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This page contains cheats list for PC version. Now we have 392 cheats in our list, which includes 368 cheats codes, 1 unlockable, 3 easter eggs, 1 glitch, 19 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How to shrink non-moving Avatars.

by dpad Oct 06, 2009

Ok, so when you want to get an avatar, it cant be any bigger than 80x80px or you cant use it, here is a simple way to shrink your avatar ;)

. Go to where the picture is that you want as your avatar, right click it, and save it to your computer.

. Go to:

. Click "browse"

. Select the picture you want as your avatar

. click "more options"

. Click "specify your own height and width"

. Type in "80" in the width and the height box.

. Resize it.

. Right click on your new picture and save it to your computer, you can now add the image as your new avatar!

have fun =P

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Secret - Color Text!

by blaziken1234 Jul 04, 2008

See how this text is red? I'm going to show you how to do it! But you need to follow these steps EXACTLY the way I tell them.

1.) Type:

<font color="">your text</font>

2.) Next to the =, type a color. Our example this time is Orange, so type "orange"> (Yes that includes lowercase letters and any punctuation) on the right of the =

<font color= "orange"> (Take away the space in the middle.)</font>

3.) Press space after the > and say whatever it is you want to say.

Orange text! ^_^

Several tips:

1.) This only works in the text, not the title.
2.) I'm not sure what colors won't, but here is a list of colors I know will work:

<br /> <font color="red"> Red</font> (</font> - use close tags necessarily!)<br /> <font color="orange"> Orange</font><br /> <font color="yellow"> Yellow</font><br /> <font color="green"> Green</font><br /> <font color="blue"> Blue</font><br /> <font color="teal"> Teal</font><br /> <font color="purple"> Purple</font><br /> <font color="black"> Black</font><br /> <br /> <font color="white"> Experiment, who knows? You might discover a new color you can use!</font><br />

If anything turns oout weird with this cheat, like misssing text, odd colored text, or added codes, it's because this can be really tricky to do when trying to post this as a cheat. Please rate, but all the credit does not go to me.

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Easter Egg - How to make the profile multi-coloured

by Armalon Nov 16, 2009

In this mini-article i'll explain how to change color in your profile. You can see here example. I do not speak about background pictures, i'll explain this thing in next message.
So, the first, about you have to know, is that all changes we will write in "About Me" field. You can find them here: "Go to control panel" --> "Settings" --> "Edit personal info" (bookmark). "About Me" is a large text field under "Your status".
We will write CSS code, it's not very hard.
Ok, lets try change something!
Copy this text to "About Me" to change your headers color:

h1 { color: red; }

(Things that can be changed are marked by italic)
And all headers in your profile will be red. By the way, you can choose any color as you wish:
red, pink, orange, yellow, darkviolet, lime, green, teal, skyblue, blue, tan...
Full list of colors see here.
To change link color write this:
a { color: deepskyblue; }

You can combine link and headers color:
h1 { color: red; }
a { color: deepskyblue; }

As you can see, we always use style tag, it is necessary for correct display!
To change all other text copy this text:
#main_content { color: yellow; }

Here that it has turned out finally:
This is my multi-coloured profile =)
h1 { color: red; }
a { color: deepskyblue; }
#main_content { color: yellow; }

If you have any questions, or any remark, please, contact me!

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Secret - Cheat gone?

by blaziken1234 Nov 22, 2007

Have you posted a cheat and you have seen it didn't come out at all? Wondering if your cheat was not even sent? Don't worry! It happens all the time. It turns out you need to wait a while. After 24 hours (At the max), your hard-typed, good cheat (Or odd joke, *Ahem* Michevious Unregistereds, I'm talking about you!) WILL be added!

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Code - Points Earned table

by zin'ya Mar 10, 2008

Points add 1 time in 24 hours when you add question or answer, cheat and etc.
Coast of contribute:

cheat (password, code , unlocckables)5
hint (secret, glith, easter egges)5
new game5
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Code - Mounth contest points

by zin'ya Apr 01, 2009

How we will comput points for mounth contest since april 2009
First column of table is type of submit, second column is points for current type of submit from first column according.
First number of second columns is count of points that you will earn if the game no have more 5 items of that type. Else we will earn count of points equal second number.
For example, Stormrise [x360] game have 1 cheat (1 less then 5) if you will submit cheat for this game you earns 3 points. Pokemon Platinum [nds] game have 40 hints (40 more then 5), if you will submit hint for this game you earn 1 point for this hint.

type of submitpoints
cheats (code, unlockable, password)3 - 1
hint (secret, glitch, easter eggs)3 - 1
walkthriough3 - 2
file (trainer, save, editor)3 - 2
new game1
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Code - How to embed a YouTube video to your profile

by killa01 Jan 12, 2009

When you are watching a YouTube video you will notice under the author of that video and it's description, there will be two things: URL and Embed. See that coding in the embed space, copy that coding. Click ->Go to control panel (on CheatsGuru), click Settings and then click Edit personal info. Paste that code in the About me section and then click Save or Ok whatever the button is. It will say Changes Saved! Go to your profile and enjoy your video!

[Code in video]Once pasted into your profile, your video should show up unless you need a Java plug-in(update).

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Easter Egg - How to put Background Image in profile

by Comrade Dec 14, 2009

Hallo everyone! Today i'll tell you how to put a background picture in your profile like here.
I have taken for this purpose a Modern Warfare 2 picture, because i like this game.
But, the first, about you nesseary to know, is that we will make is a small "Hack", this is NOT CG feature and NOT supported by moderators.
One more thing:
Images will be stored on indirect servers. If the image is remote, in your profile its will be remote too.

Let's start!
We need to find some cool picture in world wide web. I used for this purpose Google Image Search. Put in the search field "Modern Warfare 2" and press "Search images".
Choose any picture and click them. I have chosen the green inscription with black background and have clicked on the picture. Then click "See full size image", you will see i your browser a full image.
The direct path to a picture is necessary to us. You can find them in browser address bar. For my picture this address looks like
Ok, we have a direct path to our image. Now it is necessary to reduce the link, because CG parser will clear our link, if we will put it just like that.
I use for this service. Go to main page and put our direct image path ( to field below "Enter your long link or file here:" and press "Shorten". You will get a shot link. I had
Finnaly put a short link in this style text:

.roundbody { background-image : url( '' ); }

That's all. Contact me, if you have any questions!

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Secret - Post Pics and Vids!

by blaziken1234 Nov 24, 2007

To those of you are are sorta new and don't know how to add more to your text than just words... Here's how!

Youtube Videos:

Go to the page that your video plays on. Look for the "Embed" Code somewhere next to the video. Copy it, and then paste it on cheatsguru!

Photobucket Pictures:

This is somewhat similar to Youtube vids. Find the picture you want on Photobucket (Not Google or anything else... It doesn't work.) and click on it. On the page where you can see the picture bigger than before, look for the "H.M.L." Code and Copy/Paste it to Cheatsguru!

Congratulations! You can now make pages come more to life!

...One last little tip:

You can't post the pictures or videos in questions, only in answers. So if you want to show people a video, say something like "Here's a (Funny, Cool, etc.) Video! Click here!" or something.

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Code - Upload picture in CheatsGuru profile

by zin'ya Jul 30, 2007

For upload picture in your profile:
1. - Click on Edit profile link;

2. - Click on "Browse" button in "Your Avatar" field;

3. - Select image (image must be have max size 80x80 pixels, and have gif, jpg or png fomat)

4. - And finaly push on "Save Profile" buttons

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Secret - Why you should activate your account

by PokeGal Dec 23, 2008

It will show when you're online.
You can create and talk on forums.
You can make the cheat file.
You can talk on shout-boxes
You can show requests.
And I think that's it.

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Secret - New users guide to CheatsGuru.

by dpad Jan 08, 2010

Register: Before you can do anything, you have to register as a user. To do this, click the register button in the top right hand corner of the page. You must then select a username, a password, and enter your email adress. If your username is already taken, choose another one. Also, no more than 1 account can have the same email adress. Once your done, log in and enjoy the site!

Activate your account: Once you've registered, an email should have been sent to your email adress. Open the email you recieved. Then simply click the link, and your account should be activated. Another way to activate your account is to click the "Activate account" button and enter the code in the email. The "Activate account" button should now be gone and replaced by a "Private messages" button.

Send a Private message: Go to the user's profile that you want to send the message to. You should see a button with "Send message" written on it, Click that. Type the title of your message in the "Subject" box. And the text in the "Message" box. When you're done, click send. That user will then recieve the message.

Reply to a Private message: When you get sent a Private message from another user, you can view it by clicking the "Private messages" button in the top right corner of the page, then click on it. To reply to the message, simpy click the reply button in the bottom left corner of the message. Then type your message and click the "Send message" button.

Add someone to your friends list: If you like a user and you want to become friends, go to the user's profile. And over the "Send message" button, there is a button with "Add to friends" on it. Click that. The user will only be added to your friends list if they accept your request.

Accept or reject a friend request: If someone adds you to their friends list, their username will appear under "friends" in your control panel. There will be a green tick and a red X next to their username. If you want to be their friend, click the green tick and they will be added to your friends list. If you don't want to, click the red X.

Submit a cheat: If you want to submit a cheat to the site, here's how: Go to the game page which you want to submit the cheat for. Once there, click the "Cheat & Hint" button. Then, click where it says "Select cheat type:"
There will be a list of options that appear, choose which one is relevant for your cheat. Then, type up your cheat and click the "Submit cheat!" button. If the cheat... 

continue →

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Secret - Different Fonts

by PikaHero2 Nov 07, 2009

Example: < font face="apple chancery" >text here
Take away the spaces here: and your font should look like...

You can replace the words apple chancery with any other font to experiment. All fonts that aren't single worded (single worded = arial) have to have the space in the middle (ex. lucida handwriting).

Please read the codes and directions carefully.

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Secret - MODs descriptions

by shadow95 Jul 27, 2009

There are three types of MODs:

-Game MODs: Supervisors of all game cheats;

-Platform MODs: Supervisors of all platforms;

-Super MODs: Kind of Supreme supervisors.

To be a MOD you must have an account with at least 1 and 1/2 year, access to CG at least one time a week and don't do nothing that harms CG.

For those who don't know MOD=MODERATOR.

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Secret - Pictures and links

by zin'ya Jul 09, 2008

If you don't want have a links on pictures which you take on photobucket and other web sites you need do next:

img code from photobucket with link:

<a href="<br /> current=random.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" onload="imgFit(this, 640);" onclick="imgFit(this, 640);"></a><br />
img on web page:

delete<a href="<br /> current=contentcodingerror.jpg" target="_blank"> construction
and delete </a>
in result you will be have this code:
<img src="" onload="imgFit(this, 640);" onclick="imgFit(this, 640);">

Now your pictures don't have a links =)

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Secret - How to switch the games you play between finished and unfinished

by 5-Year-Old Jan 25, 2010

Go to your control panel, then since you already have your games added to the list just simply click on change status and if it's on finished it will switch to unfinished and vise versa.

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Secret - Music in profile

by bader311 Nov 30, 2009

1.go to pp's main page
2."join now , log in" are on the top if u already have a account log in
3.enter your username/or/email and password
4.go to "Post My Playlist" on the top (once your logged in) says "Where do you want to put your playlist" the options are "myspace,facebook,gaia,friendster,other sites" "other sites"
7.choose the playlist u wanna post
8."How do you want your playlist to look and feel on any website" it says, choose your options "GET CODE"
10.theres a code that u gotta copy(so copy it)
11.go to cg(cheats guru) log in, go to "control panel"
12.go to "settings" "Edit personal info" and then in the "about me"section paste the code that u got from PP/mixpod "save personal info"

1.go to mixpods main page
2."log in. sign up" are in the upper-right hand corner
3.log in then go to "MY PLAYLISTS"
4.choose a playlist then in the right of it it has a couple of options
Edit Songs
Change Skin
Edit Info
Get Code
5.choose "get code"
6.the options are "MySpace,Facebook,Friendster,Hi5,Bebo,Blogger,Wretch,Gaia,Other Sites"
7.go to "other sites"
8.copy the code
9.go to cg (cheats guru) log in, go to control panel
10.go to "settings" "Edit personal info"and then in the "about me"section paste the code that u got from PP/mixpod "save personal info"

And you're done
if u cant follow the steps(for whatever reason) my advice is (LEARN HOW TO READ!)
p.s sorry for all the "go to" i was bored

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Easter Egg - Profile Lines

by Custard Dec 06, 2010

Hi all! Since the HTML horizontal line tag was disabled on profiles there hasn't been an easy way to make lines. Lines can be good for deviding contents and making profiles look neater and fancy. I am here to tell you a way to make easy to use and customize lines with CSS. If you have used CSS before such as the background images or profile colors then you will have no trouble, I will try to make it best explained as I can for everyone.

First you should know we are putting this in the "About Me" box in "Edit personal info", here:

(Sorry the codes on this hint are not able to be copy/paste, you must type them)

Here is the full codes you will need:

You can put this code anywhere in the box, but if you already have a style tags on your page you should put these codes between them instead of making another style tags(you only ever need one set of style tags). Also, putting the style at the top of the page makes sure it loads before the rest of the page.

Once you have that code in place you just have to insert this short code where-ever you want a line on your content part!


It's that easy! Now let me explain the changing features of the line, you can edit elements of the style section of code.

Margin function: This has 3 properties. The first property is marked "4px"(4 pixels), that is the distance of empty space between the top of the line and the content above it. You can edit this number to make the gap smaller or bigger. The second property is marked "-10px",(negative 10 pixels), this is the gap between the sides of the line and the sides of the "About Me" box. It is set to negative 10 to counter the 10px margin already set by the "About Me" box, so it is as close as it can be to the edges. You can make the line shorter by increasing the number. The third property marked "4px" is the distance between the bottom of the line and the content below it, works the same as the first one.

Border function: This also has 3 properties. The first is marked "1px"(1 pixel), this is the property that determines the height of the line. The height of the line will be double the number of pixels you put here, due to the nature of borders, so this example would be 2 pixels high. If you don't want the number to be doubled you can rename the "border" as "border-top". The second value, marked as "solid", defines the appearance of the line. "Solid" will make a solid line,... 

continue →

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Secret - How to register for cheatsguru

by mech Jun 25, 2008


*First click on the ''REGISTER BUTTON'' on your top right hand corner

*When you click it will take you to the ''Registration'' page. There you must fill the the boxes with ANY user name you want, password that only you know and your e-mail address. When your done click on the ''COMPLETER REGISTRATION'' button

* It will then send you an e-mail with the code to activate your account type it in the blank box then click on ''ACTIVATE''. Note: if you can't find it check your junk box or spam setting

*Log in to your account by typing in the user and pass you registered with then click on ''SIGN IN'' button. You will then find your self on the homepage of cheatsguru with your account showing on your top right hand corner

Hope that helps you


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Secret - Secret-delete ban shoutbx stuff

by PokeGal Sep 09, 2008

If something embarrassing is in your shoutbox, then add something in your profile (app, video,picture) and save settings. Then it's gone.
Deletes all messages.

This doesn't work as of August. 2011. There is a broom button that you can use to delete the comments.

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Secret - How to make your text move.

by SharinganMasta17 Sep 29, 2008

In order to perform this, you must use the marquee tag.
E.g: Hello!
This was done by using -marquee- as your opening tag and -/marquee- as your closing tag.
(Use the arrow tags to perform this instead of -'s.)

To make it even more creative, you can put a background color to be the bg of your text.
E.g: Hello!
This was done by doing this: -MARQUEE BGCOLOR=[place color here]- then -/MARQUEE-.

Another maquee is the slide marquee.
E.g: Hello!
This was done by doing this: -MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=SLIDE- then -/MARQUEE-.

There are a variety of marquee codes you can use. That you can experiment with on your own. Hope this helped you out alot.

Remember: (Use the arrow tags to perform these codes instead of -'s.)

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Secret - Uploaded files gone?

by lol362 Jan 09, 2008

Its same as blziken says. the file u uploaded need to
wait for about 24 hour.

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Secret - How to take a screen shot and post it on the site.

by dpad Jan 28, 2010

Here is how to take a screen shot:

1) Press the "Print screen" button on your keyboard to take a picture of the current screen.
2) Open paint.
3) Press Ctrl and V to paste the image.
4) Save it.

If you want to post the image:

1) Create a Photobucket account.
2) Click the "Upload images & videos" button on your homepage.
3) Select the screen shot you took.
4) The image will then be Uploaded onto the site.
5) Click the "Save and get links" button.
6) Use the IMG Code to post the image.

Here's an example of a Screen shot:

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Code - Sending Cheats To Freinds!

by zin'ya Aug 08, 2007

From CG website you can send cheats to your friends! And you've got the following 2 ways for doing it:

1) Sending a single cheat. For this do the following:

1.1 Choose the desired cheat
1.2 Press the "Send" link

1.3 Fill in the "Your name", "Your email" and at least one of "Friends emails" fields

1.4 Press "Send Email" button

2) Sending several cheats at once. For this you should do the following:

2.1 Choose the desired cheats
2.2 Mark them by clicking the mouse on "Mail" icons of each chosen cheat (the icon will become green)

or choose all cheats by clicking "Mail" icon, which is located above the list of cheats (all icons become green)

2.3 Press the "Send" link, located in the panel above the list of cheats

2.4 Fill in the "Your name", "Your email" and at least one of "Friends emails" fields
2.5. Press the "Send" link

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Secret - Links

by Bramblefang Dec 16, 2009

Everyone knows how to put links (Urls) like these on profiles, but they don't work. The links never work on profiles without something like the code below. So, this is how to do it.

< a href="The Links *Urls* go here" target=_self>What you want the words to be for the link< /a>


You can put any Url where "The Links *Urls* go here" is. You can maybe put a link to your site, other accounts, etc.

I hope this helped!

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