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This cheat for [PC] has been posted at 06 Dec 2010 by Custard and is called "Profile Lines". The Cheat have a rating 5 by 9 our users and has been commented 7 times. Also 2 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up Custard and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 4 other cheats for, look them as soon as possible!

Easter Egg - Profile Lines

by Custard Dec 06, 2010

Hi all! Since the HTML horizontal line tag was disabled on profiles there hasn't been an easy way to make lines. Lines can be good for deviding contents and making profiles look neater and fancy. I am here to tell you a way to make easy to use and customize lines with CSS. If you have used CSS before such as the background images or profile colors then you will have no trouble, I will try to make it best explained as I can for everyone.

First you should know we are putting this in the "About Me" box in "Edit personal info", here:

(Sorry the codes on this hint are not able to be copy/paste, you must type them)

Here is the full codes you will need:

You can put this code anywhere in the box, but if you already have a style tags on your page you should put these codes between them instead of making another style tags(you only ever need one set of style tags). Also, putting the style at the top of the page makes sure it loads before the rest of the page.

Once you have that code in place you just have to insert this short code where-ever you want a line on your content part!


It's that easy! Now let me explain the changing features of the line, you can edit elements of the style section of code.

Margin function: This has 3 properties. The first property is marked "4px"(4 pixels), that is the distance of empty space between the top of the line and the content above it. You can edit this number to make the gap smaller or bigger. The second property is marked "-10px",(negative 10 pixels), this is the gap between the sides of the line and the sides of the "About Me" box. It is set to negative 10 to counter the 10px margin already set by the "About Me" box, so it is as close as it can be to the edges. You can make the line shorter by increasing the number. The third property marked "4px" is the distance between the bottom of the line and the content below it, works the same as the first one.

Border function: This also has 3 properties. The first is marked "1px"(1 pixel), this is the property that determines the height of the line. The height of the line will be double the number of pixels you put here, due to the nature of borders, so this example would be 2 pixels high. If you don't want the number to be doubled you can rename the "border" as "border-top". The second value, marked as "solid", defines the appearance of the line. "Solid" will make a solid line, other values you can insert here include "dotted", and "dashed". The third property is marked as "Black". This is the color element and defines what color the line will be. You can find a list of available color names that will work here:

If you want to get advanced you can have multiple styles of lines on your page. Here's an example:

To display different styles you just alter the "id" element of the div tag. Here's how I could use the example above:

You should now be able to easily make, edit, and use lines on your profiles! If you have any other questions or problems just contact me!

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