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Club Penguin Cheats :

This page contains Club Penguin cheats list for PC version. Now we have 138 cheats in our list, which includes 15 cheats codes, 4 passwords, 12 unlockables, 10 easter eggs, 19 glitches, 78 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Club Penguin on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Get a black puffle free(even for non members)

by Unregistered Mar 17, 2009

first u need to be a secret agent.go in the second mission and type.the code the code is mugel.then u get a sking thing go on the mountain and test drive it when it breaks(you must do it puposly)u crash in a forest there u fnd many puffles but all exept black runs away feed the black one an'o'berry(you get it in a bush in the forest)and it will become ur friend.but only temporarily but if u feed it over 500 'o'berries and complete the mission u get it.
please give this cheat a thumbs up.

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Secret - Thoring snowballs really fast

by black rayquaza Aug 17, 2007

press t and click on the place you want to fire at keep clicking t and the mouse rapidly

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Unlockable - Catch mullet

by superakymal Jul 07, 2008

follow the instructions so you can find out how to catch the mullet...
1)go to the ski lodge in ski village
2)click on the door witch says fisshing
3) (if you dont know how to play read the instructions, if you so then play)
4) play until you see the mullet go under the screen(and make sure youve got a fish on the end of the line)
5)place the fish in the middle but dont clik
6)when the mullet come it will see the fish as bate

youll get bout 100 coins for catching the mullet

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Code - Book Codes!

by Unregistered Dec 26, 2008

Go to Club Penguin, Clink on I have a Code. Then Clink on Book code. Pink any book. Then look for the page on the question. The look to see if the code is on the list. If it is, then type it down. If it dont, then wait for 5 to 10 mins. When you enther a book code, you will get a book and 500 coins. Here the list.

The Offical Guide Of Club Penguin Codes:

Page 9- Sometimes

Page 35- Misses

Page 38- Scavenger

Page 40- Examples

Page 62- Picture

Page 63- How

Page 64- Fishing

Page 65- Storage

Page 71- Seats

Page 71- Musical

Page 73- Search

Page 75- Tossing

Page 77- Buying

Page 101- Donated

Page 117- Jerseys

Page 118- Squads

Page 140- Breeze

Page 141- Combined

Page 143- Secret

Page 154- Arena

Page 155- Queen

Page 156- Small

Page 169- Start

Page 171- Annual

Page 175- Crown

Page 176- Item

Page 179- Penguins

Page 182- Actions

Here’s the Next Book!

The Club Penguin Stowaway Codes:

Page 6- Mysterious

Page 7- Rockhopper

Page 21- Migrator

Page 25- Yarr

Page 40- Waterfall

Page 52- Deck

Page 80- Penguin

Page 177- Puffle

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Glitch - NEVER give out your password to anyone that say to give you 99999coins

by jiaman Aug 08, 2007

NEVER give out your password to anyone that say to give you 99999coins it's not worth it!!!!
and you get baned for it!!!!

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Secret - Club Penguin Book Codes

by cheatsguru64thesims Oct 07, 2010

The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin

Q: What is the word on page 9?
A: Sometimes

Q: What is the word on page 35?
A: Misses

Q: What is the word on page 38?
A: Scavenger

Q: What is the word on page 40?
A: Examples

Q: What is the word on page 62?
A: Picture

Q: What is the word on page 63?
A: How

Q: What is the word on page 64?
A: Fishing

Q: What is the word on page 65?
A: Storage

Q: What is the word on page 73?
A: Search

Q: What is the word on page 75?
A: Tossing

Q: What is the word on page 77?
A: Buying

Q: What is the word on page 101?
A: Donated

Q: What is the word on page 117?
A: Jerseys

Q: What is the word on page 118?
A: Squads

Q: What is the word on page 140?
A: Breeze

Q: What is the word on page 141?
A: Combined

Q: What is the word on page 143?
A: Secret

Q: What is the word on page 155?
A: Queen

Q: What is the word on page 156?
A: Small

Q: What is the word on page 169?
A: Start

Q: What is the word on page 171?
A: Annual

Q: What is the word on page 175?
A: Crown

Q: What is the word on page 176?
A: Item

Q: What is the word on page 179?
A: Penguins

Q: What is the word on page 182?
A: Actions

Stowaway Adventures At Sea

Q: What is the word on page 6?
A: Mysterious

Q: What is the word on page 7?
A: Rockhopper

Q: What is the word on page 21?
A: Migrator

Q: What is the word on page 25?
A: Yarr

Q: What is the word on page 40?
A: Waterfall

Q: What is the word on page 52?
A: Deck

Q: What is the word on page 80?
A: Penguin

Q: What is the word on page 177?
A: Puffle

The Inventor’s Apprentice

Q: What word is on page 5, 5 words from the left on line 10?
A: Good

Q: What word is on page 5, 4 words from the left on line 3?
A: Board

Q: What word is on page 6, 5 words from the left on line 17?
A: Plans

Q: What word is on page 6, 7 words from the left on line 14?
A: Extreme

Q: What word is on page 7, 2 words from the left on line 12?
A: Find

Q: What word is on page 7, 7 words from the left on line 17?
A: Where

Q: What word is on page 8, 7 words from the left on line 4?
A: Round

Secret Agent Handbook

Q: What word is on page 5, 6 words from the left on line 9?
A: Give

Q: What word is on page 5, 3 words from the left on line 5?
A: Fashions

Q: What word is on page 5, 4 words from the left on line 18?
A: Decides

Q: What word is on page 5, 4 words from the left on line 2?
A: Matter

Star Reporter

Q. What word is on page 5, 5 words from the left on line 7?
A. Inside


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Secret - Gee the sweet version of the pizzatron 3000

by black rayquaza Aug 13, 2007

theres a switch at the menu when you click on it it changes to sweet version you get more coins on it but its harder

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Glitch - Don't use hacks!

by flavian343 Nov 26, 2007

Don't try to hack Club Penguin or else you will get banned. Trust me I got banned by hacking Club Penguin.
P.S.: It's better to play on
Good Luck!

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Secret - Keep your old puffles

by black rayquaza Aug 13, 2007

when you are a member and you bought other puffles and your membership expires you keep the puffles but if they run away you can't get them back

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Secret - The Mullet

by woodenrock Jul 09, 2007

In the game Ice fishing, a big fish called "the Mullet", will appear in the end of the game. To catch it, keep the fish that you have when you get up to 60 fish. If another fish comes, reel in your fish and catch that one. The Mullet will eat your fish and will be caught on your line. You will gain 50 points for that.

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Secret - Red puffles

by woodenrock Jul 04, 2007

Red puffles can surf with you and gain points in the surfing game. It has to be a red puffle or it wont surf with you. It also has to be in contest, practice, or freestyle.

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Unlockable - Hidden item in october 08 (cloth catalog)

by kresszaa Oct 06, 2008

plz vote thumbs up

Unlockable:How to unlock:
viking helmetClick the Jack O Lantern
blue viking helmetOpen and close the Red Viking Helm 4 times
(RARE ITEM!)GOLD VIKING HELMETClick the Yellow Puffle (while opening the blue viking helmet)
Black Superhero MaskClick the torch above the Ghost costume
Black Scuba MaskClick on the Lighthouse on the 6th page
Mixed BraceletsClick the Pink Flipper on the Shelf of the Shoe Collection
Click the Spikester Cuff on the 9th PageJade Necklace
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Unlockable - Random Items

by StanleyGuevarra12 Mar 30, 2009

This is good!You can unlock it this is cheat my special unlockable item here is the pizza that you eat!

Special Pizza that you eat!First be a secret agent!Go to HqLaunch mission the secret of the furthen play Then Finish the hot choclat hot sause and fuel jet pack then talk to G then get the goggles next is go to the pizza parlor(This is on the mission!)then the table there is a pizza click it then you click it then ask the penguin on theleft of the pizza ask him to deliver it hen he will say yes then click and put on ypur iventory ten deliver it to the one who is fishing you deliver it!so finish the mission if you finish it clicl the GET GIFT and GET MEDAL then click FINISH you are on club penguin(Not on the mission now!)Then iventory then theres a pizza box click it then click the pizzas then
You will fart!press e then t then you will fart!
PinGo on mine shack go inside theres a bag then click it!
PinGo to iceberg click the O-Berry!
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Secret - Sit foward!

by Unregistered Aug 27, 2007

Hi everybody,
I bet you have seen some penguin sitting foward. Now here's how you do it:

1) put your cursor to the south of your computer's screen.

2) then your penguin will face foward.

3) then on your keyboard, press S

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Code - Code-unlock messages

by sharulshaz Sep 30, 2008

press on the keyboard not use cheat never works. i tried for many games already.

press't'throw snowball
press'y'say yes
press'o'say ok
press's'to sit
press'h'say hello
press'j'say joke
press'b'say goodbye
press'n'say no
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Code - Hidden icons

by Unregistered Jun 13, 2008

Do not type this in the chat box.

epPuffle icon
emcoin icon
e1Opened-mouth smile icon
ewchocolate ice cream cone icon
eqstrawberry ice cream cone icon
etmusic icon (plus fart noise)
euconfused like face
eiigloo icon
eopopcorn icon
elluck charm thing
ekcake icon
ehheart icon
eggame icon
efflower icon
edsun icon
ezpizza icon
eccoffee icon
eblight bulb icon
enmoon with stars icon
e2closed-mouth smile icon
e3straight mouth icon
e4frown icon
e5surprised icon
e6sticking out tongue icon
e7Wink icon
e8Sick green face icon
e9Angry face
e0Very sad face
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Unlockable - Unlockables

by Gatgun108 May 18, 2009

Here are some cool unlockables for club penguin! They are awesome! Also um how do you get the knight outfit in the medieval party! Also you don't have to be a member to get these!

Friendship bracletRead the rockhopper and the store away then go to the back of the book you will see a colorful braclet click on it and then click yes and you have it!
Key (Rockhopper's boat key)Read Rockhopper's journal then go to the back! Then you see a key click on it then click on yes you get the key. And the next time you see Rockhopper's boat you can go in with the key!
Wizards hatGo to the lighthouse and click on the hat on the table!
Knights outfitHOW DO YOU GET IT!
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Unlockable - Secret STONE DELUXE IGLOO

by Unregistered Jul 28, 2008

click the door of the deluxe gray igloo in the igloo catalog

Unlockable:How to unlock:
secret stone iglooclick the door of gray deluxe in catalog
cheesy necktieclick on things in gift shop mag
rainbow braceletgo to the end of rockhopper and the stowaway click on the bracelet
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Easter Egg - Astro barrier and the big fish - :paladin

by peti0010 Feb 18, 2008

Go to the main menu of the astro barrier!Press 1 for level 10!Press 2 for level 20!press 3 for level 30!


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Easter Egg - Friendship Bracelet

by Mikeyking Jan 11, 2008

First go into cofee shop then waddle up stairs then, go cick on the library and click the book called "rockhopper and the stowaway" then click through the back of the book and youll see a braceet click on it and then click "yes" then just put it on!!!!!!!!!

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Glitch - Snowball going throguh the clock tower

by black rayquaza Aug 13, 2007

throw the snowball at the clock towers words

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Glitch - Throwing asnowball through the pool glass

by black rayquaza Aug 13, 2007

just throw a snowball at the pool glass it will go thorugh

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Secret - Where The Items Required For Sensei's Scavenger Hunt Are

by BloomMoon4ever Sep 28, 2009

The items needed to finish Sensei's Scavenger Hunt are:
The first item is in the Ski Lodge, click the fireplace.
The second item is in the Book Room, click the candle.
The third item is in the Pet Shop. Click on the black puffle in the cage to make him turn red and catch fire. Then click on him again to get a single burning hair from him.
The fourth item is inside the Mine. Click on the lamp near the cave entrance.
The fifth item is in the Pizza shop. Click on the bottle of hot sauce on top of the brick pizza oven.
The sixth item is at the Cove. Click on the stick in the campfire.
The seventh item is up at the beacon on top of the lighthouse. Click on the jetpack near where you play the Jet Pack Adventure game.
The eighth item is at the Dojo, outside in the courtyard. Click on the lamp on the left side of the main entrance.

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Code - Club penguin cheats

by pixiehollowhaley Oct 04, 2010

these club penguin cheats work but follow the directions but it takes practice so don't give up it just takes time

go to coffee beans the game in the coffee shop and hit play type in cp101 within 12 seconds and go to your igloo and you will have more moneyget extra money from coffee beans the game
go to your igloo open it walk out the door and wait for a glitch to happen click the igloo on the map and go to your igloo you will get extra free clothesextra clothes
click on the pizza shop run out run back and run out but five times and go to anyones igloo then run out the door and log out when you log back in you will have fifty more dollarsfifty dollars
talk to someone for a half hour and then give then a flower sign and say good bye! and you will get everything in that magezinerich one!
change your color to red then blue then pink then put on a shirt anyshirt then you will have every shirt in club penguinevery shirt in cp
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Secret - Auto Teleport

by charizardMad Feb 02, 2009

If you are a secret agent, and you get bored of scrolling through all the rooms to teleport using your spy phone, you can just click the Visit HQ' button and then just click on the surveillance screen that shows the room you want to get to. This way is a bit easier and quicker.

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