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Club Penguin Cheats :

This page contains Club Penguin cheats list for PC version. Now we have 138 cheats in our list, which includes 15 cheats codes, 4 passwords, 12 unlockables, 10 easter eggs, 19 glitches, 78 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Club Penguin on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - The Viking Helmet

by vignesh95 Aug 05, 2008

The Viking Helmet is in the Supernova Suit and on the penguins hair.

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Password - Go to lvls fast!

by Unregistered Nov 20, 2007

go to astro barrier and do not press enter

1go to level 10(wait after passing lvl10)(do not press enter!) and you will see a ship shoot it youl be sent to secret lvls
2go to lvl 20
3go to lvl 30 (do same as if lvl 10 but it will be master secret lvls)
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Secret - Tipping the Iceberg

by woodenrock Jul 23, 2007

First, get 100 people on the iceberg and go to the top part. Tell everyone to dance so that the iceberg will tip. But mining hats can make the iceberg tip faster though. 100 people makes the iceberg full so everyone has to dance on the top of the iceberg. When you tip the iceberg, you can earn 5000 coins. I suggest that you tell everyone who wants to tip the iceberg to go into a world where there's barely anyone there. I know that everyone doesn't believe it but you can.

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Secret - Secret jokes

by googaa41795 Mar 16, 2010

1. Go onto the newspaper.

2. Go to the page with jokes.

3. Roll over jokes and if it highlights you have found 2 secret jokes.

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Glitch - Games and screen

by GundamF91 Dec 13, 2010

/there are two glitches.

1. Play a random game that you can get stamps by,then do it all wrong. Press how to earn stamps button,press the white cross it will say you got 888 888 888 888 coins. But its fake.

2. Go on bottom right corner of the Internet, right click the 100% click custom. Type 1000 the penguins will have gone. Wherever the penguins walk it will turn white. If you go back on 100% everything will be back to normal.

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Glitch - Walk somewere

by Karlad8 Jun 14, 2010

Ok go into town or the plaza now if u look left and right u will see pasige ways this is the
glitch do u now when u click at it ur penguin will go through the pasige way well i now how to
go to the end of it whitout going threw the pasige way heres how ok first u need to click at the end of it
now quikly press ur post box now just wait ten seconds and then exit ur post box ok u should be at the end
of it ok heres the rules never click anywhere else or u will go through the pasige way but u can still dance
and throw snowballs.Yep thats it thx and please rate for more.

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Secret - Thingies in books:bracelet and key

by isoydada Jul 27, 2009

Go to the coffee shop then on the get the friendship bracelet, you need to read(click to the last page)the book that has a word stowaways to the last page. to get the "captains quarters key"(pin) read rockhoppers journal.

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Easter Egg - Hidden Puffles!!

by Torchic138 Jul 24, 2009

If you go to the stage or the Night Club their will be hidden Puffles! At the stage their is a Yellow Puffle hiding somewhere in the set. At the Night Club their is a green Puffle dancing on the top of a speaker. :)

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Code - Games mana

by lunathemapler Nov 12, 2007

in club penguin play these games below

candytron3000click the lever once below the penguin holding pizza in pizzatron3000
bricksmust be secret agent and do case of missing coins go up stairs and take the boot disk under the sofa put it in the computer then click files then click bricks
missing coins `step` 1step 1: go up take the boot disk from below the sofa put in computer
` 2step 2: click my files then click combination num
` 3step 3: n is up s is down east is right west is left
` 4step 4: go down and talk to the new agent click and put in the combination then click confirm
` 5step 5:click coins on the top, g (the agent gadget inventor)will call you click your spy phone then go back to hq
` 6step 6:blah blah blah then use comb from spy phone to comd pink fur then input the white fur
` 7step 7: find items from coffe shop, pizza shop
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Unlockable - Make candy pizzas

by Icekitthecutie Jul 26, 2010

This will show u how to make candy pizzas on the club penguin game pizzatron 3000.

Candy pizzaGo to the pizza parlor and to the game pizzatron 3000. but dont click start once on the pizza game menu comes up. Down the bottom should be a red lever. Push it. Now you may press play. P.S: you will have to do this every time you want to make candy pizzas.
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Secret - Jitsu

by Sonicfan1 Apr 06, 2010

1. Click on the Map in the lower left.
2. Go to the Dojo Courtyard.
3. Talk to the Sensei in the far right corner of the Dojo. The Sensei will give you a free starter deck for Card-Jitsu.
4. When playing Card-Jitsu, use card type and number to beat your opponents cards. Use this chart for help.
There are two different ways to win in Card-Jitsu.

1. Get all 3 types of cards (each must be a different color).
2. Get 3 cards of the same type (each must be a different color).

Club Penguin Earning Ninja Belts

In Card-Jitsu, you receive ninja belts for winning games. This chart shows how many wins are needed for each belt.

White belt 5 total wins needed.
Yellow belt 13 total wins needed.
Orange belt 21 total wins needed.
Green belt 30 total wins needed.
Blue belt 40 total wins needed.
Red belt 52 total wins needed.
Purple belt 64 total wins needed.
Brown belt 76 total wins needed.
Black belt 88 total wins needed.

Club Penguin Playing the Sensei

Once you become a black belt ninja, you may play the Sensei in Card-Jitsu in Sensei Mode. It will take at least 8 times to beat the Sensei. Once you win, you have access to the Ninja Hideout.

You can buy items from the Martial Arts catalog like the ninja suit and much more. If you dance with the ninja suit and the ninja mask from the Sensei, you become invisible!

The Martial Artworks catalog items are available for members only. Let me know if you are a ninja on Club Penguin.

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Secret - May 16th party

by Unregistered May 07, 2008

There will be a party on may 16th just to tell everyong to see the letter telling may 16th secret party go to the clothing catalog and go to the end of the catalog drag the how to get coins box down and read the letter!!!!!!!!! My name is imonfire9999

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Code - Astro barrier

by jax Apr 10, 2009

when you are playing astro barrier,befpre starting level 11,hit the orange block and every thing else.after that ,wait a while and a blue spaceship will pop up.if you will then shoot it you will get secret levels.;-)

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Secret - Friendship bracelet!!

by Unregistered Dec 11, 2007

1Go to the coffee shoppe and waddle upstairs then click the Library.
2Click the rockhopper book.
3At the end there is a bracelet.
4Click the bracelet then click "yes".

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Unlockable - CAndytron3000

by darkrai3456 Nov 07, 2007

heres how u can play candytron3000

Unlockable:How to unlock:
candytron3000Play pizzatron3000 you`ll see a machine click on the red lever below the penguin until it moves play after that play it then TADA!!!
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Code - Pumpkin head and hoodie

by austin5623 Oct 14, 2011

Pumpkin head is for a limited time only

PUMPKIN1Get a pumpkin hat
FreehoodGet a free hoodie
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Code - Game cheats

by shady1000 May 05, 2011

these are secret ways to unlock new mode games

bean bags:jelly bean bags. You have to click on the game and then you see the penguin holding 2 bags go and look at the top bag can you see those bumps at the top bag you will click on the left bump on the black line in the top bag i am sure it will work after that jelly beans will fall click in the middle of the beans then it will tell the new instutionsnew mode in bean bags
pizzatron 3000:candy mode you have to see the menu then click on that lever on the left side of the screen to take you to candy modewarning click it one time only and click play after you click it once.
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Secret - Making a snowballs come out your armpit

by Honeybun5565 Mar 03, 2008

Press T and touch the bottom right corner of the game screen. Then press w. A snowball will come shooting out of your armpit!!! lolz! Make sure you dont type into the chatbar by mistake though!

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Easter Egg - Brick break

by Powerman1237 Jul 04, 2007

If you are a HQ adgent go to hq and go to profiles and go to case of the missing coins and go up stairs and theres a computer you can play a little came called Brick break or somthin like that

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Easter Egg - How to meet rockhopper

by black rayquaza Aug 13, 2007

rockhopper must be in club penguin to meet him he will be on 1 server at a time its hard to actually meet him you will get a eyepatch if you do some people say hes on like mammoth but that might not be true don't trust them

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Unlockable - Hidden Items

by Hugolala Dec 10, 2007

Thse stuff are only for members

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Silver SurfboardSport Shop-Click on the penuin until the dasiy surfboard.Click on the shell and starfish at the bottom of the page.
Red Electric GuitarGift Shop-Click on the headphone
Orange Football HelmetSport Shop-Click on the Red Football Jersey
CandelabraIgloo Catherlog-Click on the Fire Pit
Pipe OrganIgloo Catherlog-Click on the Upright Piano
Concert LightIgloo Catherlog-Click on the Home Stereo
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Unlockable - How to be Rockhopper without getting banned

by Unregistered Dec 10, 2007

You can be Rockhopper without getting banned

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Rockhopper(This works for People who has CP trainer 2 only)
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Secret - Candy Pizza game

by Link101 Jan 09, 2012

1.Go to the pizza place.

2.Go to the mini game.

3.Look for the switch that has candy and a pizza on it and click it.

4.Push play and have fun!

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Code - How to make bean counters a jelly bean version

by lyssydem May 11, 2011

hi ill teach u how to make bean counters a jellybean version

step 1. go to town

step 2. go into the coffee shop

step 3. press play beans and say yes

step 4. on the bottom left corner of the play scrren there is a penguin holding two sacks just above its left arm is the corners of these two sacks there is a line just under the top sack click it (you may have to hover ur mouse around it)

step 5. once the yellow jelly bean drops click one of the jellybeans

step 6. after u click it there should be three buttons that say hard expert or extreme click on ur preferable level

step 7. read the instructions and have fun

hope the cheat helped

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Secret - How to walk on pathways

by magnetron2 Jul 02, 2010

Go on you clubpenguin
once you log in go to a server
once your in the place you will be in town or plaza or places that has an arrow on both side
and then click on the pathway by the arrowand you will move on left or right
then while you are walking click mail and wait for 5 sec and then you will see that your on the pathway by the arrow

If it does not work keep trying and trying

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