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Trainer - Penguin Storm 11!

by Supersam Mar 18, 2010

Come download Penguin Storm 11!New version out now!!!!!!!!Well you just can't wait to try it.

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Trainer - Penguin Storm 10.1

by Supersam Jan 19, 2010

I now made Penguin Storm 10.1.Of you have any errors or whatever please comment bellow.Enjoy! :) And this is a Zip File.

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Trainer - Penguin Storm 10

by Supersam Jan 07, 2010

This is Penguin Storm 10.I will make a Penguin Storm 11.Or Penguin Storm 10.1 to be tested.

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Editor - Penguin Storm 10.3 Test Version

by Supersam Mar 04, 2010

Please post bugs and feature requests.

(Bugs will be replied to feature requests will not be. the things i can do i will note down)

Known Bugs:
Show all Items needs a better layout (form?)

Change Log:
Fixed Igloo Buying
Fixed Puffle Feeder (18 new max)
Removed Patched ID Breakout (no longer needed it just confuses noobs)
Added Buyfloor
Buy furniture, igloos and flooring will not show to non-members.
Fixed Float Mode Quick Movement
Fixed Float Mode ON/Off (just click float mode again)

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Trainer - Penguin storm 7

by masterhack Aug 10, 2009

penguin storm 7 best trainer ever! not lying i never lie. i didnt make this trainer microchip made the trainer at

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Trainer - Aq trainer v2

by fghuyo Nov 12, 2007

can turn into guardin and press play for

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Trainer - New trainer

by Conker109 Nov 13, 2009

This trainer is better than the rest of mines this has a money maker that gives you 1000 coins cool huh cmon people try it

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Trainer - Cp revolution

by Conker109 Oct 06, 2009

this is an awsome cp trainer that works i am not lying to you guys try it and see for yourself

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Trainer - Cool cp trainer

by Conker109 Oct 05, 2009

this is a yrainer that really works if you do not belive me try it yourself and see that i am not lying to you guys

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Trainer - Crazy cp trainer

by monkey_man214 Jun 03, 2008

this trainer really works try it!!!

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Trainer - The ultimate cp trainer set

by aljon7632 Jul 14, 2008

this trainer has 3 trainers enjoy hacking

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Trainer - Cptrainer 2 and 3 or 4 (I did not check)

by akiakiaki666 Nov 24, 2007

Here you have the cptrainer2 whitch allows you to play the full-screen game and make your penguin older etc..And you have the 3 or 4 like I said i did not check

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