and 3 on you keyboard to wave.

3. While you are doing this you should spot that you are of the ground lol!

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Secret - How to get a free chair!

by fryfry_abc Nov 21, 2011

OK First go to labs lab but don't go inside.

Then click on the thing that takes you to typing a mystery code.

Type: mystery3

Then go home and then you will have it.

Simples huh!

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Code - Fish Item in Nest

by Unregistered Sep 02, 2011
  1. go to labs lab
  2. go to mystery machine
  3. enter toxic711
  4. go to nest and here you go
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Secret - Bin weevils free radio.

by Unregistered Jul 07, 2011

On bin weevils you can get a free radio. Just go to honey monster HQ (outside Flems manor) and click on the blue radio. See what happens!

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Glitch - Disappear! 2 steps!!

by maliha Dec 07, 2009

Wanna disapear
heres how to!:
(mostly works on chairs and beds)
sit on your chair or bed
then remove the item and you'll disappear

get out and you'll be back!

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Glitch - Moonwalking in club fling

by maliha Aug 31, 2009

Go to club fling
then click on a space
Then click the star
(next to stand up high)
then click GFGF then click the star again
then click STAR GFG STAR
and click on a space
and you will be moonwalking!

TIP:ONLY works in club fling

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Code - Walking on the walls in your nest

by hiya2345 Apr 20, 2011

Go to kips scrapyard and click on two ball at the back of the room as your are
walking up to it quickly go to your nest! You should still be playing two be in
your nest and you should be on the wall! p.s

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Code - How to be big in ya nest

by Unregistered Jan 31, 2012

all you have to do is become tycoon then get a photo studio and you have to be level 20 go to photo plaza then disappear then clike on chair,rock and stoll go some where and TAADAA ya big

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Code - How to walk on a wall in your nest

by hamdiner Apr 26, 2011

go to kip's scrap yard and click on the 2 play ball pool at the back of the room just before you get to it click the nest item and if loads slowley it will come up in your nest

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Glitch - Bin weevils glitch

by Unregistered Dec 24, 2010

if you want to change the color of your nest outside your nest ! DO THIS

  1. go to a place were their is NO CAMERA .
  2. then invite anyone to your nest.
  3. then quickly remove them from your invite list.
  4. then you will have the bars with the colors up in the right top corner.
  5. move the bars around and then go back to your nest and your done!

HOPE this is useful BYE

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Code - Big in flem manor

by weejimmy1 Apr 11, 2011

The cheat of the game is how to get big in flem manor u click in front of the statue then click on the library door the u will end up in it then go out and click as far in front of any statue's and u will be big in flem manor!

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Bin Weevils Cheats


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