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Club Penguin Review :

YES, Club Penguin.

by xThePeaceMakerx Dec 19, 2011

This seems childish, but I have to say something about it. Lets start off with the basics. It is an innocent childrens game that teaches a child how to socialize and take care of a make believe pet. You get to choose the color of your penguin, and that's about it. Unless you buy a membership, you must suffer with the fact that you're just an outsider and that you'll be naked for the rest of your penguin life with limited choices. It is just like all of the typical children games. You have to pay to get the full on experience. I bought a membership for about a month... but I wasn't too impressed. The items are overpriced, and you have to play games for 2 hours if you want to get at least 1,000 coins. My sister was in love with it, but when her membership expired, she got bored. Its almost like teaching children that you have to pay to be cool. Maybe that is a good message, but I don't know. I guess its an okay website.You just have to pay an estimated 60.00 of your moo-la for a year worth of membership.

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5Story line
There isn't really one, but it has a lot to choose from. The missions are actually quite tricky and fun.
It's bright and colorful, but I wouldn't expect too much from a children's site. Some buildings and such are a bit silly.
On the bright side, they give adorable little music for the holidays! Other than that, the only sound you hear is from games or farting penguins.
I personally think it is quite fun, not too fun. Overall it is really unfair for the non-members that make up 80% of the penguin population.
4Lasting Appeal
I personally think it wasn't that perfect. My main issue was the pricy things, and the *** "You must be a member to access this feature" message.
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