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Cities In Motion Review :

Public transport made fun

by Custard Dec 29, 2010

Take on the challenges of running a transportation network in some of the greatest cities of all time. Over the span of time and technology, can you overcome all the hurdles on the way to success and prosperity, and earn your company a spot in history?

The market of real-time strategy/life simulator games is a category that always seems to get underrated. Perhaps because of a lack of new titles, and original content needed to attract people. But fear not, for Cities In Motion has entered the stage, and it's set to impress. It is solid from the get-go, setting you up in the game with tutorials that are both easy to understand and fun. After completing them you should have no trouble navigating the game with ease; Though, the well designed and functional interface at your disposal should pose as only a help to a beginning player. Everything is in the place you might correctly expect, and thought some RTSs' have terrible interfacing, Cities In Motion does it right. Indeed, this convenience encompasses outwards to other parts of the game. Peculiars such as the control of the Gods-eye camera, and the setup and management of travel routes are very well done. It is just nice to see such elements done right, where other RTS games have let me down before. Cities In Motion isn't flawless, with small things such as not being able to repair previously demolished city structures, and challenging gameplay even on low difficulty settings; Yet for the proficient player this should be no hindrance. Personally, as a RTS player, I like to take pride in what I create in these games, and occasionally the games get in the way of this. Fortunately Cities In Motion is not one of these games. It contains the quality to keep a perfectionist like me slaving over my transport projects tirelessly, and the benefits of success are just as worthwhile. An important part of admiring one's work in an RTS is good visuals, and Cities In Motion delivers. The environments are pretty and colorful, with a decent feeling of representation in famous cities over Europe. It is really a highlight, after a lot of hard work, to be able to sit back and admire the clockworks of your company turning. With 4 major cities, each with their own set of achievements, 12 different scenarios to play with, and a map editor - the possibilities and potential available in this game is very widespread. You can really build something to be proud of. Any fan of strategy life simulators, such as Rollercoaster Tycoon, SimCity, or Zoo Tycoon, should thoroughly enjoy this game. Kudos, developers, a very nice addition to the RTS life simulator selection.

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5Story line
Unfortunately the campaign was unavailable in the preview version of the game, which is what I played. I won't take guesses, you should play the game yourself and find out!
The graphics aren't breaking any ground in their department, but they aren't letting anything down either. You won't feel like somethings missing, it's a very nice looking game.
The music is very well suited to listening for hours of the same thing. The city effects are similarly engaging, with all the little clangs and bangs of traffic and the mulling of crowd never getting overwhelming.
Gameplay is a strong point in Cities In Motion, everything preforms well with little exception. From the user interfaces to the constructing, it's not only functional, it's clever as well.
10Lasting Appeal
The lasting appeal of this game is immense, as with most real-time strategy/life simulators. The possibilities are nearly boundless, so you can come back over and over. There's also the achievements, ranging over several difficulties to get, to keep the dedicated player satisfied. A keeper for sure.
(Out of 10)


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