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Club Penguin Review :

A review of club penguin

by mudkipmaster Sep 15, 2010

Club penguin a game from the ages of 6-14 is a MMORPG designed by Rocket Snail games in 2005 (was called penguin chat 3) later bought by Disney and turned in to club penguin. Club penguin allows children And teenagers to enjoy a world based on your character being a penguin as you waddle around meeting friends,playing games,earning stamps,exploring and doing EPF (Elite Penguin Force) missions for rewards. A Membership that improves gameplay,allows access to special rooms during events and buy clothing or furniture from catalogs. The member ship prices are:

1 month: 5 .95$

6 months: 29.95$

1 year: 57.95$

Because of its huge success it lead to 2 games on the Nintendo DS and a Game on the Wii called club penguin game day. At some points during the year events would be released as some being real such as Christmas,St. Patricks day,Halloween,Easter and Earth day and others such as the Fall fair,adventure party and the puffle party are invented by club penguin. There are also adoptable fuzz balls called puffles which can be bought from the pet shop.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
6Story line
There is no story line other than the Missions which involve you doing tasks to help people such as gary and aunt artic.
The graphics are normally updated as the years go by fornow the graphics are good and show effects and emotions.
The sound varies from room to room and from party to party some may be nice why some may be loud and noisy.
The gameplay works fine and there are low chances you would find a glitch unless your computer is slow or broken if it is you can use "+" or "-" to change the graphics.
5Lasting Appeal
This game can be addictive or it can be boring to some people with stamps you could be playing for hours trying to earn them.
(Out of 10)


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