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Cave Story: Doukutsu Monogatari Cheats :

This page contains Cave Story: Doukutsu Monogatari cheats list for PC version. Now we have 2 cheats in our list, which includes 2 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Cave Story: Doukutsu Monogatari on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Unlock the best ending, srsly. [Get SACRED GROUND]

by WinterChocolatt Mar 16, 2010

To get the best ending possible, mainly the good ending, there's stuff you MUST do and complete in-game. This would mean achieving Sacred Ground, the final level of the whole entire game.

1 - After defeating Monster X, do NOT drop down to the pit and talk to Professor Booster. Not only will he die, but instead of giving you Booster v 2.0, he gives you 0.8, which only hovers diagonally and CANNOT get you through Sacred Ground, the last level to beat!
2 - When you get to the core room, drop on down to the far left of the place, below the dormant core. There should be sparkles that would be the Tow Rope. You'll need it to save Curly, who is mandatory to save in order to enter Sacred Ground.
3 - Instead of pointlessly falling down the waterway without entering the Waterway Cabin to drain the water out of Curly and save her, try to jump just at the right moment. Get into the door and view the computer. It'll tell you about a certain book, so examine the bookshelf. You'll learn how to drain water from robots, so do so on Curly. She'll work after talking to her enough, and make sure to keep talking until you TAKE HER WITH YOU. Leave the cabin.
4 - If you've done and accomplished everything right so far, you should be able to meet up again with Curly at the lower-right bottom corner of the Plantation. She's in a gap/hole in the ground that leads down to a little opening. She'd resting on a bed with a Cthulhu next to her. She has amnesia, so engage in conversation with Cthulhu, and make sure he mentions a mushroom called Ma Pignon. Return to the graveyard and use your trusty booster to get to the door on the far top-right. You can't miss it. After you've defeated Ma Pignon, return to the Plantation and use it on Curly. Talk to her a couple times until you receive the Iron Bond, which will enable to meet up again, in Sacred Ground.

- Once you've done all of this, when you're escaping from the Balcony with Sue, go into the Prefab House and the door should open. If you haven't done everything correctly, it will not open for you. After entering, and make sure you save [Sacred Ground is EXTREMELY difficult, obstacles cause a lot of damage, hoards of enemies, plus the need to use booster frequently that can risk death, and big red instant-death spikes along with smaller 5-10 damage ones, but in the whole game, you only have a TOTAL MAX OF 55 HP, and that's all the life capsules you can get, so not getting damaged often is necessary!], drop right down... 

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Unlockable - Secret Weapon: Bubbler

by WinterChocolatt Mar 15, 2010

After obtaining the Jellyfish Juice, use it on the fireplace in the Assembly Hall in Mimiga Village to get a very useful weapon, the Bubbler. You can hold down when it's equipped and form a total of 100 bubbles that deflect enemy attacks [The ones that are blockable, since not all can be with any weapon at all] and cause a lot of damage because of all the sharp stars it releases after holding it down for awhile. It's also good for a lot of enemies, like the hordes of birds that fly over to you and follow in the Sand Zone. Another good way to use it is when you're in the Labyrinth for example, and an enemy traps you in a spot by jumping up and trying to attack. You can stay still in any spot and charge up the Bubbler, it'll release those stars and hit enemies for you. It's very useful in the Sand Zone, if you have any trouble with enemies, use it as a shield and launch a full-all out scale of those shuriken stars. You can even use it to get the nifty ARMS BARRIER, I can her the noise of oohs and ahhs right now. ANOTHER way to use it would be fighting Monster X, and infamous boss in Cave Story that made several amazing players give-up. When he shoots and releases heat-seeking fish-like missile projectiles, Bubbler protects you and eliminates them in a single hit. You can even use it against the boss, Balfrog, and block all his missile attacks.

BubblerUse Jellyfish Juice on the fireplace in the Assembly Hall
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Cave Story: Doukutsu Monogatari Cheats


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