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by David26 May 11, 2012

Hello everybody! Dave here! And I'm here to review on our very own awesome cheats website, cheatsguru! And I'm gladly here to do it! Cheatsguru is a gaming community, and with does not already registered, you still can look up our reviews and cheats! We also allow users to contact each other using private messages through the control panel. You can contribute cheats and hints, reviews, questions and files. For example, I am contributing this review by clicking Review and selecting what game we want. Cheatsguru isn't really a game, but it's so good we put it on anyway. For new members, enjoy your stay!

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
10Story line
As I already explained, Cheatsguru isn't a game. It's the website your looking at to view this right now!
Who ever knew yellow went so well with grey? It's smartly designed, and very easy to do things on the site.
No sound. Allthough some profiles include sound that still annoys me because i don't know how to get it. NO IM NOT A NOOB! :[
How many times must one repeat the phrase "It's not a game?" But do you think we give a crap? This place is awesome, so are the mod's, and most likely are you!
10Lasting Appeal
Radio transmission! "Hi? Hola! Dave contacting ya via phone. This website is awesome, i'm awesome, you're awesome, this site defies the very word awesome. Oh dear. My youtube webpage is calling. Visit threeleaveclover and leave a comment! Peace Gamers
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