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Champions Online Achievements :

This page contains Champions Online Achievements list for PC version.We have description of 50 Achievements right now. Also you can find at this page guides about reaching these Achievements are written by our users. Of course you can make some own guides for any Champions Online Achievements.


Reach level 10

Vanquished Black Talon

You have defeated Black Talon!


Have 1,000 resource points


Reach level 5

The Avenger

Deal 5,000 damage. Your unwavering efforts to beat back the forces of injustice have unlocked the Avenger Role!

The Sentinel

Receive 5,000 damage. Your unyielding stand against the forces of corruption and injustice has unlocked the Sentinel Role!

Vanquished Rakshasa

You have defeated Rakshasa

Vanquished Gigaton

You have defeated Gigaton

Learn The Ropes

Learn the basics of how to be a Super Hero in Champions online in the Tutorial

The Protector

Heal 5,000 damage. Your selfless care for your teammates has unlocked the Protector Role!

Stop The Invasion

Link up with Millennium City's protecters and stop the Qularr attack at it's source.

Save The City

The sudden Qularr attack has left the people of Millennium City in all manner of trouble. A Super-Hero's work is never done.

Vanquished Ferd

You have defeated Ferd!


Complete 25 different missions


Reach level 10

Vanquished Talisman

You have defeated Talisman!

Vanquished Major Gertz

You have defeated Major Gertz!

Vanquished Redstone

You have defeated Redstone!

Mosquito Repellent

Defeat 100 Qularr

Vanquished Leech

You have defeated Leech!

Millennium City: Explorer

Explore all neighborhoods in Millennium City


Complete 50 different missions

Geiger Blip

Defeat 100 Irradiates

Vanquished Foxbat

You have defeated Foxbat!

Black Box Down

Recover the black box from the Oceanica 408 wreckage.

Raiders On The Storm

A strange storm has brought down an airliner, and unnatural creatures are hindeirng the rescue effort.

Livin' Large

Have 50,000 resource points

Desert History: Burning Sands

Low level radiation permeates this area, though Burning Sands is not nearly as deadly as the Atomic Wasteland to the north, where most of the government’s nuclear tests were performed in the 1950s. Nonetheless, prolonged exposure to the radiation i


Defeat 100 Hunter-Patriots

Vanquished Kevin Poe

You have defeated Kevin Poe


Complete 75 different missions

Snake Eyes

Defeat 100 Viper

Canada History: Force Station Steelhead

Headquarters of the power-armored peacekeepers known as the RCMP Steelhead Division, a Canadian government agency that tracks and investigates supervillains, coordinates with local heroes, and has agents keeping tabs on recurring trouble spots.

Ironclad Offensive

Help Ironclad Take Down the Qularr Mothership

Desert History: Atomic Wasteland

The site of extensive nuclear testing by the government in the 1950s, this area is unfit for any sort of habitation due to deadly amounts of radiation. Side effects of this radiation include mutation, diminished capacity and heightened aggression. Project

Pop The Clutch

Stp VIPER's research into psychic and super-human phenomina at "The Clutch"

Millennium City History: Westside

Currently undergoing a vigorous reconstruction and refurbishment effort, Westside is Millennium City’s unpolished diamond. Thanks to new city jail, and a concerted effort from local law enforcement and dedicated superheroes, criminal and gang activ


Defeat 100 New Purple Gang Members

War Never Changes

War never changes, but it can change the soldiers who fight it. Help the troops of Project Greenskin against the irradiates, and against a foe far more terrible.

Deep Pockets

Have 100,000 resource points


Complete 100 different missions


Defeat 100 Burnside Ghosts

Vanquished Tachyon

You have defeated Tachyon!

Out Of The Wasteland

A horde of Irradiated mutants is attacking the Primus Base known as Project: Greenskin. What could be driving them to this rampage?

Foxbat And Fandom

Foxbat's causing all kinds of trouble in the Westside district of Millennium city.

Accident Prone

Receive 1,000,000 damage in PvP


Deal 1,000,000 damage

Vanquished Director

You have defeated Director!

Canada History: Rime Woods

This area houses several labs known as "The Clutch," where VIPER scientists perform experiments as part of their Project Awakening, a program devoted to unleashing the human brain’s psionic potential. VIPER hopes the program, once complete, will le

Breakout Of The Big House

Cheif Surhoff could use help dealing with a Prison Break in Westside in Millennium City.

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