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sep 28, 2008Club Penguin [ PC ]   Submitted

avalanch resue mission would help alot!


Secret - Avalanche Rescue:

Talk to G. Sorry I subbmitted it 2 early!!! Then get the life presever shooter. Go to the Ski village. Help the penguin by pulling the dummy penguin in the Ski shop's trousers down. Take the belt and use it to fix the ski lift. Pick up the tuft of white fur from under the belt. Then go to the ski lodge and get the fishing rod. Attach it to the life preserver shooter. Go to the beach and go into the lighthouse. Get the rope from the boat, and use that as a fishing line. Go down Ridge Run and make a note of the way. Then reach the penguin on the tree, and then use them as a longer rope to reach the next one. Then drop one of the penguins on the tree. Then all you need to do is, because the tree is bent back, you can reach the one underneath the tree. Use all three penguins to push the rock over. Then you can reach the last one using all three penguins as a longer rope. Report back to G and you've now completed the mission!!! Hope I helped you ilovecheats!