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Club Penguin Cheats :

This page contains Club Penguin cheats list for PC version. Now we have 138 cheats in our list, which includes 15 cheats codes, 4 passwords, 12 unlockables, 10 easter eggs, 19 glitches, 78 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Club Penguin on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - Construction hat and tour guide hat and rainbow bracelet

by Unregistered Jun 24, 2008

for this glitch you must have the three items below
1. consrtuction hat
2. tour guide hat
3. rainbow bracelett
there are 2 glitches both concern the rainbow bracelett if you do not have the rainbow bracelett you must go to the book room and open up rockhopper and the stow away.
the first glitch concerns the bracelett and construction hat. Make sure you have both on thr braclett on in the ski mountain and the consrtuction hat on in the player card, then you will dance. If you dance correctly you will be dancing without the construction hat and the bracelett will move.
do same thing with the tour guide hat.

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Glitch - Water Party 08

by satoshi300 Jun 17, 2008

Go to the mine or the pool and the crab will come about 15 minutes or so.(I get most of the Club Penguin cheats from remember that.)

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Secret - Rockhoppers key!

by 4CASH May 05, 2008

go to the bookroom and read rockhoppers journal youll find it in the end of it

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Glitch - Nubbing in cp

by gameman500 Mar 31, 2008

to nub in cp you must first go to then login. after that press F11 on your keyboard and click on the white under chatbox and you will be nubbing!!!!! it really works!!!!! ive tried it!!!!!!!

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Secret - So cool

by calcal97 Jan 18, 2008

on the game where you shoot the targets next to thin ice when it tells you about the orange blocks wait 30 secs. and shoot the aircraft gets you into secret levels

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Secret - How 2 get lots of gold fast

by jimster Oct 10, 2008

i play either the pizzatron 3000, or gone fishing

in gone fishing catch 64 fish and then use a fish to catch the mullet u will get over 100 coins so just keep playing

on pizzatron get as many orders done in a row as possible this will get u pizza completed points and tips so if done right u can have over 300 coins. *note that if u mess up ur tips will be lowered but if u dont mess up the tips will rise and rise*

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Secret - Modes at Aqua Grabber

by dinopow Sep 22, 2008

It is easy to tell it!
Main treasure: Find the main treasure: Clam Waters: It is at the Clam Soda Seas: near the cave at the bottom part near the puffer fish
Rare Treasure: You get a treasure that has mostly Cost Clam Waters: at one of the clams the black pearl [you can only find one] Soda Seas: In the path were the mullet is guarding.. When you get to the bottompart wait for the crab to get all the coins. And get the treasure when it is finished collecting the coins
Finish without losing a sub: you finish the level without any one sub lost
Time limit: you will see a clock when everything is colored the time limit is ended.. you need to get the main treasure before the time limit will end..
Compressed Air Mode: Get the main treasure WITHOUT bumping anything.. Your sub also get fast..
If you are in a hurry to unlock some accievements, get ONLY the main treasure..
Add me Disney 2345

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Secret - Catching the mullet

by Shadowstaravia Sep 01, 2008

When your near the end of the game catch a fish and don't put it in the fish pile.Let the mullet eat the fish.

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Glitch - Walking over fire at the cove

by Honeybun5565 Feb 01, 2008

Ok this is EZ.
Just stand at side of the fire furthest from the surf hut (?), Then click the surf hut.

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Secret - Dessert Pizza

by razor10000 Nov 30, 2009

Go to the pizza shop and play pizzatron 3000. Before you start the game, click on the red lever then you can start the game. You will be making pizzas with lots of lolies with chocolate sauce and other stuff!

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Secret - How to tip the Ice Berg

by Lockout Jun 16, 2008

This can be true or not. You need 100 penguins to tip it to the left. You get 5,000coins and a yellow puffle if you tip it. The error is the the ice berg can only carry 50 penguins. Give up or bring puffles to tip it. Careful not to break it.

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Glitch - Hiding in Pizza Parlor

by tysonheely Aug 25, 2009

If you look on the bottom left corner, you can see bean bags. Click on it and your character is hidden and its name. Happy Hiding!

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Secret - The mine

by jiaman Aug 02, 2007

If you go to the mine to do tricks you get over 1000 gold Just do a back flip and you get 10 coins keep doing it and you get a 1000 gold it's just great in it Ha HA Ha HA HA HA HA HA!

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Password - Green tune

by Unregistered Mar 12, 2008

click anywhere axcept to the chat box..

ugetthe green tune sign will appear
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Secret - Ice Fishin'

by Sonicfan1 Apr 08, 2010

At the Ski Lodge, you can play the game known as Ice Fishing.

Members can wear the Flashing Fishing Lure Rod when playing. You will wear it in the game and be able to catch the gray fish. Buy the Flashing Fishing Lure Rod from the catalog in the bottom left.

How to play Ice Fishing:

Go out the back door of the Ski Lodge located in the Ski Village. Drop your line in the water and when you catch a fish pull it above the hole and click. Every fish caught equals one coin. If you catch the BIG fish, you earn bonus coins. Use your mouse to move your line above and below the water.

Ice Fishing Cheats:

Members can wear the Flashing Fishing Lure Rod when playing Ice Fishing to catch the gray fish. Gray fish give you twice as many coins as yellow fish.

When you start to see the shadow of the big red fish named Mullet, keep a yellow fish on your line.

Mullet will come and bite the yellow fish off of your hook. You will get a 100 coin bonus.

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Secret - Secret mision 7 part 3

by aljon7632 Jul 11, 2008

get magnet at hq near invention room door click then go back and ask g foy code the code is key then use masnet at ice burg and get frozen spring then go back at test chamber and unfrozen the sprineg and go to clock and click it and fix it/put the three stuff to fix it and you have a talk with bear
the end
ps.your help w/ blue team
gives you a special item

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Secret - Gray Fish

by Unregistered Jun 16, 2008

If you get a flashing lure fishing rod you can catch gray fish. Each gray fish= 8 coins

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Secret - Thin Ice

by Sonicfan1 Apr 08, 2010

Inside the upstairs of the Night Club, known as the Dance Lounge you can play Thin Ice.

How to play Thin Ice:

Play this arcade game in the Lounge, located on the second floor of the Night Club. Use your arrow keys to guide the puffle through each maze and melttiles. Earn coins for every tile melted. Read instructions available at the game for more information and tips.
Thin Ice Cheats:
Here is a video that will show you how to get 100% complete on thin ice:

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Secret - Lightning cheat:

by Frosslass Dec 25, 2009

WARNING: this cheat can only be used on Halloween!
First log on to club penguin and got to the plaza. Then you can click on the mask on the stage, the puffle on the puffle shop, or the pizza on the pizza shop. And you have LIGHTNING!

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Secret - Great ways of getting money!!

by Nevrulez1 Oct 27, 2009

Okay.So,your a member and you want EVERYTHING in the gift shop,or your a nonmember,and your getting a mebership and you want EVERY puffle.So,you want money easilyI have some great tips!!

Play pizzatron,puffle round up, and aqua graber.
If your going to be a member,say to your mom or dad or person 'can we wait a week momi need to get some money!'
Dont buy everthing.If you want every pufle think, will i have time to care for 16If you get the dance floor, think, will i have a party every dayDont waist your money in other words!!

I know these as i used to be a member.Im nevrulez1 on club penguin.TY!!

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Glitch - How to finish the mysterious tremors cheat

by vignesh95 Jul 14, 2008

Step 1: Talk to G until he points to the monitor.Then click the monitor of snow forts youll see the bear and the crab.

Step 2:Go to gadget room and pick up the life vest.

Step 3:GO to the dock and the blue penguins will have the target and ask for it they will make you play a game.You will have to throw snowballs at the target three times until they give it to you.

Step 4:Give the blue penguins the life vest you picked up.

Step 5:Go to the invention cabinet thats at the hq on the left of the scanner to get into the gadget room and with the code decoder on the bottom right of your screen enter the word ”key” with the code decoder into the lock and pick up the item in the cabinet.Remember the lock word is ”key”

Step 6:Go to the ice burg and use the magnet and get the spring in the middle of the water.

Step 7:Go to the hq then gadget room and place the spring in ice on the test chamber,Hit the lever and press the flame button to melt the spring and press the lever again and put it back in the inventory

Step 8:Talk to the penguin with the propeller cap and ask for the prime gear poster then put it in your inventory

Step 9:Go to ski village talk to the penguins with the melted snowman they will talk about snow forts having the best snow.Go to the beach go to the penguins laying down and pick up the green bucket then go to snow forts to fill it up.(put back in inventory)

Step 10:Now go to the pizza parlor and pick up the music sheet on the floor near the piano

Step 11:Go tot he stage and put the sheet on the piano stand at the stage and play it with the colors until the puffle comes out.

Step 12:Show the blue prints from the propeller penguin to the yellow puffle to draw.

Step 13:Give it the snow from the bucket

Step 14:Now go back to the test chamber in the gadget room and put the gear created from the puffle there on the machine and press the lever and press the snowflake button then hit the lever again.

Step 15:The gear should now be hardened and now go to snow forts

Step 16:Click the clock to get behind it and now you have to enter put the gear in the center for it to spin and the spring on the top left and the target on the outside left.

Step 17: Leave the tower you will get a call from the bear then talk to g and thats it!

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Secret - Secret mision 8 part 1

by aljon7632 Jul 11, 2008

first talk to g then go to dock then talk to bear then get the lamp then go to town get in coffee shop and help clean up then go to fort where the last mision is follow the paper talk to guy w/ newspaper but skip that the get a pizza at pizza shop then give that to the guy w/ newspaper for his paper then go to beach and get a net then in the lighthouse then ask the guy for ballons and the other for barrel then go to sports shop and get pegs near tent then go to hq lab talk to g about what happend then give the green flufle at town a cookey and get another one and get a bigger hat at hq lab near g then first give hat then cookey at flufle now you have map/clue then go to hole then go left,right 3 times,then left youl find a room to be continewed

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Easter Egg - Use your Key board to do things

by Unregistered Apr 14, 2008

press (On your key board) "D" to dance.
"W" to wave
"Y" to say "yes"
"O" to say "Ok"
"J" to tell a joke
"B" to say good-bye +
"N" to say "No" From Robert Main!

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Secret - Secret Entrance to HQ

by woodenrock Jul 06, 2007

Go to the sport shop and go into the closest change room to the door(it has to be the sports shop). It's not as fast as using your HQ phone though. :(

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Glitch - Walk through fire

by black rayquaza Aug 29, 2007

this is a cool glitch you have to go to the cove go between too snowboards where you'll be facing the hut to play surfing and then click on the hut you will be walking through the fire

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